Still no word on “Hard Knocks” team for 2019

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Usually by this time of the year, we know which team will be featured on NFL Films’ “Hard Knocks.” This year, we’re still in limbo.

According to Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, part of the delay stems from programming for the league’s 100th season.

But there also has yet to be a volunteer, as usual.

Once you cross off the teams with new head coaches, the teams which made the playoffs in the last two years, or the teams that have been on it before, you’re left with five possibilities.

Washington, along with the Raiders, 49ers, Lions, and Giants can be compelled to do it.

King makes a reasonable case for the Raiders to be the pick (Jon Gruden and Antonio Brown, mainly), but Raiders owner Mark Davis has already said he didn’t want it. That may not necessarily matter to the league, however.

12 responses to “Still no word on “Hard Knocks” team for 2019

  1. I doubt the Raiders will have it this year as they get ready to move to Las Vegas which would make for more compelling TV. I think their neighbors, the 49ers, are going to be selected as the team.

  2. Nothing like waiting to see which team the NFL will put at a competitive disadvantage in the name of marketing.

  3. If I had a 3 dollar haircut like Mark, I wouldnt want people to see me on a weekly basis either…

  4. The 100th anniversary of the NFL calls for one of the original NFL teams to be on Hard Knocks. Two original teams are listed in the “May be compelled” to appear list. They should choose either the Detroit Lions or the New York Giants.

  5. How about filming Hard Knocks at the league office? I’d love to see Goodell be followed around with cameras. They should also film the owners meetings. And since the league doesn’t have a problem showing players finding out they’ve been cut or traded, how about when they get fined or suspended?

  6. If I had a 3 dollar haircut like Mark, I wouldnt want people to see me on a weekly basis either…

    Ha ha. I read that he drives from Oakland to Palm Desert (500 miles!) to get that haircut.

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