Kyler Murray’s contract includes baseball provision

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Kyler Murray signed his rookie deal Thursday, a deal that includes the same baseball language that Jameis Winston‘s rookie deal contained.

A source told PFT that any baseball voids future guarantees.

The Cardinals drafted Murray with the No. 1 overall pick without a baseball clause in place. Now, the team has contract language protecting it in the event Murray decides to play baseball.

Murray returned a signing bonus the Athletics gave him after making him the ninth overall choice in the Major League Baseball draft. He signed a $4.6 million deal expecting to play baseball after a final season at Oklahoma. But after winning the Heisman Trophy and becoming a top NFL prospect, Murray opted to play football.

Winston talked about playing baseball as the Bucs were preparing to make him the No. 1 overall choice in 2015. So with concerns the quarterback would pull a Bo Jackson and play baseball instead of football, the Bucs added the baseball provision to his rookie deal.

20 responses to “Kyler Murray’s contract includes baseball provision

  1. But he’s committed to football, LOL. Actually, considering how the Cards handled Rosen, I don’t blame him.

  2. Rickey Henderson was my favorite baseball player. I was hoping maybe Murray would be the next Henderson. You never know what will end up actually happening. Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson were able to become all-stars in both sports. We’re left wondering what could have become of Jeff Samardzija or Kirk Gibson, who were also excellent football players. We’ll see if Kyler Murray joins this elite group of 2 sport superstars.

  3. It would rake a lot of years of baseball before he would make up the difference between the $23 million signing bonus from the Cardinals and the $4.6 million he gave back to the Athletics.
    Good luck young man. Invest it wisely!

  4. He’s a dynamic athlete. If he can stay healthy, should be lots of fun watching him play!

  5. ———————

    dadindebt6 says:
    May 9, 2019 at 8:17 pm

    It would rake a lot of years of baseball before he would make up the difference between the $23 million signing bonus from the Cardinals and the $4.6 million he gave back to the Athletics.
    Good luck young man. Invest it wisely!

    If that was his signing bonus, and he gave up ‘future’ guarantees if he plays baseball, doesn’t that mean he would just lose his salary for the next years at what abut $2.5m a year?

  6. kd75 says:
    May 9, 2019 at 8:12 pm
    Bo Jackson didn’t play baseball instead of football.
    He did both.

    Bo Jackson wasn’t a QB, he was a RB. Huge difference there. You cannot play QB in the NFL and baseball at the same time given all the many demands on a modern day QB. Demands fans don’t even think of. Just no possible. A RB or a CB though? They absolutely still could pull it off a la Jackson/Sanders.

  7. Congrats to Murray and his family. This kid is going to be a blast to watch. Between Murray’s elite arm & elusiveness as a runner w/ his 4.3 speed he is going to be one of the NFL’s most dynamic/explosive QB’s for a long time to come with Vicks speed/elusiveness and young Bree’s like qualities as a pocket passer. His playing style actually reminds me of Mahomes.

  8. Yeah Murray is going to be fun to watch run for his life …but history tells us lil QB’s that run a lot always get hurt crushed and hammered . R Wilson is the only one to date that’s lasted a while so far?

  9. Photographs of Murray,as well as his prior measurements continue to present him as tiny standing next to other people. His Draft measurements tell a different story,somehow. I think he will be an early problem for NFL Defenses right up until the moment when he isn’t. Being the smallest player on the field while getting his head handed to him repeatedly behind an atrocious Cardinals line and while trying to throw around both his OL and opposing DL is going to provide more than enough impetus be a Baseball player.

  10. This kid got REALLY bad advise! Kyler may be a talented athlete but the world is full of “talented athletes” that aren’t good candidates to be professional football players; the fact that he had another option in professional sports and blew it off, he will live to regret (and so will his father). I can’t imagine a parent throwing their kid into the gladiator ring for the five minutes of celebrity, Murray will get with the Cardinals. There’s a reason they are the worst team in the league, can’t keep good staff or players. This is a business and the objective is to sell tickets and keep the business afloat; KM is the new gimmick whose purpose is to sell tickets and they will be finding a new gimmick new season at #1 again…that’s the history of the Cards.

  11. Bo was a complete athlete in both sports, injury ended what would have been an amazing dual sport career. Kyler is neither in either.

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