Joe Flacco: I’m here to win games, not be a mentor


Before the Broncos drafted Drew Lock in the second round of the draft, Joe Flacco said that he didn’t really care whether the team selected another quarterback and that his goal was for the “team to be as good as they can with me at quarterback.”

Flacco met with the media on the first day of organized team activities in Denver on Monday and his message wasn’t all that different. Flacco was asked about serving as a mentor to the rookie and said that he hopes Lock does learn from watching him, but made it clear that he’s focused on playing football while offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello is charged with developing the young quarterback.

“It’s kind of Rich’s job. It’s to be in that quarterback room and watch. That’s how you can develop. I got so many things to worry about,” Flacco said. “I’m trying to go out there and play good football. … I’m not worried about developing guys or any of that. That is what it is. I hope he does develop. I don’t look at that as my job. My job is to go win football games for this football team.”

Flacco was in a similar position last year after the Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson and his run as the starter in Baltimore ended when Jackson led the team on a winning streak while Flacco was out with a hip injury. Flacco is the only quarterback taking first-team reps in Denver right now and it remains to be seen if that will change at any time this year.

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  1. It’s a competitive business with people fighting for jobs daily. Nothing wrong with this. Gotta feed your family for as long as humanly possible.

  2. they wont be winning many with Flacco …well because of Flacco .Maybe he will just shrug shoulders and not be team player like in Baltimore .Bust.(not the good kind of one)

  3. Still mad Elway drafted a QB , Joe ? At least the Broncos won’t owe you any money when they cut you after ANOTHER 6-10 year !!!

  4. The whole idea of veterans mentoring rookies is just something they say to the media to sound nice. You really think any veteran wants to teach someone to take their job? Montana didn’t mentor Young and Favre had no interest in teaching Rodgers anything. Not a lot of starting jobs in the NFL and no one wants to give theirs up.

  5. Ok Flacco, you better win some games because Elway don’t play that. Brett Farve said the same thing about Aaron Rogers. It was not too long before he was shipped out of town.

  6. Brady wasn’t known to “mentor” Jimmy but Jimmy obviously watched and learned from him. It’s Lock’s responsibility to do the same if he wants to be successful. With that said, Brady wouldn’t have said this publicly. Sounds like Flacco is worried about being replaced 2 years in a row.

  7. As long as John Elway is bring in QB’s via free-agency or the draft, it’s just NOT going to work. He may have been a GREAT QB but he is a awful judge of QB talent. The Broncos were nice to let him be a GM but they really NEED to move on from him.

  8. Kurt Warner was both mentor and winner and had a HOF career. He got aced out of a job with the Rams & Giants, but went to the Cardinals and went to the Superbowl.
    He mentored and beat out Matt Linert in Phoenix. Good guy who then got into broadcasting.

  9. “Gotta feed your family for as long as humanly possible.”

    Good Lord he’s made millions already; how much do his kids eat?!?!?

  10. I’d say that the situation that unfolded last year affected him greatly and he’s still a little salty from it.

    He’ll still be in the Ravens Ring Of Honor.

  11. What he said is true but to say it like that in public doesn’t bode well for him in the locker room. I foresee his tenure in Denver to be short lived.

  12. Alex Smith wasn’t asked to be a mentor to Mahomes, but he was. Because Father Time is undefeated and you might as well share your knowledge with the future QB, and in Cade if I hurt now. . Evidently Mr Flacco skipped the course about team work and being a good human

  13. Brady must have shown some mentoring of the other Pats’ QBs, at least being a good team-mate and leader to them, because they’re all still buddies – even JimmyG (who even uses Brady’s agent), even Cliff Kingsbury, etc. He prob got it from Bledsoe who’d mentored him.

  14. The whole idea of veterans mentoring rookies is just something they say to the media to sound nice. You really think any veteran wants to teach someone to take their job? Montana didn’t mentor Young and Favre had no interest in teaching Rodgers anything. Not a lot of starting jobs in the NFL and no one wants to give theirs up.
    Doesn’t happen nearly as much as media would have us believe, but it does happen.
    Mentoring is all about being a team guy and being selfless enough that you want to help those around you succeed. Look no further than Alex Smith for a great example. The world knew that Mahomes was drafted to replace him. Alex did too. He responded by having one of his best seasons which set him up to move on and by actively mentoring Mahomes and putting him in the best possible position to succeed. That’s class.

    Flacco, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have a selfless bone in his body. He’s just trying to prolong his career.

  15. Sid Farkus says:
    May 13, 2019 at 3:41 pm
    Say it ain’t so, Joe
    Perfect post for you Joe.

  16. Anyone that thinks that starting QBs “mentor” their backups, look back a few years at the less-than-stellar stats for Brock Osweiler, Jim Sorgi and Curtis Painter, Peyton Manning’s backups. It just doesn’t happen most of the time.

  17. nothing wrong w/ what he’s saying. it’s not his job. ultimately flacco is just an average starting qb. no more, no less. still hard to believe the ravens think they found their future in a guy who really can’t throw…

  18. Give credit to the guy. The guy is tough. Maybe not your superstar QB but he is not a whiner or a diva. He has won as many superbowls as Rodgers and Wilson and Brees. He won as many if not more playoff games other than a couple of current QB’s in the NFL. Respect the guy. Dalton, Cousins, Rivers, Luck and many more…. Zero Superbowls. Sheesh people

  19. I sure hope Denver’s receivers can jump high, with Jumpball Joe slinging the ball

  20. He is not just here to win games. He is here to get the Broncos back into the playoffs and contend for the Super Bowl. A 9-7 record and failure to make the playoffs will not be viewed positively by Elway.

  21. I agree with radiologyken and others. He was the best quarterback in Ravens history and a Super Bowl MVP. He was 10-6 in the playoffs and his play never cost the Ravens a post season loss. Those numbers carry quite a cachet in this town. That said, he was Joe Average for pretty much all of the past six years, except 2014 when he played for a QB coach he really respected – Gary. Kubiak. I don’t think he cared much for any of his backups, especially Lamar Jackson, who I think he viewed as a gimmick. And I don’t think he cares much for Drew Lock, either.

    Remember, he was 4-5 and the Ravens were headed for a losing record when the Steelers planted him in the M&T Bank turf in early November. In the space of two weeks, the Ravens completely retooled their offense and Jackson went 6-1 and took the Ravens to the playoffs. Numbers don’t lie.

    That said, I wish Joe nothing but the best in Denver. He may be average on the field, but he’s an upstanding citizen and a good guy.

  22. If Drew wants to get in Joe’s head, he should request the number 8 jersey in Denver.

  23. That attitude is great as long as you are actually winning games. That hasn’t really been the case for the past, oh, five or six years now…

  24. The LUCKIEST DUDE ever to play QB in the NFL!! Had a couple good games and won a Super Bowl………now can’t even win a division. After that HUGE payday, he was never heard from again!! Laughed all the way to the Bank…..but he’s ELITE!! 😂😂😂😂

  25. Flacco has plenty left in the tank, and now that he’s finally free of Marty Moringweg as OC, and on a team that values skill position payers (which Ozzie Newsome never did), the Broncos will be back making play-off runs. Remember that the Ravens were also 4-5 coming out of the break in 2017, and went 5-2 the rest of the way, with the two losses being 39-38 in Pittsburgh (hardly Flacco’s fault) and a last second loss to the Bengals where the defense surrendered a 95 yard drive in about 90 seconds.

  26. What’s Flacco going to teach any QB to do? Go for 212, 1 TD & 1 INT every game? Because that’s his average game for his career.

  27. Like Bob Ross used to say….
    “The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it.”
    Who needs a mentor?

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