Report: Broncos won’t trade Chris Harris

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Broncos General Manager John Elway said he would speak to the agent for cornerback Chris Harris about Harris’ contract after the draft and that conversation has reportedly taken place.

It doesn’t sound like it was too different than the ones the two sides had earlier in the offseason. Mike Klis of KUSA reports that Harris, who has not been at the team’s offseason workouts, is still looking for a deal that tops $15 million a year.

Harris requested a trade in the event that the Broncos didn’t meet his demand, but Klis reports that the Broncos will not trade the veteran. The team is expected to present a counteroffer to Harris next week that is not expected to match Harris’ demand.

If the impasse remains in place, the next decision for Harris will be whether to attend the team’s mandatory minicamp in June. He can be fined if he fails to attend those practice sessions.

7 responses to “Report: Broncos won’t trade Chris Harris

  1. He signed a long term contract because he wanted a big signing bonus and guarantees. He got both.
    But now the market has changed and Harris wants more. Honor your deal Harris!
    Maybe next time you’ll take $0 signing bonus and a 1-2 year deal instead of a 7-8 figure signing bonus for longer years.
    Players CANNOT be allowed to have it both ways.

  2. How is it in the teams best interest to extend him?

    He’ll be 30 after the 2019 season.

    If he plays well, someone will pay him, though not 15MM/year for a 30 year old CB.

    If he plays good but not great the Broncos will be glad they didn’t extend him.

    He signed a 42MM deal in 2014, so it’s not like he’s starving. Had he gotten hurt he would still get paid. Had he ‘bet on himself’ and gotten hurt he doesn’t make as much, if he remained injury free he makes more.
    But its not like earning an extra 13MM would have made that much difference to him.

  3. If you haven’t noticed, Elway is trying to rebuild the 2015 Super Bowl team. He can’t do it without Harris (PFF’s 3rd rated CB) because the “No Fly Zone” was the backbone of the system. I’m a big Harris fan, but he’s 30 and coming off a broken leg. Elway can’t bring himself to pay $15m per season for multiple years to a player that old and with a hard salary cap in the NFL, nobody can blame him. I’d offer 3yrs-$40m w/ $25m guaranteed. $15m the first year, $10m in the 2nd, and what equates to a team option on the 3rd year.

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