On brink of 30, Cam Newton vows not to change his playing style


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton turns 30 on Saturday. (Yes, that means you’re old.) But as he embarks on his fourth decade, Newton vows not to change a thing about a game that has caused him to suffer plenty of injuries during his time in the NFL.

I’m too old to change,” Newton said Friday at his charity kickball tournament regarding his playing style, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer.

Although Newton has missed only five games in eight seasons, he has had multiple offseason marred by surgery, both shoulder and ankle. He has yet to throw during the ongoing offseason program after having surgery to remove scar tissue from his right shoulder, and it’s unclear when he’ll be healthy enough to throw, or to play.

When he is healthy, it’s unclear how long he’ll stay healthy — especially if he plans to keep playing the way he always has. Although he’s a giant on the football field (and everywhere else), he’s made of the same flesh, muscle, ligament, tendon, and bone as the rest of us. And by embracing impact over the years, he has suffered injury.

If he wants to extend his career deep into his 30s, he needs to change. His ability to do so could impact, more immediately, whether the Panthers choose to give him another big-money extension at some point before his current contract expires after the 2020 season.

53 responses to “On brink of 30, Cam Newton vows not to change his playing style

  1. Is he still going to dress up like a pimp at his pressers? And taunt opponents when things are going his way and sulk like a child when they aren’t?

  2. His problem is he’s like many scramblers – they often aren’t the best throwers or thinkers but get thru college by being physical freaks. Once they get figured out in the pros their only fix to scramble more, or learn how to throw better (or get smarter but they mostly didn’t get thru college on smarts to start with and can’t suddenly magic some up at 30).

    Trouble is, even throwing a little better (if they can) isn’t enough to overcome the lost scrambling step with ageing. And an NFL report last year said Cam was the league’s most inconsistent passer, so he def won’t get better enough now to become a superb pocketeer. So they try to keep scrambling, and get more and more injured and have a shortened career. Like I’ve always said, scramblers are fun to watch and make for great backups, but sadly it’s a mistake in the modern era of cap and silly QB contracts to make a franchise out of one.

  3. If he’s not going to change, then Scam’s entire career will continue to be defined by him being scared of going for that loose ball…

  4. O V E R R A T E D ! ! !

    Did I mention I think he’s overrated? Incredible athlete, overrated QB.

  5. 20 years after retirement will he be more remembered for “The Dab” or his football skills?
    He got his money, so there’s that.

  6. He’s going to have insane accumulation stats (100 rushing TDs? 300 passing TDs? tons of yards) but he’s not going to win much in the postseason.

  7. 30 yr old QBs don’t run the read option in NFL for very long. Grow up Peter Pan. You got 5-10 more years in the league if you junk the wishbone formation and reduce the hits

  8. One possibly two years as a starter and two or three years as a backup
    No more big money contracts to go sround

  9. I always have respected Cams game,short runs to-past the goal line. Maybe sacrificed his body even too much. Always wanted him over Kaep Fish

  10. This guy’s selfishness is just dumbfounding.

    It’s apparent that winning is not on his TOP 10 list of things he cares about.

  11. Cam is who he is.
    Probably best to just accept it and realize he ain’t gonna change.

  12. The secret to longevity playing quarterback everyone seems to be looking for is up there in Foxboro. Literally just do what he does if you want to play a long time. Don’t want to be a pocket passer? You won’t play long no matter what you do. Want to stay in the pocket longer than you should, hoping to make a big play? You won’t play long either.

  13. His gutless attitude will never change; you can’t “fix” cowardice. And, face it; he’s a clown.
    The sad thing is that, as his skills and production continue to diminish, it will place a greater burden on McCaffrey thus shortening a probable outstanding career. The life of a RB is short enough without having to carry a weak QB. The nfl is not Boys Town.

  14. That’s a great philosophy to live by, Cam: Never learn from you mistakes. Never grow. And to top it off, you say you’re too old to change…at 30. Well, when you get to 55 like me, you’ll look back and see how stupid that sounded. Or maybe not. But I know that even at 30, I had a better understanding of reality.

  15. Newton is dumb if he really does not plan on changing anything about his play. He needs to stop seeking out contact & just give himself up, it’s not the fact that he is a running QB that gets him hurt it is the fact that he seeks out contact which ends up getting him hurt & he the OR table. The Panthers need to stop using him as a RB up the middle on tough runs and he needs to stay in the pocket more, if Newton continues to seek out punishment he wont make it to 35 before he’s out of the league and his careers over. He needs to transition to more of a pocket playing style now that he is entering his 30’s.

  16. Too old to change? You need to keep changing your game to adapt and grow and be effective. Time to move on Carolina.

  17. So that’s 5 more seasons times 9 games average = 45 new
    hats he needs to come up with for his career, however
    in the over-under I would take Under for that number of games/hats.

  18. He is what he is, aside from the one fluke MVP season he’s been a mediocre starting QB

    Well, at least he has 2015

    The Bryce Harper of the NFL

  19. He self-celebrates running for a first down when his team is losing by multiple possessions. Those kind of people just rub me the wrong way.

  20. Not a Newton fan, but all of your hackneyed, cornball jokes about him not going for that fumble died 3 years ago.

  21. If Newton misses any time and Grier comes in and plays well, Cam’s career could be over sooner than anyone expects.

  22. How did he win the MVP. I understand that season he put up great numbers but 95 % of the games I watch it is fast Tim Tebow out there.

    Except rather than take a knee and praying he’s dancing with the stars every 1st down and celebrating his teammates TDs.

  23. You guys act like winning a SB is walk in the park. He got a hell of a lot closer than most guys. Even if he did win, you would give the defense the credit.

  24. scam, is the best Running Back in the NFL playing QB. Entire NFL career as QB is mediocre at best.Can’t read NFL defense,inaccurate passer, Happy feet, can’t stand being told what plays to call. Piss poor teammate.Panther will never win a Superbowl with scam as starting QB.Carolina need to move on from the Failed scam era. Drafting a NFL caliber QB Grier was their Best draft in recent years.With Grier as the starter,and Carolina good defense. A Superbowl is possible in next 5-10 years

  25. Haha. You guys are funny. What the hell was he thinking not going for that loose ball? I was sorta rooting for him but that’s a real head-scratcher.

  26. @ Ruha Nuggetcrusher says:
    May 11, 2019 at 9:37 am
    Not a Newton fan, but all of your hackneyed, cornball jokes about him not going for that fumble died 3 years ago.

    In fairness, that is pretty much what everyone remembers him for. Or, perhaps it is his petulance?

  27. Why should he change? He’s getting paid handsomely to be sub-par so why work to get better… Read any quote from Tom Brady and he’s always looking to improve and change anything he can to get better. I love teams like Carolina that hitch their wagons to this star or one like him. No chance to ever win anything with him or any QB like him.

  28. In all fairness to Cam it’s a Herculean accomplishment winning a Super Bowl trophy. I tip my hat to him, even though he fell a bit short.

  29. CAm Newton should go to the glue factory. He only has 3 winning seasons.3!

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