Bruce Arians: Vernon Hargreaves “has to get his mind right to practice”

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Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen said recently that he likes the sense of accountability that head coach Bruce Arians has brought to the team since taking the job in January and it seems that cornerback Vernon Hargreaves didn’t meet Arians’ standards on Tuesday.

The Buccaneers held their first organized team activity of the offseason and Hargreaves did not take part in the session. When asked why Hargreaves was out, Arians said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, that the corner “has to get his mind right for practice.” Arians said “you’ll have to ask” Hargreaves why the corner’s mind wasn’t right on Tuesday.

Hargreaves suffered a season-ending shoulder injury in the first game of the 2018 season. The Buccaneers exercised their 2020 option on his contract earlier this month, although that is only guaranteed in the case of an injury.

Hargreaves was not the only experienced member of the Bucs defense missing from the field on Tuesday. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy remains away from the team and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is recovering from a neck injury he suffered in a recent car accident.

17 responses to “Bruce Arians: Vernon Hargreaves “has to get his mind right to practice”

  1. Arians is a blowhard idiot that loves to hear himself talk.
    He’s brilliant—just ask him.
    Always loves to hang out his players’ dirty laundry, for all to see.

    I’m looking forward to watching him fail in TB.

  2. So Crates says:
    May 14, 2019 at 12:42 pm

    Paid not to work.

    That’ll learn em.


    Well this is his contract year. You would think that might light a fire

  3. Quarterback whisperer? Just like Phil Jackson is the best? Take the best team and win? He took took top QBs and they didn’t regress. Arians is a pompous coach who is more concerned about being inclusive in his staff make-up than in the quality of the staff. He’s also a quitter and wears silly looking hats…

    If he can turn Winston into a winner, I’ll change my tune.

  4. Uncle Bruce cleaning house. He tells the player what he says before the media hears it so Hargraves knows his place. He hates lazy,oft injured players.

  5. firstdownbrowns says:
    May 14, 2019 at 1:19 pm
    ” what we have here ,is failure to….
    Get his mind right?
    What happens if he doesn’t, you put him in the box?

    Another guy who airs non public consumption issues publically.
    If Hargreaves doesn’t meet the standards, cut him and say that he wasn’t meeting the teams
    expectations. That’s it, no innuendo.

  6. Very disappointed in Gerald McCoy for not showing up. I would have thought McCoy would have showed up to prove Arinas wrong about his desire to play football, then sat down with Arinas to talk about his future as a Buc. That would have been the proper way to handle this situation that has developed. That makes me think McCoy wants out of Tampa.

    Not surprised about Hargreaves. If I not mistaken Koetter also wondered at time where Hargreaves head was at times and was bench because of it. With Arians bringing in a bunch of CB’s, Hargreaves knows his days wearing a Buc uniform may be numbered. It’s proved it, or loose it time for Hargreaves. No more excuses. This is probably a foolish thing for Hargreaves to do. He’s not dealing with a position of power.

  7. This is going to blow up in Arians face
    Plenty of coaches have tried this method , tough guy, no respect , smarter than thou attitude ..
    It works when the coach doing it has had success and in turn that success garners the teams respect . Instead you get Macho Tough Arian’s treating the players like children and fat lazy sobs , this players look at him asking themselves and each other “what the hell did old Bruce ever do on the field or on the sidelines to be able to get tis type of ego driven respect without giving any back to the team ?”

    What’s his playoff record ?1-3?

    He will eventually break down and try to retool he team saying he needs his guys, players that really want to win …
    His win loss record will spiral out of control with his draft picking and cuts /trades , Tampa will boot him out in year three with a 2 win season and no long term difference making players on the field..

    He needs to get a great d coordinator and a decent quarterback for his method of coaching to work .
    He also needs all personnel decisions taken out of his hands and guided by a gm that has real leadership qualities and with the ability to calm the team and city down when Bruce does what he does ..

    ( btw Tampa does have a good quarterback but unfortunately he’ll be gone by the start of next season , Bruce will claim he’s not motivated , too fat etc etc

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