Telvin Smith says he’s not playing in 2019

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A few days ago, Telvin Smith posted a cryptic video on Instagram. He was more direct Thursday afternoon.

The Jaguars linebacker said on social media that he is sitting out the 2019 season.

“It was said to me from a great coach that in order for the man to be his best, he must get his world in order,” Smith wrote. “At this time, I must take time away from the game and get my world in order. I must give this time back to myself, my family and my health. I appreciate all the support I will and will not get. I just ask y’all respect my decision to not play football this season. I know the rumors of trade talk came about, but I started my career in Jacksonville and the day I do decide to call it quits it will be right here in Duval. I love y’all and even in my time off it’s #10toesdwn ya feel me!!! Love!”

Smith drew the ire of the Jaguars not only for sitting out voluntary workouts but for not communicating with them.

During draft weekend, General Manager Dave Caldwell answered, “We’ll see” when asked about Smith’s future, prompting questions about whether Smith would remain part of the team in 2019. Now, barring a change of heart (and an open door from the Jaguars), he won’t be.

Smith, a fifth-round choice in 2014, has started 69 games in his career, making 586 tackles, 7.5 sacks, nine interceptions and 26 pass breakups. He made the Pro Bowl in 2017.

23 responses to “Telvin Smith says he’s not playing in 2019

  1. Clearly he has some personal issues he needs to work through.

    If he sits out the season, I doubt he ever comes back.

  2. Hope saved his rookie contract money because he’s not get another contract if he decides to come back next season

  3. Dude is just playing his hand .He doesnt want to leave Duval as supposedly name cropped up in trade rumors thats where this stems from …Jags hard against the cap …We will see Coughlins next move as i see a player trade on horizon .

  4. This is his largest payout year according to spotrac! These KIDS do not understand how their short sighted, ill advised social media postings can kill their future. He has not made nearly enough money to ride off into the sunset. I am sad for him. Unfortunately, this is not unlike a lot of people in his generation.

  5. From his contract extension there was $4 million in signing bonus spread over 5 years or approximately $800 per year for 2017, 18, 19, 20 and 21. Then in March of 2018 his $8MM roster bonus was converted to a signing bonus to ease the cap hit, so that was spread out as $2MM per year for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. I seriously doubt he realizes that the 60% of the original $4MM signing bonus will be reclaimed by the Jags and he will owe them $2.4MM and that by converting the $8MM from a roster bonus to a signing bonus he hasn’t earned $6MM of the $8MM that will also be reclaimed by the Jags and owed by him. In the end, it is extremely doubtful that he understands this move will require him to pay the Jags back $8.4MM. This reminds me of when Ricky Williams retired, called it crazy that he owed back his signing bonus money and then unretired because he ran out of money absent the signing bonus that had to be paid back.

  6. Unbelievable the amount of people belittling this decision and say “what about the money”. Suicide is the #2 cause of death among men aged 19-40. That’s a lot of unlived years by a lot of men who didn’t stop and take care of themselves and their “worlds”.

  7. From a personal standpoint, I feel for him and hope he sorts out whatever issues he’s facing. He’s been a fine player for the Jags with no off-field issues.

  8. I wonder if this has anything to do with the death of his brother in 2016.

    I also wonder how this will affect the Jags. Not only do they now have a hole to fill in their defense, they also currently have a cap hit of ~$12.5M. His base salary is $9.75M so I presume they would get some sort of cap relief if he follows through on this decision.

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