Christopher Johnson believes Jets G.M. gig will be “real attractive job”

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As the Jets embark on the search for a new General Manager, CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson has plenty of optimism regarding the desirability of the gig.

I think this is going to be a real attractive job,” Johnson told reporters on Wednesday, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “I don’t think we’re going to have any trouble finding a good G.M. here. I think this is an excellent spot.”

We wouldn’t expect Johnson to say anything other than that, but the reality is this: Whoever takes the job will have to work with coach Adam Gase, and Johnson confirmed on Wednesday that each position will report directly to ownership. Typically, every G.M. wants to hire his own coach. In this case, the atypical solution will make more sense — a G.M. with whom Gase is already comfortable, a G.M. who won’t come in with an agenda to eventually hire his own coach.

But if the Jets indeed approach it that way, whether the job is or isn’t attractive won’t matter. What will matter is whether Gase believes he can fully trust and completely work with the new G.M. And that necessarily will exclude from consideration anyone who would want to hire his own coach, sooner or later. Regardless of how viable that candidate would otherwise be.

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  1. It will be attractive to the lower end candidates who have never made 7 figure paychecks for a year’s work and will take the guaranteed 3-4 year contract and life changing money in exchange for being Gase’s whipping boy.

    Someone competent to round out the Jets roster so they are competitive, not so much.

  2. Right. And two years from now, he’ll be saying something similar, except this time the coach will report to the GM who then reports to the owner.

    Here’s the problem with most NFL teams. The owner is woefully inadequate at running the sports side of the business. And the sports guys know it. It creates a lot of jockeying for power, frequent changes in personnel, and frequent changes in structure.

  3. Are you kidding me? This is a dream job. The previous GM left the next guy with a championship caliber roster including perhaps 3 HOF type players on defense, and a young elite QB who’s only going into the 2nd year of his rookie deal. We’ve recently seen several prime examples of the growth in a young QB from year 1 to year two. Unless the guy that got fired was a really bad dude, the Jets’ owner made a big mistake. Does that shock anybody?

  4. The NY Jets. Because the Browwns have been doing well for a while now with their new GM, the Jets had to start to do stupid stuff.

    I can’t argue with letting Magic Mac go–his draft record has been awful
    The timing really implies a much worse dysfunction. I will take the short term hit if it means that Gase has a decent GM to work with–as Mac is not just a bad judge of later round talent, but also poor at bringing in free agents.

    But why now?????? why not before the draft???? or before throwing money at a RB and ILB?

  5. “Christopher Johnson believes Jets G.M. gig will be “real attractive job”

    I spit out my beer laughing …. that’s a good one.

  6. Gase will never give up the control, sorry Mr. Johnson. Huge, HUGE mistake to give him the interim gig.

  7. In January 2010, the Seahawks hired Coach Carroll and then hired the GM, John Schneider, a week later. The Coach has a large say in J.C. Being hired and the chemistry between them brought the Seahawks their first SB ever. In “coin flips” on personnel decisions, J.C. Stated that Coach Carroll gets the final say. This is a bit unique but working. Will it work for the Jets? If the right 2 people are put together. Good luck.

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