Ed Orgeron doesn’t know why Greedy Williams lasted until the second round

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Former LSU cornerback Greedy Williams was widely expected to be a first-round pick in this year’s draft, but he ended up going to the Browns in the second round, No. 46 overall. His college coach isn’t sure why.

LSU coach Ed Orgeron told Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network that he was surprised when Williams’ name wasn’t called on the first night of the draft.

“I don’t know that. Everything you do counts, obviously, they watch everything you do on film, everything you do that’s leading up to the draft. I do believe Greedy will be an excellent pick for the Cleveland Browns. He’s a great cover guy. He’s going to have a great career in the NFL,” Orgeron said.

Orgeron acknowledged that there have been questions about whether Williams is aggressive enough about stepping up and making tackles, but Orgeron doesn’t think that’s going to be a problem.

“He’ll be fine. That’s one of the things they’ll address with Greedy in the NFL,” Orgeron said. “He’s very aggressive. He’s a physical kid. He’s very talented. I think he’ll be fine at it.”

Williams was chosen All-SEC in both of his seasons as a starter at LSU, so he certainly played well for Orgeron, and it’s unsurprising Orgeron thinks he’ll play well for Cleveland as well.

21 responses to “Ed Orgeron doesn’t know why Greedy Williams lasted until the second round

  1. Agreed that Greedy has ” +” coverage skills. On paper, the Browns defense appears to have needed pieces to be a very good pass defense. Can their DC utilize his talent at his disposal to his advantage? The last guy there, Williams, was terrible at that.

  2. He was what, the 46th pick in a nationwide talent search. That is hardly something to complain about. Now go out and prove that you can play the pro game.

  3. Because all the other teams weren’t smart enough to grab him. Only your team possesses the intelligence needed for this landmark selection. Or because while he’s solid in coverage he’s also a poor tackler who takes plays off.

  4. Greedy WIlliams will certainly make some teams pay for passing him over. He is a quiet leader…but he is a leader.

  5. Im pumping the brakes on my browns enthusiasm. seeing what lack of discretion Dorsey used in K.C drafting trouble makers and trash is making me see a pattern. GW is a loudmouth, mayfield is a loudmouth, landry is a loudmouth and OBJ….well. throw in a coach with very little experience and I think thats trouble. steelers win that division.

  6. This is where you take your cue from Leach and just throw massive shade at the scouts. You know, do your players a solid for their future draft positions. Great recruiting strategy too.

  7. Looking at Greedy William’s tape even Ed Oregron can see Williams is not a complete DB. He is a great pass defender and has recovery speed we beat on the first move, but Williams does not like to support the run. He won’t stick his in nose in there first on running plays. He will tackles RB from behind or jump on at the end. I won’t pick a DB in the first round who only is just a good pass defender. As a CB, he also to support the run. Scouting department must have seen the same thing. If you’re drafting in the first round, you need a complete player. Greedy wasn’t. That’s the reason he wasn’t picked in the first round.

  8. Browns needed a long, fast cover guy and so they drafted a long fast cover guy. Is there even a story here?

  9. If you read Ed’s quotes. he’s saying that Greedy was an excellent cover guy, and that everything you do is watched on film. He also said the NFL people will address his willingness to step up and make tackles. So it’s pretty clear Ed is saying exactly what the NFL scouts said. The second round is not a bad spot to be drafted. The Browns aren’t complaining. They’ll be tough to throw against in the fourth quarter if they’re protecting a lead. They now have two shut down corners. The last thing the Browns need is for Greedy to try to prove how tough he is and get injured the first week trying to play like Jack Tatum.

  10. Greedy was a steal. And the ‘Buffet Tackler’ reputation comes from 2 games. A thrashing at the hands of an unreal Alabama pass attack and that debacle of a 7OT game vs Tamu where the players were completely exhausted and risking injury just by playing for the last 20 snaps or so.
    He is a little oversized and can get shook by quick short routes, but not unathletic by any means. he will be a good starting corner so long as he’s healthy.

  11. When I was taking a look at the draft board and trying to familiarize myself with players that the Browns could possibly draft, I never even considered that Williams would still be there for us to pick up. There were a lot of teams who needed a CB ahead of us and I just figured that he’d be one of the first few guys picked in the 2nd round. I’m so excited that we were able to get him and can’t wait to see him in action this fall!

  12. Down year for corners, only one first rounder iirc with Baker going to the Giants. I think the league just wasn’t real high on this group as a whole.

  13. Wait, I’m confused. Not wanting to tackle and talking too much means a CB will bust? Where is Deion ranked on the all-time CB list? Rigggghhhhtttt.

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