Joe Namath hasn’t had a drink since his embarrassing moment on live TV

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More than 15 years ago, Hall of Fame Jets quarterback Joe Namath made a drunken pass at ESPN’s Suzy Kolber on live TV during a game involving his former team. Namath claims in a new autobiography that he hasn’t had a drink since that night.

I saw it as a blessing in disguise,” Namath writes, via Rich Cimini of “I had embarrassed my friends and family and could not escape that feeling. I haven’t had a drink since.”

Namath called alcohol “Slick,” and he has spent years resisting him.

“Every now and then Slick whispers, but having a name for him makes me listen to him differently,” Namath writes. “And, health-wise, I’d probably be dead by now if I hadn’t stopped drinking.”

Namath began drinking in his 20s, and he eventually overcame it.

“The drinking was what would kick my butt for a long time,” Namath writes. “I believe any of us can be brought to our knees whether from physical or emotional pain. Over the years, I learned how fragile we humans can be. Emotionally, I used that as an excuse to start drinking again. . . . I would drink all day sometimes.”

Others who struggle with addiction should use Namath’s example as an inspiration that sobriety can be achieved, and sustained.

31 responses to “Joe Namath hasn’t had a drink since his embarrassing moment on live TV

  1. You are the man, Broadway Joe! You are AMD always be a legend and hero to many a fan!

  2. People look at his SB3 season and call him overrated. Namath was the most physically gifted QB of his time and looked like a lot of the QBs today. Once the injuries/alcohol/age started he did regress but we won the Super Bowl anyway. Even without the flashy stats he’s an icon who changed football forever.

  3. Overrated…put him in St Louis, he’d probably not be in the HOF

  4. thats a lie, and everyone who saw his sideline interview a couple of years ago knows this

  5. It turned out to be a defining moment for both he and Suzy. So glad to hear he has benefited, and she deserves all the praise harped on her as she is top notch professional.

  6. He gets a lot of credit for admitting it and living it. The classiest Jets player, which is not hard to find the very fee of them through the decades.

  7. Classy Jets players?

    Wayne Cherebet and Curtis Martin spring to mind. From the same team; Vinny T.

  8. Good for him. That said he’s the most undeserving HOF’er ever. He got in based on his prediction, nothing more. He had more picks than TD’s and he only competed 50% of his passes. Even in his early “healthy” years he wasn’t more than an average QB.

  9. Good for him on being able to overcome his issues and clean up. That video of him and Kolber never ceases to be cringeworthy. Kolber played along with it pretty well.

  10. Took him 15 years to admit he was loaded, conveniently times his “apology” right around the time the book drops, and we’re supposed to praise him for it because he claims he has quit drinking? Ten years ago I’d have been mildly interested, now not even close. I hope he has found sobriety and I’m wrong and just being cynical, I really do. But it sounds like this has more to do with publicity than recovery.

  11. tdsjr says:

    Took him 15 years to admit he was loaded, conveniently times his “apology” right around the time the book drops

    He admitted and apologized for it 15 years ago.

  12. I’m old school and really enjoyed watching him towards the end of his career. Most people at one point of their lives have to deal with ‘Slick’ one way or another. Glad he’s made peace with Slick. Joe Namath is colorful and IMO a NFL great!

  13. I hope his no drinking statement has more truth behind it than Favre’s did after he went to rehab and “hadn’t touched a drink in years” statements.

    I know for a fact that he drank after that and drank ALOT. He may not drink now but in the years following his stay at the rehab facility he continued to drink.

    Hope Joe quit, but I also hope to see him and Suzy Kolber together on TV again. I want to see him kiss her.

  14. Anyone who thinks he’s overrated, is too young to have watched him play. Believe me, as a Raiders fan, I was never more nervous than when Joe Willie was dropping back to pass. The ball would just leap out of his hand. The best pure passers in the last 50 years are Joe and Dan Marino.

  15. Exactly Maalea. Was scary good and had a rocket arm. The NFL didn’t get to see the best Joe, he had injuries before his NFL days. Anyone who thinks he is not a HOF QB simply didn’t see him play.

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