Taco Charlton undergoes ankle surgery

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Taco Charlton made it obvious on his social media that he had surgery on something. The defensive end underwent arthroscopic surgery on his ankle, Calvin Watkins of TheAthletic.com.

Charlton, 24, already was recovering from offseason shoulder surgery.

The Cowboys have made it clear this is a big year for Charlton, who has only four career sacks since the team made him a first-round choice in 2017.

Last season, he played in 11 games with seven starts, but didn’t start a game in the final nine weeks and appeared in only three of the last eight regular-season games.

In his seven starts in 2018, Charlton made one sack, two quarterback hits and 10 tackles.

14 responses to “Taco Charlton undergoes ankle surgery

  1. I hate how the Cowboys waste time roster spots and money on these guys. They do it all the time. He either has it or he doesn’t. He has worked with some good defensive coaches as well as practicing against a good offensive line Stevie Wonder could see he doesn’t have it

  2. Fools. You did say the EXACT same thing about DLAW after his 3rd year Bust season. . . .. no? How Do YOU Like HIM NOW!
    i mean ……. … cuz you THE fan know it all . . . . LMFAO!

  3. Easy to write a guy off after two seasons (even though DLmen break out all the time later than their first two pro seasons), but maybe remember that he had a promising start to the season before apparently getting hurt…followed by his being ineffective the rest of the year. Then this offseason came around, and it was shoulder surgery and now ankle surgery. Gee, think that maybe the guy who was still learning the league might have struggled because of multiple injuries that required surgery? At this point, I wouldn’t bet money on him, but anyone who locks him in as a definite bust is ignoring NFL history. This is a big year for him.

  4. Is this a new injury? If it happened during the season you’d think it would be better to take care of this in January or February.

  5. Now that DLaw got paid he will revert back to mediocre, until he is on the last year of this deal

  6. I think D Law is good but not in the top group. He also was 19th in sacks . Look at his numbers in every category. He is not even close to the top group so what are you saying ? Yes I agree Taco maybe able to turn into d law but honestly that’s not saying much if you actually look at his numbers and not talk from your heart. None of laws numbers are even close to the top and 19th in sacks is not acceptable at all.

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