Sam Darnold expects “a huge step” in Adam Gase’s offense

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Jets quarterback Sam Darnold came on strong at the end of last season, throwing six touchdown passes and only one interception over the last four games. This year he thinks that progress will continue, thanks to his new coach.

Darnold told 98.7 ESPN that Adam Gase’s offense is going to excite Jets fans — and is exciting to the players as well.

“We have the potential to make a huge step,” Darnold said, via Newsday. “We have a ton of really good pieces. We had a lot of the same guys who made a really big impact for us last year. We’re ready to do bigger and better things this year. I’m just really, really pumped and really excited for what’s to come.The offense is fun and unique. We’re going to do a lot of cool stuff and a lot of stuff that Jets fans haven’t seen in a while. I’m really pumped about that. I know we’re going to score points.”

“For me and for a lot of Jets fans it should be really, really exciting to know that many guys on the team are really curious about what we’re doing and they’re buying in,” Darnold said. “Everyone’s buying in. It’s a good feeling to have as a quarterback and as a fan base to know that all the guys are putting in the time and effort to be the best players they can and the best teammates they can be for me and the guys on the offense.”

The Jets had one of the worst offenses in the NFL last year. Gase was brought in to change that, and Darnold thinks he’ll deliver.

32 responses to “Sam Darnold expects “a huge step” in Adam Gase’s offense

  1. kingbags says:
    May 10, 2019 at 9:07 am
    Do they have anyone that can block?


    They have the Pats blocking their way to Super Bowl every year.

  2. Hmmmm… OK, last year the Jets had the 29th ranked offense. The Dolphins, under Gase had the 31st ranked offense. Enjoy that offense Jet fans!

  3. “Can we please hold off on the gold jacket till the kid plays a bit more.”

    Who said anything about a gold jacket? Darnold is excited to play under Gase and the article points out that he hopes to build on a strong finish to last season. It’s just an off-season interview the kid did. No one is putting him in the Hall of Fame or even the Super Bowl.

  4. A huge step backwards maybe! Adam Gase is not an offensive genius! Do the Jets really expect different results from the same Coach that they have seen the last few years in Miami?

  5. Gase is not an offensive genius – it’s all based on 2013 as OC at Broncos, wherein he had an HGH boosted Peyton Manning to face the NFL’s weakest strength of schedule (32nd, .430). That’s why they racked up the most yards that year. Into the playoffs they almost let the Chargers sneak past them late in Denver, then beat a badly banged-up Pats in Denver, then got totally hosed 8-43 in SB XLVIII by the Hawks. That was Gase’s finest hour.

  6. How Gase was able to pull the wool over another team’s eyes — a DIVISION RIVAL, no less — mere months after cratering in Miami is proof that NFL coaching circles are just a big ol’ boys club.

  7. Gase is going to be a disappointment. But, what do you expect when you have a crappy team and you hire a guy based mostly on the fact he was able to consistently beat your crappy team?

  8. I wouldn’t anoint the Jets team yet. Someone tell me what Gase did for the Dolphins in the years he was here?? It was horrible, and if he succeeds I will be shocked.
    Wait until LeVeon upsets him, or anyone else for that case, they will be gone. Look at Sug, Landry, Ajayi, all people Gase couldn’t get on with.
    Don’t tell me he loves every player, good luck.

  9. If you are curious about what Gase is installing, all you have to do is look at the 31st rank offense from last year’s Dolphins. Don’t be fooled by Gase, oops too late for that. You will have some splash plays that occur every now and then, but over the course of a season. Gase offense will sputter and rank near the bottom of the league once again. He’ll be on the sidelines again, with his head tilted and him staring off into space, wondering why on 3rd and 15, his 8 yard dig route didn’t get a 1st down. Or why on 3rd and 1 on his own 25 yard line, his bubble screen lost 6 yards. He is the epitome of a fraud. He will talk a good game, but come Sunday he will surely disappoint you time and time again. He success in this league can be contributed to two players… Peyton Manning while in Denver, and Jay Ajayi his first year in Miami. We all know Manning calls his own plays, and Jay Ajayi had those massive 200+ yard running games that year. My advise to Jets fans is be patient, it will take management about 2-3 years to conclude this dude is trash.

  10. finzfan49 says:
    May 10, 2019 at 9:10 am
    Gase will ruin that team. Bank on that. And the NY media will want him up.


    How can he ruin what is already ruined? He may not fix it, but he can’t make it worse.

  11. Gase has no answer for Belichick’s defense, they will be humiliated again like they did last year.

  12. One thing I came to expect over the three years is that Gase has interesting wrinkles and his offenses can score from all over the field.

    HOWEVER, I found his offenses to be very inconsistent and there will be plenty of games where his teams will store in the teens and low twenties. They rarely have monster games because he looks for wrinkles rather than consistently game plans. His offensive players love that. The defenses will tire of it quickly…

  13. “Darnold is excited to play under Gase and the article points out that he hopes to build on a strong finish to last season.”

    Strong finish? After the bye they lost 5 of the remaining 6. The only win was over the powerhouse Bills.

  14. I got not problem with optimism for Darnold, but Gase is a terrible Coach. He does not know how to adjust to game day environment. He draws up a plan he believes will work and then we’ll into the 4th Qtr and behind by a bunch of scores, he is still trying to”establish the run” or continue to try and find luck in a break away bubble screen. I feel bad for Darnold. He is going to go through a few Coaches and Systems before his career ever starts.

  15. @redlikethepig

    Oh you mean when he was the best QB in the NFL in the month of december without his WR1, C, RT, and top two RB’s which both back ups led all RB’s in drops? while facing three top 10 defenses? nice try

  16. redlikethepig says:
    May 10, 2019 at 1:14 pm
    “Darnold is excited to play under Gase and the article points out that he hopes to build on a strong finish to last season.”

    Strong finish? After the bye they lost 5 of the remaining 6. The only win was over the powerhouse Bills.


    They’re obviously referring to his personal strong finish and gradual ascent as the year progressed, but please continue to be willingly ignorant and obtuse.

  17. Adam Gase will make this offense amazing. Sam Darnold will be all-pro every year and be in the HOF by the end of year 5. The Jets will win at least 12+ games a year. Please sign Gase to a 10 year extension now!! Miami, buffalo, and the pats will collectively pay him to stay with the Jets if the Jets don’t want to pay.

    Sincerely a non Jets fan!!!

  18. Gase likes to run a lot of bubble screens, so the wide receivers need to be able to block on the perimeter. I never had a problem with his offense. Miami Some of the South Florida media talk about him being immature for a head coach. He can act a little arrogant. We’ll see.

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