Jimmy Garoppolo getting used to reacting more than thinking

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49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo said in April that every day on the field was getting easier and easier as he works his way back from last year’s torn ACL.

On Tuesday, Garoppolo gave another positive update on his progress while also noting that there’s a limit to how much he’ll be able to know about his readiness on the practice field. Garoppolo said that “you can only replicate the game so much” without actually playing in a game and shared how he’s trying to do that.

“It’s a combination of reactionary stuff. That’s a big part of it,” Garoppolo said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “When you’re doing rehab, everything is, ‘Do this movement, do this.’ Well, in the game, you’re more reacting than thinking. Getting used to those type of movements. We’ve been doing some of them and patterning them. It’s coming along well.”

Garoppolo was at the Kentucky Derby with former teammate Tom Brady last weekend and said that he solicited advice from the older quarterback about coming back from the injury. He said he’d keep the advice confidential and it will still be a few months before we’ll be able to see Garoppolo fully back in action.

3 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo getting used to reacting more than thinking

  1. I’m not a Niners fan or a Garappolo fan but I always root for injured players to come back and get back to the level of their previous play.

    Jimmy I hope you recover fully but then I hope the Steelers pound you (but don’t injure you) and defeat you when the Niners and Steelers meet in the season.

  2. The Thursday night opener to the 2020 season will be 7-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots and Tom Brady taking on the 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo returning back to Foxboro. We’re 16 months away, but all this should take is one more Patriots Super Bowl win.

  3. I liked JG when he was in NE. 5-0 TD/INT in just about 6 quarters of play. Then a dirty play by Kiko Alonso ended that.. As a poster above mentioned, he’ll be back in NE in 2020 as the 49ers take on the 7 time SB champs. I bet he gets a standing ovation.

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