Hue Jackson remains in Cleveland, committed to foundation

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Hue Jackson is not “coach” Hue Jackson for the first time in 32 years.

“I don’t think anybody understands the human side of these things,” Jackson told Pat McManamon of ESPN. “I think people think, ‘OK, the guy’s gone and you go on.’ It’s hurtful. It’s painful. But you have to find a way to channel that.”

Jackson, fired by the Browns after going 3-36-1 in 2 1/2 seasons, worked as a special assistant for the Bengals in the final seven games of last season. He interviewed for the head coaching job of the Bengals and the offensive coordinator job with the Cardinals.

But Jackson now finds himself with “down time” he’s never previously had.

That doesn’t mean he has nothing to do.

Jackson has kept his home in Cleveland and remains heavily involved in his foundation, which he established in 2017 to help victims of human trafficking.

“This is something we’re committed to, and it’s dear and near to us,” said Jackson, whose wife, Michelle, also is involved in the Hue Jackson Foundation. “We’re going to continue to fight this battle.”

The foundation, along with the Salvation Army, opened a 12-bed residence near downtown Cleveland last summer. It has provided 1,100 nights of service — seven women with beds provided in one night is seven nights of service — thus far.

Harvard University recently informed Jackson it was honoring him with its 2019 Global Health Catalyst Mental Humanitarian Award on May 25 at a banquet in Cambridge, Massachusetts, per McManamon.

“People can’t separate the two — football and life. So be it,” Jackson said. “I’m going to continue to pull this rope.”

13 responses to “Hue Jackson remains in Cleveland, committed to foundation

  1. Amazing foundation. Commendable on his part. Unfortunately most can not separate the two. As will be evident with the comments that are sure to follow.

  2. I’m sure Hue is a good man but just stay away from the football team

  3. no one comments on this?
    Big ups to this guy.
    He is made out to be a clown amongst football fans but this guy is doing real things.

  4. Good for him. Human trafficking has unfortunately become a relatively low profile epidemic. Good on Hue for bringing more attention to and combating it.

  5. We understand that everyone in the NFL is now aware of that you’re a snake in the grass, Hue.

  6. This is an important thing. If one person is saved from this vicious evil because of Hue’s involvement, God bless him.

  7. arclight1972 says:
    May 13, 2019 at 10:01 am
    He was a jerk to people he worked with, but he also did good things for others.

    2 1 Rate This

    Such a jerk that literally people in the business went out of their way to work for him and when he was fired went out of their way to help him find work.

    Literally only 1 person in football has ever said anything negative about him. Since that 1 person is popular fans and the media ran with it despite everyone else who knew him longer than 4 or 5 months stating that one disgruntled person was wrong.

    I love Baker Mayfield but if the ““People can’t separate the two — football and life. So be it,” line described anyone it’s him. As if Hue should have stopped providing for his wife and two daughters and his foundation because the Browns fired him.

  8. His head coaching record speaks for himself. I also don’t think it’s any coincidence he’s not on any NFL staff this season. However…kudos to him for his efforts to fight against human trafficking. That’s more important than anything one could ever do on a sideline.

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