Kyle Lauletta looks like a long shot to remain with Giants

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When the Giants drafted quarterback Daniel Jones sixth overall, they hoped he’d be the long-term replacement for Eli Manning. In the short term, he may be the replacement for Kyle Lauletta.

Although the Giants took Lauletta in the fourth round of last year’s draft, they may be ready to move on from him. Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News writes that Lauletta’s roster spot is not secure for the next four months.

Lauletta got on the field enough last year to attempt five passes, completing zero of them and throwing an interception. After Lauletta’s poor outing in the regular season, coach Pat Shurmur made a sarcastic comment to members of the media who had been wondering if Lauletta could be the heir apparent to Manning.

“I’ve fielded enough questions regarding Kyle Lauletta that those of you that were interested in seeing him, hopefully you got a chance to see what you were looking for,” Shurmur said.

Manning and Jones have two roster spots locked up, and if the Giants keep more than two quarterbacks, the third is more likely to be Alex Tanney, who has a bit more experience, or Eric Dungey, who is a good enough athlete to get some snaps as a running back or receiver. Lauletta probably needs a great camp to have a roster spot when the regular season starts.

14 responses to “Kyle Lauletta looks like a long shot to remain with Giants

  1. The Giants drafted a QB in the 3rd round (Davis Webb) in 2017, and cut him in 2018.
    The Giants drafted a QB in the 4th round (Kyle Lauletta) in 2018, and cut him in 2019.
    I’m not saying to keep guys with no future, but this speaks poorly of their QB talent evaluation if you are cutting a guy after 1 season.

    Throwing away a 3rd and 4th round pick in a 2 year period isn’t chump change. Other teams find starters with those picks.

    The 2017 draft was before Gettleman, but he was the one who drafted Lauletta.
    We’ll see how this year’s rookie crop does, but Gettleman isn’t looking that good. I can see him rebuilding teh team to 8-8 in a few more years.
    A 4 year rebuild to 8-8 may satisfy some people, I wouldn’t consider it a success.

  2. In retrospect perhaps the Giants should have addressed some other of their voluminous & glaring needs in the 3rd and 4th rounds in the 2017 and 2018 drafts. – Captain Obvious.

  3. They got it right with Daniel Jones, he had a good rookie mini camp. Had some zip on his throws and looked better than Eli back when ELi had his rookie mini camp.

  4. Pick a QB in the 1st round when you need one. Otherwise, don’t waste the pick.

  5. He’ll get a shot someplace else if it doesn’t work out in New York. Personality-wise, he seems like a good fit for that market but if the HC doesn’t like him then it just won’t work out for him.

  6. Giants draft Senior Bowl MVP 3 straight years. Wow! Hope Jones turns out better than the last 2, but I’m not betting even a nickel on it.

  7. You know what the three QBs have in common? Grumblings that they may not have a strong enough arm, but high in intangibles.

    Not sure Jones is the type of QB this team needed (again).

  8. Unfortunately for us Giants fans Lauletta has a chance to be a better QB than Shurmur will ever be a head coach…

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