Arthur Blank keeps talking, as a restful man does

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Falcons owner Arthur Blank may or may not be restless.

But he’s definitely defensive.

Via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Falcons owner released an expanded statement, to defend his coach and General Manager and all the fine work they’ve done.

I’m feeling very good about what Thomas [Dimitroff] and Dan [Quinn] have done this offseason,” he said in a statement emailed to the newspaper. “We have some key guys getting healthy again, the draft picks are getting up to speed, the new coordinators are meshing well and I’m confident we’re going to be ready to go for a very competitive training camp. I like where we’re going.”

Coupled with his Schrodinger’s text to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen (which proved he was simultaneously restless and not restless), Blank has now reacted twice to a one-liner from Peter King’s Football Morning in America, which used the phrase: “I keep hearing owner Arthur Blank is getting restless.”

While we wait to see if he actually is restless, he’s like King in one respect — he’s hearing everything said about him.

9 responses to “Arthur Blank keeps talking, as a restful man does

  1. ….an absolute “stone cold” unforgettable moment…watching him and wifey being brought back down to earth…

  2. Not a Pats or Falcons fan but what a Super Bowl that was. Literally everything had to line up perfectly to overcome 28-3. I’ve watched that game over and over again and I still can’t believe the Pats won.

  3. If peter king knew everything that was thought of him and reads everything that is written about him, he would hang up his typewriter and go igloo to igloo selling ice.

  4. LI was the most humiliating defeat the NFL has ever seen. After that, the Falcons compound that debacle by making Matty Choke the highest paid QB (at the time) in the NFL! The franchise will need years to recover from such poor mismanagement…

  5. really i think falcons loss to pats was the most brutal loss in nfl history. the pats 07 loss to giants was tough and yes a fluke that a qb could be so bad and beat them, but the giants D was no fluke – they won it. falcons were a really good team and ryan is not a choker at all, but god that’s tough to recover from and still hangs over them.

  6. Like most fans of anything but the Patriots, I despise them for their great success but man, was I rooting for them like a MF after watching those 2 spoiled clowns dancing…certainly one of the best story lines in the last 20 years….

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