Weston Steelhammer tries out for Eagles after two-year Air Force commitment

Getty Images

After playing his college football at Air Force from 2013 to 2016, safety Weston Steelhammer participated in the Eagles’ rookie minicamp two years ago. Now he’s back.

Steelhammer is among the players trying out at the Eagles’ rookie minicamp this weekend.

For the last two years, Steelhammer has been serving in the Air Force, as required by the U.S. Department of Defense, but now his active-duty obligation is over and he’s free to pursue an NFL career.

The military has changed the rules through the years for players from Army, Navy and Air Force who have NFL opportunities. At some times, players have been required to serve as many as five years before playing, while at other times players have been allowed to go straight from college football to the NFL. President Trump said this week that he is considering changing the current rule and allowing service academy players to turn pro immediately without any compulsory military service.

A three-year starter at Air Force, Steelhammer played youth football with Eagles coach Doug Pederson’s son, and Pederson was happy to give him an opportunity once he and fulfilled his commitment.