Dion Jordan suspended 10 games for PED violation

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Defensive end Dion Jordan has not landed with a team for the 2019 season and his chances of changing that will likely be complicated by a violation of the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy.

Jordan has been suspended 10 games by the league for what he says was a positive test for Adderall. Jordan previously had a therapeutic use exemption for the drug, but it had expired. He also served a four-game suspension for violating the PED policy in 2013.

“I made a mistake,” Jordan told Tom Pelissero of NFL Media. “I feel like the person that I am, I’m ready to move forward, I’ve been ready to move forward, with this specific issue. I’ve been working really hard with myself outside of football, and I can see the progress as a young man, as Dion Jordan, I can see it. My whole lifestyle — it’s been a 180-degree change. I f–ked up, man. I can’t fix this s–t. It is what it is. But I know what I can’t do and what not to do compared to the mistakes I’ve made in the past.”

Jordan’s history of off-field issues includes a year-long suspension for violating the substance abuse policy, but he told Pelissero that he has been without recreational drugs or alcohol for over two years.

Jordan had 22 tackes, 1.5 sacks and a forced fumble in 12 games for the Seahawks last season.

30 responses to “Dion Jordan suspended 10 games for PED violation

  1. Dropping a weight on your foot is a is a mistake.

    Willfully taking a banned substance is a decision that requires punishment.

    This young man is a habitual rule-breaker.

  2. People with drug problems all read from the same script. They believe they have changed, they see themselves as different people, but it’s more trying to convince themselves than others.

  3. I was a little worried after the Dolphins released him that he would go somewhere else and light it up. That worry has subsided. As DolFan said, definitely the Dolphins biggest draft bust.

  4. They expected great things from him when he had almost a sack in game for the few games he played in 2017. Apparently it did not translate into 14-15 sacks in a 16 game season. It rarely does. Teams adjust. Just compare how many kickoff and punt returns for touchdowns Tyler Lockett had in his rookie season and how many he has had since then.

  5. This guy could have been everything and now has no value. The Fins have had their share of guys with star potential that never get there for one reason or another. I hope Devante Parker is not another one of those guys that blows their last chance opportunity.

  6. Seattle really gave him a shot and he was starting to redeem himself but his body just couldn’t hold up to playing in the NFL. If you think he was a bust for the Dolphins…..how about the Seahawks drafting Aaron Curry at #4. Now that is a true bust. Curry should have never even been drafted he was so bad.

  7. Ha ha!
    Jordan himself is to blame, NOT the NFL or any of its teams.
    IMO the NFLPA failed Jordan because they could’ve helped but they chose not to.

  8. Too bad he hasn’t learned from previous related issues. I would expect him to be signed this season and given one more shot by some team at the minimum of team risk/cost. I don’t expect him to redeem himself and climb back to any relevancy. Bummer.

  9. Adderall is a combination medication containing four salts of amphetamine. Adderall is used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. It is also used as an athletic performance enhancer and cognitive enhancer, and recreationally as an aphrodisiac and euphoriant.

  10. “If he’s not on a team, why is he getting drug tested?”

    Unless they formally retire they remain in the testing program. There was a player a year or 2 ago that got suspended for skipping tests while he was playing in the CFL and his former girlfriend had not forwarded the mail from the NFL informing him of when he was to be tested. Seems a little nuts but that’s the NFL

  11. I’m generally skeptical about athlete’s excuses for positive drug tests, but…

    “Jordan previously had a therapeutic use exemption for the drug, but it had expired.”

    I mean, he was approved to use it before, but he forgot the procedure of renewing the exemption? 10 games is excessive for a procedural oversight. Ridiculous.

  12. Usually these things reek of excuses, but if it really was Adderall, like the line about the exemption indicates, then this is way over the line. 10 games for a procedural error for a drug that doesn’t even do what the target drugs of the ban are supposed to? Haloti Ngata got hit for this a few years ago if I remember right. 10 games for Adderall? Sheesh.

    And no matter how much of a bust if he was, a player does not deserve to get screwed just because he was bad at football. It’s still messed up.

  13. Always after the fact the I’m ready to move on speech, they have to many chances and to much support from the NFL to get themselves into the sad story position

  14. greglloydrules says:
    They love Adderall in Seattle

    whenwilliteverend says:
    Just another Adderall suspension for the Seahags. Nothing to see here.
    Except he wasn’t in Seattle – or a Seahawk – when he forgot to renew his prescription paperwork. But why let facts get in the way?

  15. If you have ADHD and you need it, it will calm you down. If you don’t need it and you take it, it’s like you’re on speed and you’ll be hyper-focused. It very much is a performance enhancer. Ask any college kid studying for exams.

  16. Seems heavy handed if he had a prescription for it and his exemption had simply expired. Now if he didn’t have a prescription that’s different.

  17. He may have tried to renew it and been turned down if several doctors agreed that he no longer needs it (they may think he shouldn’t have been approved originally).

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