Judge grants Robert Kraft’s motion to suppress video evidence

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A Palm Beach County judge granted Robert Kraft’s motion to suppress video evidence in his solicitation of prostitution case, via multiple reports.

That means the prosecution cannot use surveillance video obtained by police from inside a Jupiter, Florida, day spa, giving the Patriots owner a major victory Monday.

Kraft is one of dozens of men accused of receiving illicit massages at the Orchids of Asia spa in January. He has pleaded not guilty to first-degree misdemeanor charges.

Authorities used the video surveillance within the spa as evidence, and Kraft’s legal team argued their warrant was lacking. The judge threw it out on grounds Kraft had a reasonable expectation of privacy, WPTV reports.

Kraft’s attorneys now could file a motion to dismiss as court filings show “covert surveillance video” and “body worn camera” videos are the main pieces of evidence gathered against Kraft, WPTV reports.

The state can appeal the decision, dismiss the charges or take it to court. Its chances to win in court, though, took a hit with the judge’s decision Monday.

80 responses to “Judge grants Robert Kraft’s motion to suppress video evidence

  1. How much tax dollars have they wasted on this?

  2. Looks like the judge not only ruled that the spa video was suppressed, but the traffic stop was also invalid. So that’s the entire case against Kraft and likely all other defendants dead in the water.

  3. Video doesnt matter. He already pretty much admitted to everything in his pathetic, public apology.
    He has tarnished the Shield AGAIN.
    Repeat offender.
    Goodell is going to drop the sledgehammer down on this embarrassment of an organization, as he should.
    Forfeiture of next years, 1st and 2nd round picks, as well as the 2021 1st round pick

  4. Wonder what it’s like to be so incredibly rich that you can do whatever you want and have your high-powered team of attorneys deal with it for you.

  5. Wonder if Kraft is going to make them wish they never messed with him.
    If I had his resources, I’d be looking to ruin some people.

  6. Flash1287 says:
    May 13, 2019 at 5:48 pm
    Win AGAIN

    ‘Win’ is a relative term, ‘AGAIN’ is flat out misplaced. Kraft may have avoided the ultimate embarrassment of being convicted and having the video released but the fact remains he is guilty in the court of public opinion. The only thing that kept it from being worse was the incompetence of the cops and DA’s involved, who should be even more embarrassed than Kraft that they trampled all over the rights of the employees and patrons of the spa. Ultimately it isn’t about the guilt or innocence of those charged with misdemeanors but the larger problem of those investigating and prosecuting those offences to wholly ignore the most basic rights of all citizens.

  7. Once again, nothing to see hear, case dismissed. Without the video authorities have nothing. Privilege of wealth, but so what, that’s what money is for.

  8. Will be appealed in higher court .Evidence was collected legally by all accounts & Krafts $$$ will only keep it in dark so long …lets just say leaks happen .

  9. Although the franchise he owns has won 6 Super Bowls, this is the biggest win of Kraft’slife.

  10. This wasn’t even a close call. The decision also references the police officers’ tenuous relationship with the truth.

  11. I knew the case was toast as soon as the haters lined up behind it. Remember, they are never right about anything.

  12. life pro-tip, if you’re going to be arrested, then get arrested alongside a billionaire… it will work out fine.

  13. It was clear from the start that the cops were not interested in stopping trafficking – otherwise they would have gone in right away and made arrests rather than waiting 2-3 months.

  14. Mr. Genius says:
    May 13, 2019 at 5:50 pm

    Goodell is going to drop the sledgehammer down on this embarrassment of an organization, as he should.
    Forfeiture of next years, 1st and 2nd round picks, as well as the 2021 1st round pick

    Wow, the judge and jury have spoken! Please get back to us after Goodell decides not to address this at all.

  15. “Forfeiture of next years, 1st and 2nd round picks, as well as the 2021 1st round pick”

    Hilarious. He won’t get any more than what Irsay got, a fine and a suspension for a few games. The CBA specifically says draft picks can only be taken for things that provide an on field competitive advantage.

    And as much as you and your fake outrage want to act like 2 misdemeanors was some sort of terrible crime, it wasn’t. A little on the seedy side of behavior I’ll grant you that, but nothing more.

  16. the biggest winners in this are the other dudes that were charged that won’t have to pay nearly what Kraft just did to get out of this jam.

  17. Mr. Genius says:
    May 13, 2019 at 5:50 pm
    Video doesnt matter. He already pretty much admitted to everything in his pathetic, public apology.
    He has tarnished the Shield AGAIN.
    Repeat offender.
    Goodell is going to drop the sledgehammer down on this embarrassment of an organization, as he should.
    Forfeiture of next years, 1st and 2nd round picks, as well as the 2021 1st round pick

    You have confused Bob Kraft with the team.

  18. Jesse Smollett got a better deal and he did MUCH worse.

  19. Any decent attorney could have gotten the same results for $10k-$15k tops. People in here talking about the rich and the 1%, when a thousand average Joes pay more than he did ever day to have their DUIs reduced to other offenses.

