Panthers are this year’s All or Nothing team

From 2016 through 2018, Amazon dropped without much advance notice and with no advance identification of the involved team a full season of All or Nothing, a full-season look at one specific NFL franchise. This year, there has been no advance notice as to when the show will emerge and no advance identification of the team involved.

This year, we’ve caught wind of the team, and we’ve confirmed it. Per multiple sources, Carolina Panthers secretly served as the most recent All or Nothing team.

If it’s the Panthers, it could be an intriguing look at the disintegration of a playoff contender. They started the season 6-2 before a Thursday night disaster against the Steelers that greased the skids of a seven-game free fall that ended in Week 17, with a meaningless win over a Saints team that had locked up the No. 1 seed.

Along the way, quarterback Cam Newton’s shoulder was making it harder and harder to get the ball down the field, which made it easier and easier for defenses to reduce the amount of territory they had to cover.

It’s not known when the series will debut. But it is known that, when it does, it will feature the Panthers.