Kliff Kingsbury: Kyler Murray “born and bred to do this”


Kliff Kingsbury hasn’t committed to Kyler Murray starting the season opener. But, after only one practice, the Cardinals new coach sounds as if the No. 1 overall pick is up to the task.

“He’s been born and bred to do this. I’ve said it all along,” Kingsbury said Friday, via NFL.com. “That’s his mentality. That’s what he’s always expected to do and be. So he’s kind of living it out right now. It might affect other people, but it doesn’t seem to affect him.”

Murray is the son of Kevin Murray, one of the best quarterbacks in Texas A&M history who now privately coaches quarterbacks. Kyler eschewed baseball for his first love and will get a chance to play quarterback in the NFL for a coach who recruited him out of high school.

Murray has at least a passing familiarity with Kingsbury’s offense. He also has much work to do before September if he’s going to open the season as the Cardinals’ starter as General Manager Steve Keim has proclaimed.

On the first on-field work for the Cardinals rookies, Kingsbury worked with his 5-foot-10 quarterback on throwing over taller defenders among other things.

Murray called the first day working with Kingsbury “great.”

“Obviously, it’s only been day one, but I can already feel the rhythm going,” Murray said. “Hopefully we can keep this thing going and do something good, do something great.”

18 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury: Kyler Murray “born and bred to do this”

  1. He better be considering the picks you wasted drafting Rosen the previous year.

    Someone is losing their job there in the next 2 years.

  2. When will Kliff bring run & shoot titans Mouse Davis, June Jones, & Jerry Glanville to tutor petite Kyler?

  3. Kliff Kingsbury is getting deep into bromance territory. Will he ever be able point out a mistake?

  4. The hard cold truth is Kyler Murray is too short to play QB in the NFL. He could get away with being 5’10″(??) in college. But college NCAA football is not professional NFL football. The NFL is faster and more complex. Some of the things Kyler got away with in college he will not be able to get away with in the pros. I hope I am wrong. I mean Drew Brees is barely 6’0″ but has been really lucky. Not sure if Kyler Murray will have the same experience.

  5. kd75 says:
    May 10, 2019 at 8:48 pm
    Five foot 10 and three-tenths of one-eighth of an inch!

    18 6 Rate This


    5’10 is generous

  6. Its going to be fun watching him this year.
    Either he’s a bright rising star, or yet another over hyped flop.

    I’m rooting for Josh Rosen to become a better QB than Murray.
    Imagine that, throwing away a better QB, and then blowing the #1 pick on a lesser QB, when you could have used that pick to trade down and strengthen teh team.

    We shall see in time who was right. It will be interesting to watch in any case.

  7. You would think that someone with such a pedigree, who was “born and bred” would know what shoes to wear to practice in! The way they are marketing this kid as a vehicle to sell tickets is shameful and is setting him up to fail even on a mediocre team. Throw in a rookie HC (with zero experience coaching in the NFL and a losing college record) and a GM who hasn’t been able to put together a functioning 0-line in his entire career, and KM is fighting some really steep odds for success. Should have chosen Baseball where he wouldn’t have been hung out naked and exposed in a gladiator arena.

  8. silverandblack052099 says:
    May 10, 2019 at 8:49 pm
    Rookie head coach, rookie QB, 9 out of 10 times it doesn’t go well.

    Exactly the same situation Rosen was caught in last year and the Cards were too stupid to realize it and are repeating it again this year! What’s that old saying about doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result?


  9. So he hasn’t worn cleats in a long time and is glad to be back on a field? What the heck has he been doing? Wouldn’t you be working on your game on your own or with friends every day if your the 1st pick? Wait till an OLB sets the edge and a SS breaks free and takes his head off. It will be way worse than his tender feet.

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