    Kraft didn’t buy his way out of a mess. He used the legal system exactly what it was intended for. He exercised his rights as an American citizen, lawyered up, and challenged bad police work and rightly had it dismissed. It’s not that he’s richer than everyone, he’s just smarter than the average Joes who would have talked the cops’ ears off after being arrested and ended up pleading guilty and hoping for a reduced sentence. It’s not Kraft’s fault that all you apparently poor schmucks don’t understand how the law works.

  20. My issue, if I went in their the cops could care less. They were only after big fish. Sounds like someone was trying to bo9st their po.itical careers. Hey if these acts were illegal how come jo smo wasn’t arrested in week one..

  21. Kraft will still have to deal with Goodell, the media continuing to argue the tapes should be released, and possible leaks from the police dept. Some are saying only the rich beat this kind of thing. My take is, overzealous police and prosecutors often go to far (in this case, ignoring procedure and invading privacy), and sadly, only those with sufficient financial resources have any meaningful chances to bring them to heel.

    The outcome, so far, is the right one. That it involves someone who has significant interests in the NFL is beside the point. Police, prosecutors (and the media) often go way too far in pursuit of their “duties.”

  22. I get it. There are two standards of justice in this country. I agree. However, just because you are rich and famous it doesn’t mean you should be put through something no one else ever would be put through. Have you ever seen video of guys getting what Kraft got in a massage parlor publicly released or even used in a court room as evidence? The answer would be “no.” This is a case in which local law officials thought they had a big fish, the owner of their most hated NFL team, on the hook. They wanted to embarrass him. It was a weak case from the beginning for a minor crime that folks walk away from every day paying a small fine with no publicity. And they lied about it -making it into some big federal case about human trafficking. It was B.S. from the beginning. The ruling today was justice, whether it be for a billionaire or for a poor bloke down the street who has to save up his money from his paychecks to afford the same kind of “service.”

  23. The level of competence of Florida law enforcement is easily evidenced by yet another botched affair.
    Two earlier incidents in southwest Florida could have told you exactly what to expect in the Kraft case.
    And we have not even begun to consider the display in the school shooting when the assigned deputy refused to respond.

    #1. A city policeman shoots and kills a female volunteer in a training exercise. The chief and town try to bury (no pun) the matter. The chief is eventually replaced. This was not the first incident by the shooter. The case has yet to go to trial (after 2 years.) The killer runs free while the courts delay matters.

    #2. In a city not far from #1, a cop responds to an alleged hold-up. The perp runs. The cop chases and catches him. The perp beats the cop down, takes his gun and shoots him. The cop dies and other responding police arrest the shooter. The dead cop is proclaimed a hero? In most police departments, the cop would have shouted “Halt!” His next acts would be to aim and fire. Problem solved. Instead, the perp sits in jail and is being considered for evaluation due to a mental disorder.

    Now we have the fiasco in Jupiter … another sad story. Money is talking and everyone is walking.
    Roger goodfella will do nothing and will be cheered during his next visit to the New England Super Bowl celebration

  24. Ugh move on already! I’am not even a Pat’s fan. Kraft got caught with what millions of old rich man do. When you see a hot Instagram model traveling and posing in a bikini in an exotic location, there is a Kraft taking the picture. Kraft is old, rich and his Wife is dead. Kraft has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, let the man live with whatever time he has left. Let him go out with a bang no pun intended.

  25. How many of you haters ever hired a lawyer to get out of a traffic violation and either got it dropped or reduced? A court appointed attorney could have done this… Now it’s time for Kraft to take jupiter to court.

  26. I’m glad we can put behind us this inconveniently odd story of the billionaire who frequents the exact same strip mall sex establishment who’s owner has ties to the sitting president of the United States.

    The same cheap massage parlor owner who peddles access to that President at Mar-a-Lago and who, as of May 12th, has multiple open Federal investigations open on her for money laundering and finance violations with the Trump campaign.

    It certainly is convenient that this case against Robert Kraft, who Trump called every week after his wife’s death, as they are such close friends (see Business Insider report) is proceeding so smoothly.

    It almost makes one wonder just how lucky these folks are to all happily be in that same very, very lucky, very happy, very close social circle, doesn’t it?

  27. It’s pretty sad. Myra was an amazing human now we have Bobby and Jo Jo running around without a chaperone

  28. You sycophants seem to be under the impression this means charges are dropped. He still has to go to trial.

  29. The ONE thing Kraft did’nt win is the view of him as a person in the public opinion. Most fans will see in him in the owners box and say…’hey, theres that dirty old man that got caught paying for sex…and laugh”. NO AMOUNT of money can change your reputation once you tarnish it.


