Dolphins sign Mark Walton

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Running back Mark Walton is getting his second chance.

The Dolphins have signed running back Mark Walton after a weekend tryout at the team’s rookie minicamp.

A fourth-round pick in 2018, the Bengals cut Walton earlier this year after a trio of arrests.

The Dolphins also signed center Kirk Barron and cornerback Jamar Summers. The Dolphins waived/injured center Connor Hilland and safety Rob Rolle.

The Dolphins brought Walton to the rookie minicamp for a look-see. On Saturday, coach Brian Flores explained that “think[s] people deserve a second chance.” Beyond the fact that giving an NFL player a second chance takes away another NFL player’s first chance, the reality is that the only guys who get second chances are those deemed to be talented enough to warrant one.

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  1. He played very well on that field for the Canes. I don’t know what happened to him since then but he needs to get a new group of friends.

  2. Low risk proposition. If it works out, great. If not, they can just cut him. They need RB help behind Drake and Ballage.

  3. Yeah, “everyone deserves a 2nd chance” in the NFL context is code for “yeah, no doubt the dude has some character issues but man, can he play football.”

  4. Going to be a great locker room. Protesters in one corner, felons in the other, gas masks for weed smokers in the next, and guys who aren’t very good in the opposite.

  5. Two things which have no correlation between them are the NFL and ethics.
    As so many have pointed out in here, if you have talent, the NFL wants you in spite of what you have done off the field.
    That’s why I laugh when coaches like Flores recite things such as “I believe in second chances, etc….” Really, I wonder what people close to Flores must think, because they know he’s full of crap.

  6. This dude is a one man crime wave. 3 arrest in 3 months. More importantly he’s not any good. Honestly, I didn’t see any thing in him that would warrant his 4th round selection last year. He was clearly out played in the pre-season by two free agents. The only reason he made the team was his 4th round selection.

    His talent does not warrant another chance in my opinion.

  7. Only caveat to the thought ‘if he’s good enough, doesn’t matter what he did’ holds no water because his last team cut him because of his charges. Then drafted two running backs.

  8. Until he gets arrested again. Miami is probably the worst place for him to be.

  9. It can’t be overstated, a second chance is totally dependent upon how much the team thinks a player can help them. Bottom line is he only gets a second chance if he Miami believes he can play. The character issue does’t concern Miami in the least. Drug users don’t generally last in the NFL because they have other issues that get in the way of their game.

  10. as a former addict I can tell you if you want to make any meaningful change you have to change alot of things. getting out of dodge, leaving my loved ones, my parents is hard but necessary. putting this guy back into his stomping ground almost guarantees failure. I hope he proves me wrong.

  11. jackedupboonie says:
    May 12, 2019 at 3:17 pm
    The Seahawks have the Rams and 9ers. Patriots play in another world.


    I cannot wait to watch Kyler Murray carve through the Seahawks declining defense like butter.

  12. Good job by the Bengals in cutting Walton. They drafted two running backs in the sixth round who are better and are also high character guys.

  13. When you grow up with nothing surrounded with crime it can be hard to find your way. He’s trying to recognize his mistakes and do better. The only thing he’s got to keep him straight is football. Flores attempt at helping this kid is actually pretty amazing.

  14. Earlier comment is the sad reality of the current NFL. If you have talent, you are given the second and third chances. The greater the talent , the more second chances are given. The hell with culture, if you have perceived worth the team will give you a pass. No talent, seethe dumpster behind our building?

  15. “Everyone deserves a 2nd Chance”. I get that, but his alcohol level from last months arrest hasn’t even had a chance to come down yet. He still has bruises from the tazor shot he took. Shouldn’t the man spend a little time reflecting on his mistakes? Dolphins have no issues with signing guys with poor characters.

  16. Do ANY of you know what he was accused of and convicted of OTHER than what you read online?? We all know how things online get exaggerated right?!?!?! I am in no means saying I agree with what I read however I think a NFL team has the TRUE facts about this and not what we read online. Let it play out then determine what your opinion should be.

  17. It used to be that only the Cowboys would have a player with a record, now it seems to be ANY team is willing to have them on their team!

    I guess it’s time to giv up the game that I love until they give up the criminals, simple as that!

    I guess it’s time to just watch college ball, its 1000% times better anyhow and they DON’T put up with this BS out of players!

  18. A world class organization like the world champion Patriots will never sign a player like this!

  19. LOL…a second chance?? He was arrested 3 times in 4 months…in baseball terms 3 strikes and you’re out! Flores..because he’s a decent player you’re giving him a 4th chance!

  20. Just a complete joke. The guys a walking crimewave yet gets given more and more chances

    NFL players seem to know that even if they make mistakes it doesnt matter, as long as they have some skill teams such as Miami would give them a chance. Makes a complete joke of the whole system.

    If players KNEW if they messed up no team would sign them then i’m sure a ton of them would be good. Miami have really let the league down here, pathetic.

  21. Second chances are always a nice gestures.
    And if this as any of the other 31 NFL cities, he’d have a better chance.

    But this is Miami,
    The same city he was arrested in less than 90 days ago with misdemeanor battery on a woman.
    Same bad influences. Same ring of “friends”
    And with a replenished supply of income, regardless how menial it is…

    Flores & Co. better have someone by his side 24/7 to be this kid’s life coach, to help him learn how to make better choices and get the most out of this second chance.

  22. When the FO suits get a second chance, why should the guys doing the real work and getting knocked around for a living, be held to a higher standard? The league looks the other way for the Robert Krafts, Jim Irsays, Steve Keims, about time the league extend their “Conduct Policy” to ALL league personnel or shut up. Leading by example starts at the top, and this double standard hypocrisy is hurting the game as much as having any players who have had some “off field issues”. If this guy can do the job, he should be given the opportunity to prove himself capable of working, and competent at his craft; if he can’t do the job, then that’s a legitimate cause to let him go. This is a business and “league policies and standards” should apply across the board from top to bottom.

  23. finzfan49 says:
    May 12, 2019 at 8:01 pm
    Do ANY of you know what he was accused of and convicted of OTHER than what you read online?? We all know how things online get exaggerated right?!?!?! I am in no means saying I agree with what I read however I think a NFL team has the TRUE facts about this and not what we read online. Let it play out then determine what your opinion should be.


    There was an NFL team that already reviewed the situation and released him. Apparently the Bengals had enough of the “true facts” to warrant dropping him.

  24. Cheap camp legs that happens to be a local boy, so some mild local hype during slow season.

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