Marshal Yanda wasn’t sure he’d be back

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Marshal Yanda has enough contract to run through the 2020 season, which only really assures he’ll be out there this season.

But the longtime Ravens guard said he had his doubts about his future last offseason, as he came back from a second surgery on his right shoulder.

“Last year, if I did end the season on IR, I probably was going to retire,” Yanda said on the team’s “The Lounge” podcast. “You don’t want to push your body too much. I love this game and it’s the reason I play it, because I really love doing it. But you don’t want to get to that point where you’re too beat up by the game.”

Not only did he not end up on IR, he played back to his previous level, earning his seventh Pro Bowl honor, and he said his confidence grew as the season went along.

“My mind is still, . . . I love to play, I love to compete, I love to wake up on Sunday morning ready to get after somebody’s you know what,” Yanda said. “That fire is still there. But I also understand that body is very important as well.”

The Ravens are building their roster to run this year, with Greg Roman promoted to offensive coordinator, and the addition of running back Mark Ingram, so having Yanda healthy and ready will be a big part of their plans.

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  1. Glad he’s sticking around. He can still play and teach younger guys his work ethic.

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