  31. Belichick’s softer side says:
    May 13, 2019 at 7:44 pm
    Mr. Genius says:
    May 13, 2019 at 5:50 pm
    Video doesnt matter. He already pretty much admitted to everything in his pathetic, public apology.
    He has tarnished the Shield AGAIN.
    Repeat offender.
    Goodell is going to drop the sledgehammer down on this embarrassment of an organization, as he should.
    Forfeiture of next years, 1st and 2nd round picks, as well as the 2021 1st round pick

    You have confused Bob Kraft with the team.


    Robert Kraft IS the team…everything it stands for and represents, starts with the owner

  32. Don’t assume that Mr. Kraft hired the highest priced attorney in this case. He hired Saul Goodman according to my connected friend Bob Saccamento.

  33. “I wonder how this would play out if it we’re a player”

    Multiple players have been arrested over the years for soliciting prostitution and the NFL has never punished a single one of them in any way for that behavior.

    That’s how it would “play out if it were a player”

  34. Strange that so many people think that Mr. Kraft is guilty in the court of public opinion.

    The Jupiter Police lied about Human Trafficking, did a victory lap around the country claiming they broke up a Human Trafficking ring (LIE), illegally stopped the car, illegally videotaped dozens of people…

    The 4th Amendment of the US Constitution protects us against unlawful search and seizure. Separation of powers, our Republic is all based on keeping those in power in check.

    His crime may have been a CONSENSUAL exchange between a 58 year old US Citizen and Mr. Kraft – I don’t know anyone who objects between closed door arrangements between a 58 year old and 77 year old.

    I hope that this sets a precedent that helps all people regardless of assets (and attorney fees).

  35. I find the comments about how Kraft’s wealth has somehow prevented him from any punishment to be somewhat curious. From the get go this case was about focusing on one defendant although many more were involved. These spa stings go on routinely across the country yet they typically get very little fanfare. Occasionally the ‘johns’ have their mug shot shown on local tv/website for a day along with the prostitutes but that’s it. No video leaks and no widely shown and attended press conferences. Kraft has been in the news cycle for many months now, more than enough punishment for a misdemeanor, certainly more than most in his situation have ever had to endure. Those who scoff at that and blame him for extending this arguing he should have simply plead guilty and moved on, are missing the point that the video was then freely available to anyone, furthering the punishment even more. Those that wish to view the video in my opinion are more morally corrupt than Kraft himself for his alleged misdemeanor. And I’m sure the many innocent people that were recorded disrobing are happy he took the actions he did and if it’s his wealth that provided them that protection then thank God for that. I think the police that sat and watched video of innocent women customers disrobing committed a more egregious act than those male customers that received a sex act in a consensual transaction. I’m hoping Kraft’s case is dismissed. I hope he steps down as the owner of the Pats before Goodell takes action. That would be best for Kraft, the team and the NFL.

  36. Robert Kraft is a slug and this just shows that money and being close friends with Trump can get you out of anything.

    This is also a classic example that laws are only for non-rich people. If your rich, you don’t have to go by any laws.

  37. Kraft is the least of their problems. The 30 + people videotaped that received legit massages, the wrong person being arrested, the way the cameras were installed. In addition, how many people were stopped without probable cause that didn’t squeal? What did they threaten the ones with that did squeal? Hasn’t law enforcement heard of draping when a person gets a massage? That’s in response to the person that said if the client gets naked they are looking for sex, NOT TRUE.

  38. How is it news that a NE Patriot skirts the law and gets away with committing an offense. I mean, really! Let me know when a Patriot actually accepts responsibility for something he did wrong. That would be something.

  39. All American citizens should be applauding this decision, the police stepped over the lines and abused everyone’s 4th Amendment rights in this case. I don’t care for a second that the accused were paying to get their weenies whacked, that’s hardly the point. When the police can take their power and abuse it in the manner that they did, it wouldn’t be long before the rest of us get pinched in some manner.

    I am not a big fan of litigation because it tends to get overused but in this case, I hope all the defendants rise up and sue the police department for this abuse. That will put an end to this crap..

  40. The haters and left wing liberals must think that the 4th Amendment of the Constitution doesn’t apply to Robert Kraft, because he owns the Patriots, is rich and is a white male. SMH

  41. Never Forget… the NFL forced Jerry Richardson to sell his team because of sexual misconduct ALLEGATIONS. Kraft was caught red handed paying a prostitute who was most likely working against her own will.

  42. The court throwing out the video and nullifying the traffic stop pretty much ends the legal case against Kraft. However, Goodell has never relied on the justice system to dictate how he deals with the moral failings of players and owners. If the commissioner remains true to form, some sanction should be forthcoming. But that’s one of the (many) problems with Goodell–there’s no set standard for punishing infractions. He just wings it. Whatever happens, though, should not impact the team. (Losing draft picks? No.) This is a personal issue involving Kraft, not a team-related infraction.

  43. I understand that Patriots fans aren’t great at critical thinking, but how in the world do you say that the owner of the team is not part of the team? Literally, the ONLY individual in the organization who can’t be fired, traded, released etc. If the owner isn’t part of the team, nobody is.

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