Chiefs trade for Darron Lee

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The Jets have agreed to trade linebacker Darron Lee to the Chiefs for a sixth-round draft pick in 2020, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

It’s the first move for the Jets since they fired General Manager Mike Maccagnan and named head coach Adam Gase the interim G.M.

The trade is not a surprise given the Jets signed C.J. Mosley in free agency. The Jets declined the fifth-year option on Lee’s contract earlier this month.

Lee has only a $1.8 million base salary this season and gets a new start in a contract year. The 20th overall pick in 2016 was a disappointment in his three seasons in New York.

He made 36 starts, three interceptions, five pass breakups, 74 tackles and four sacks.

The Chiefs, who have revamped their defense this offseason, are paying a low price for a player who once was a highly rated prospect.

20 responses to “Chiefs trade for Darron Lee

  1. That’s a pretty good deal for the Chiefs. May not pan out for them, but the franchise likely won’t lose sleep over a sixth rounder.

  2. First round draft pick in 2016 traded for a sixth rounder in 2020 BEFORE the new head coach ever sees the player on the field in a competitive situation. Great move by the new head coach! This is SOOOOOO Jests! A new name for Gang Green – the Jests!

  3. I’ll bet twice his salary that he is astatic to be out of that organization’s grasp.

  4. We will see if the kid can play. The bar is set pretty low for linebacker play in KC currently.

  5. Gase loves getting rid of high draft picks before they challenge his authority. Unlike the comparison above Belichick understands the performance, age and system rating on players and sends them away just before big paydays for some value. Gase just does not want to be challenged and puts himself over team. Just watch CJ Mosely get hurt and then what Gase? Where is your depth… maybe you can get a backup LB in next years draft with that 6th rounder. The Patriots way versus the Jests way… LOL.

  6. This is nothing less than a signal to any potential GM that he will be a figure head. Gase is calling the shots and getting rid of the former GM’s first rounder is his way of showing who won the Jets’ personal game of thrones. Good luck to anyone who takes that GM spot on claiming any authority at all. Gase did the same thing in Miami, but he is making his power moves even earlier and Johnson should have buyer remorse in picking Gase up as the HC and now GM.

  7. Not a bad trade for the Chiefs. Lee was a disappointment with the Jets. Now he’ll have to prove himself this year or he’s seen his last big paycheck. Now, if he goes out this year and plays lights out, why would any team give him a truckload of money because it’ll be obvious he’ll only play in a contract year. The Chiefs may just be renting this guy and hope he plays with something to prove. If he does I pity any team that gives him a big contract.

  8. If he balls out, Chiefs can trade him for a higher draft pick next year…maybe even two!

  9. (If he balls out, Chiefs can trade him for a higher draft pick next year…maybe even two!)

    No, he will be a free agent at the end of the year, so no trade value.

  10. jjackwagon says:
    May 16, 2019 at 1:33 pm
    If he balls out, Chiefs can trade him for a higher draft pick next year…maybe even two!
    His fifth year option was denied by the Jets, making him a FA in 2020. They would have to extend him to trade him the following year, which is highly unlikely.

  11. It’s really not a losing situation for the chiefs. If he turns out to be good, they got a steal. If he makes the roster and plays decent, they can either sign him, or franchise him (highly doubtful. Even if they let him walk and someone else picks him up in free agency, there’s a pretty good chance they will get that pick back in a compensatory pick. With all that said, even if he just flat out stinks up the field, it was a 6th round pick.

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