Benny Snell plays “Benny Snell football”


Steelers rookie running back Benny Snell plays a unique brand of football. He calls it, appropriately enough, “Benny Snell football.”

Via Chris Adamski of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the former Kentucky tailback used that term on multiple occasions during his rookie minicamp to explain his unique style.

“That’s just Benny Snell football,” Snell said at one point regarding a clock-killing, bowl-game effort that included eight straight carries as the Wildcats held a 27-24 lead against Penn State. “Downhill, running the ball, running the clock out. My team depended on me in that time of need, and I am gonna make it happen. In situations like that, they trusted me. All through the season [and] all three years, that’s what I was known for.”

Apparently, it’s a broad term.

“Benny Snell football is that it could be second-and-3 or like third-and-3. It could be fourth-and-2. It could be third-and-goal, fourth-and-goal,” Snell said. “Or it could be four-minute offense, and you just have to run the clock out just to win the game.”

Snell then went all in with the use of the third person.

“It’s just feeding him, just feeding him, feeding him, let him run it up,” Benny Snell said regarding Benny Snell. “He’s gonna get up. He’s having fun. He might dance a little bit, but he’s gonna run back and he’s gonna do it again, and everybody in the stadium, both teams know what’s happening.”

With James Conner and Jaylen Samuels already on the roster, it’s tempting to believe that the Steelers intend to use multiple tailbacks. After the draft, G.M. Kevin Colbert didn’t rule out one of the three emerging as the guy, based on his performances.

And if, ultimately, the performance the Steelers need is Benny Snell football, they’ve got just the man to do it.