Ryan Fitzpatrick: I try to lead by example, if people want to follow they can


The Dolphins have moved into the organized team activity portion of their offseason program and that means doing 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills with the first team offense.

Ryan Fitzpatrick got the first crack at leading that offense on Tuesday and reports from the session were that he had a more productive day than Josh Rosen. There’s a lot of time between now and September for that to change, but it may remain the same and Fitzpatrick shared his view on being a veteran ahead of a young quarterback on Tuesday.

“I think the way that I’ve done it throughout my career, whether I’m the guy or not the guy, is I try to prepare the best way I can prepare and do the things that have gotten me where I am in my career, and if guys choose to view that as an example and follow it, they can,” Fitzpatrick said, via the Miami Herald. “If they don’t, they can do whatever they want, but I’m a guy that’s going to work hard and try to lead by example and if people want to follow, they can.”

Fitzpatrick wouldn’t say if he would have signed with the Dolphins had Rosen already been in Miami, but did say he accepted the team’s offer because it offered him a chance to play that didn’t exist with other clubs. Stringing together a lot more days like Tuesday will help those chances come to fruition.

6 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick: I try to lead by example, if people want to follow they can

  1. If he didn’t have the interception problem, Fitzpatrick could have been one of the better QBs in the league. Just has never been quite consistent enough to lead a team far.

  2. Fitz is a savvy veteran, way too smart to get caught up in the games reporters play in trying to create controversy and manufacture hate and discontent.

  3. I’ll always be a fan of Fitzy. He’s not the most talented QB by a long shot, but he’s gritty and he’s willing to leave everything he has out on the field. I’ll always have respect for guys like that.

  4. I have always been a Fitzpatrick fan. He plays with an old school grit/Brett Favre attitude. Shame he couldn’t have developed under one coach or system early in his career. He would be a top 10 quarterback. I remember that massive contract he signed in 2011 then he got hurt and the bills cut him. Ever since then he’s been bouncing around. Was hoping my Skins would pick him up in FA. Would have been a better move than Case Keenum

  5. I always thought if buffalo was a stable organization, they could have built a winning team around Fitz. what happens to him is, he tries to do things his arm strength doesn`t allow him to get away with. which typically happens when he’s playing down 7+ on a crappy team. its to bad because he’s good for the NFL. we still love him in buffalo.

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