Ryan Fitzpatrick first up at quarterback for Dolphins


The Dolphins have declared an open competition for their starting quarterback job.

But the old guy is getting the first crack at it.

Via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, Ryan Fitzpatrick took the first snap with the starting offense during 7-on-7 drills in this morning’s OTA practice.

Letting him go first instead of Josh Rosen‘s likely a matter of courtesy and inertia at the moment, as Fitzpatrick was there first.

But it makes little sense for them to trade for Rosen and not play him, as this year’s an early audition for the future. Fitzpatrick is good enough to step in temporarily, but Rosen’s the only quarterback on their roster at the moment with the chance to play a significant role for them beyond 2019 (no offense to Jake Rudock, he says, while providing the offense).

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  1. Fitz is the most wildly unpredictable QB I’ve ever seen. He could easily win the job, blow everyone out of the water for 5-6 (or more) weeks, then turn into a pumpkin for the rest of the season.
    If they want to see what Rosen can do, they need to get him in there on some kind of schedule. Maybe give him some extra time to learn the play book better, but give him the job without reservation and see what he’s got.
    Tough to do if Fitz is on a roll, tho.

  2. Regardless of which guy starts or plays what games, the Dolphins are still going to have either the first or second overall pick in next year’s draft, and they’re still going to use that pick to select a quarterback.
    That just the way it is.

  3. If Rosen was getting hit at a historic rate last year, I do not see it getting much better in Miami. Outside of Tunsil, Miami lacks any other quality starters.

  4. I think Flores is doing the smart thing. There is a lot to consider. There is an entire team to evaluate, and Fitz can probably run the offense more smoothly the first day because he’s done it for so many years. That will help everyone. Also, Rosen is the future, so why put any extra pressure on him. If it’s an open competition I would think the standard would be to show respect to the guy with the most career wins. That’s Fitz. Also, you’ll most likely need both QB’s to perform at a high level, so keep everyone happy. That’s why they hired Flores. He’s doing everything right.

  5. No way Miami traded a 2nd and a 5th for Rosen just to have him sit. Right?

    If it was any other team in the league I would agree.

  6. Time to put the record straight, we didn’t really give up a 2nd round and 5th round pick for Rosen, it was only a 5th rounder ! Flores / Grier did amazing business when they traded down in the 2nd round to New Orleans, getting a 2nd round pick next year in exchange as they figured their original placement was still too much to pay for Rosen
    When we traded again out of the lower depths of the 2nd round, we only really gave up a 5th round for Rosen, now that’s trading at its best !!!
    I feel that Rosen should be given a fair crack at the job, understanding that early on, the whole team will be learning to gel so mistakes can and will happen
    If we’re in a position to select a potential franchise QB in the 2020 draft, we have enough picks so that we can trade up if need be, then Rosen can still be the starter next year allowing the new QB to learn behind him… It didn’t hurt Mahomes did it ?
    Rosen gets the best part of 2 seasons to prove his worth and all the time we’re building a better team, especially with the number of draft picks stacked for 2020 and immensely better salary cap situation next year
    Every step and decision taken this year has been made for the future and that starts in 2020 !!!
    After decades of dross with the odd false dawn, I am starting to believe in Flores and the plan the whole staff appear to be buying into

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