Panthers hire Julius Peppers for a business-side job

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The Panthers haven’t put Julius Peppers in their Hall of Honor (yet), but they have given him an office.

The Panthers are hiring the future Hall of Famer, giving him the title of special assistant, business operations.

“Julius is a special person and he will help us in a variety of ways,” Panthers vice president of external affairs Steven Drummond said. “His role is part special projects on the business side and part ambassadorship. We are giving him an opportunity to work in several parts of our business while also helping us engage and grow our business with fans and partners. He will be a tremendous asset.”

Peppers made around $165 million playing football, so he knows something about earning money, but this gives him a chance to  see the other side of the business at a time when the Panthers are about to renovate their stadium and build and develop a new practice facility.

Peppers will have an office at the team facility, and will be in the building several days a week. He retired after last season, fourth on the league’s all-time sack list with 159.5.

7 responses to “Panthers hire Julius Peppers for a business-side job

  1. Great news. Peppers deserves this offer and we look forward to him being a face for the organization.

  2. I loved Julius as a player. And I hope for the Panthers’ sake that he’s a LOT smarter than he looks in the pic accompanying this article.

    Just sayin.’

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