Report: Odell Beckham participating in Browns first OTA

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The biggest offseason addition to the Browns roster was spotted at the team’s facility on Monday and wide receiver Odell Beckham is expected to be there on Tuesday as well.

Beckham has not been participating in the team’s voluntary work over the last six weeks, but it appears he will be joining his new teammates as they kick off organized team activities on Tuesday.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Beckham will be taking part in the workout. The practice session will have players in helmets without full pads and they’ll be able to run 7-on-7, 9-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills provided there’s no live contact during the drills.

The Browns have expressed no issues with Beckham’s choice to prepare for the season on his own, but they’ll surely be happy to have him around the team as the final phase of the offseason program gets underway.

32 responses to “Report: Odell Beckham participating in Browns first OTA

  1. The Browns have expressed no issues with Beckham’s choice to prepare for the season on his own

    Brand new team. Brand new teammates. Brand new playbook. And he prepares on his own? Privately I’m sure the Browns have issues with that.

  2. When wentz does play he’ll suck .was 5-7 at qb last year then got hurt.foles went 4-0 made playoffs and won playoff game. In 2017 wentz beat only 2 teams with winning records when he played.n foles finished one of those.foles then won 3 in post season vs teams with winning records including a Super Bowl win. If wentz dont get hurt that year no championship for eagles.and if wentz didn’t get hurt last year no playoffs. Eagle 5-7 last year with wentz before foles saved season seagles shouldve kept foles n traded wentz to some team dumb enough to take his ass also wentz 7-9 in 2016 with zero playoff wins

  3. This guy thinks he is the most dominant WR in the NFL. He is not. a few flashy catches does not an instant HOFer make. Just play the game and quit being a DIVA. He is a look at me guy. I pray that his presence turns Jarvis Landry into the number 1 WR in the league.

  4. Probably better for the team if he just stays away. Less drama for everyone else to deal with. Maybe send a coach to his house to do some 1 on 1 work instead.

  5. Just to sum things up. Odell didn’t go to a few voluntary workouts. No one has indicated that is a problem. He’s going to this one.

    Keep the updates coming so we can track this completely normal behavior for almost every single established vet in the NFL.

  6. By week 6 he chastises Mayfield in the press for not getting him the ball enough. Week 8 they have a fight on the sidelines. Week 12 he’s out for the season with a hamstring pull. The Browns have a disappointing 6-10 season & fire Kitchens & start all over. AGAIN.

  7. After reading some of these comments, I would think Cleveland has become the Legion of Gloom

  8. Best Comment here is Michael E: Brand new team…..brand new playbook…..and he chooses to work on his own for the involuntaries!!. I agree completely, despite what they say publically, that has to be initial cause for concern internally. The GM can wipe his hands clean… the HC and coaches must now manage the problem child (cancer). Any Browns that is denying this as a legit concern is drinking the OBJ kool aid.

  9. r8rsfan says:

    Is it just me or does he look blitzed in every pic?

    Hey now, he was just “preparing on his own”.

  10. As a Giants fan, he does this every year. Browns should have zero concern about Beckham’s willingness to work or showing up in-shape. Heck, the guy didn’t hold out last year during contract negotiations. He’ll be ready and will play hard. Football writers love to make a bigger deal out of this than it is.

  11. Here’s the thing with OBJ – he is a dangerous receiver who will change defensive game plans and create other options for the Browns offense.
    #1. He needs to stay healthy
    #2. Be a good teammate (no problems in his college/pro history here)
    #3. Stay hungry and WIN games

    That’s it – everything else is just noise

    The Giants paid the bulk of his new contract guaranteed money. The Browns can play out the season to see if things mesh.
    If not, there are at least 20 other teams who would be interested in trading for him.
    If so, lookout for a much improved team in Cleveland.

  12. Why is a guy showing up for work a newsworthy event? Will we get the same story on the other ~1,500 players in the NFL as well? I really need to know what time the 3rd string OT for the Ravens showed up for camp…

  13. This is the beginning of the Browns Dynasty. After this year’s Superbowl win … which is basically a certainty … they will become the new, perennial power of the NFL.

  14. The key words were “organized team activities”.

    Everything up to this point was strength and conditioning, now that the team is working together he’s there.

    I see no problem with that.

  15. He shows up. He gets blasted.
    He doesn’t show up. He gets blasted.

    You people are idiots.

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