Christian McCaffrey is bigger, faster, stronger than a year ago

Carolina Panthers via Twitter

The Panthers recently tweeted out a workout photo of Christian McCaffrey showing the running back’s bulging biceps.

McCaffrey doesn’t look the same — or feel the same — as a year ago. He looks bigger and feels better.

I’m way stronger than I was last year,” McCaffrey said, via David Newton of ESPN. “The faster I can get, the better as well. You can always get bigger, faster, stronger.

“I don’t have any choice. I have to.”

McCaffrey used a workout program for elite track athletes and focused his nutrition on decreasing body fat and building bulk. McCaffrey’s personal trainer, Brian Kula, told Newton that his methods are “unique and somewhat outside the box of standard performance training.”

McCaffrey’s day ends with massage, chiropractic work and sometimes sessions in the pool or sauna.

“Somebody has eyes on me all the time,” said McCaffrey, whom the team listed at 205 pounds in 2018. “My training is very specific to my sport, so it’s a lot of fast, explosive movements. It’s very pertinent to exactly what I do on the football field, which is fast burst in short spaces. Every once in a while, I’ll get in the top end.”

McCaffrey, the eighth overall choice in 2017, came up only 133 rushing yards short of joining Roger Craig and Marshall Faulk as the only players in NFL history with 1,000 yards rushing and receiving in the same season.