Report: Jason Pierre-Paul may miss season with neck injury

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The Buccaneers said defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was released from a hospital after a car accident last week and would undergo further evaluation without offering any information about the nature of his injuries.

A report about that injury on Tuesday casts doubt on Pierre-Paul’s chances of playing this season. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Pierre-Paul suffered a neck injury in the single car accident and is now seeing specialists to determine whether or not the fracture will keep him from getting on the field. Schefter adds that the belief is that Pierre-Paul will likely need surgery.

It’s not the first time that Schefter has shared medical news about Pierre-Paul. After Pierre-Paul injured his hand in a 2015 fireworks accident, Schefter shared a picture of his medical record. That led Pierre-Paul to sue Schefter and ESPN in a case that was settled in 2017.

No such records were shared in Tuesday’s report, which doesn’t make the news any better for Pierre-Paul or the Buccaneers as they deal with the possibility that the pass rusher won’t be in the lineup this year.

24 responses to “Report: Jason Pierre-Paul may miss season with neck injury

  1. Injured pro football players usually come by their injuries from playing the game.,,not this guy.

  2. I’m glad I suffer from this thing called “common sense.” It’s not really hard not to drive like an idiot in a fast expensive car. Or to hold onto fireworks until they explode before throwing it. Million dollar talent, 1 cent head. Not even 10 cent. One.

  3. He is an up standing guy who is never mentioned in articles that involve the police yet those who are constantly in trouble stay healthy.

    Get well.

  4. ” He may be the only player who is safer on the field than off it.”

    Honestly, the man should be contractually obligated to wear a suit of bubble wrap 24/7.

    Get well JPP. “Once a Giant . . .”

  5. Not good news for Bucs fans and not good news for a new coaching staff. JPP had been a great addition last year for the Bucs. It will make a dent in the defense if he can’t play this year. Because of his played college ball at USF, he instantly became a fan favorite to long time Buc and USF fans.

  6. Jpp was on his way to the hall of fame without these off field mishaps. He’s still a very good player with one hand. Just a shame. Hopefully he recovers quickly football or no football

  7. This dude is snakebit.

    Best wishes for a full and healthy recovery JPP.

  8. Wow. JPP deleted or archived ALL of his Instagram posts!

    Likely for legal reasons because it’s riddled with posts of him carelessly driving his new Bentley with music way up and him filming himself in essence, showing off.

    His attorney probably demanded him to get rid of those posts!

    My guess is JPP wanted to “show off” his superior work ethic by filming himself telling his fandom how hard he’s working…and SO EARLY!

    His ego screwed us.

  9. I will be interested to see 1. If alcohol was a factor and 2. If speed was a factor. Based on JPP’s history of poor judgment I wouldn’t be surprised if both were factors. It sounds like he has used up his last chance in the NFL.

  10. I’m just glad that the NYG aren’t on the hook for paying for his injury since JPP did it on his PERSONAL time.
    Score a win for the employers!

  11. My Lord did he piss off a Gypsy fortune teller and she cursed him.The man has horrible luck hope he gets better.

  12. He won’t be getting any high fives from me…..,,

  13. Just bad luck unless he was driving recklessly or impaired. Could happen to anybody that drives a vehicle, not sure why some people are ripping the guy.

  14. We’d have likely already known if alcohol was involved. That means its likely just off-season bad luck…AGAIN!

    All I know, is if I see him anytime in the off-season, I’m NOT asking for an autograph. I’m RUNNING the other way!

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