Christopher Johnson: G.M. change had nothing to do with Adam Gase

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The best power plays are the ones that don’t come off as power plays.

Only four months after being named coach of the Jets and without ever winning a single game for the team, Adam Gase has made a power play and won. He’s won it so decisively that the guy who resolved the power play claims there was no power play at all.

This has nothing to do with Adam,” Jets CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson told reporters on Wednesday regarding the firing of G.M. Mike Maccagnan, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

It has everything to do with Adam, who quickly emerges with the title of interim G.M. and who will be directly involved in hiring the next G.M. And who possibly will have final say over the football operations, whether in writing or implicitly.

Intentional or not, it was a coup. And Gase won it. And Johnson either isn’t telling the truth about it or he’s genuinely oblivious to it.

Regardless, the good news/bad news for Gase is that he’s now in charge. For better or worse. And if it’s not better, it will be worse for him, sooner than later.

37 responses to “Christopher Johnson: G.M. change had nothing to do with Adam Gase

  1. It’s funny. It’s like wherever Bell and Brown go, drama follows.
    Can’t wait to see howt this season plays out for those two stupid franchises.

  2. Be careful what you wish for Adam.
    In New York, sportswriters sell papers and get headlines by beating up GMs,Coaches and QBs. Darnold will get a pass this year, which leaves only the Coach amd GM for target practice.

  3. Give the keys to the Jets kingdom to a coach with a losing record. Genius move. As if he will ever be willing to give that control up. Stupid move.

  4. Yeah right….this was ALL by design.
    Gase had to have control in Miami as Tannenbaum & Grier served only to sign players after approval by Gase – they both had little authority concerning team matters.
    Whomever is given the title GM in NY will be a minion that answers to Gase.

  5. The first word that came to my mind was ‘liar’. I’m of the opinion that this shows another dysfunctional team that can never stick to a path that gets the Jets any better.

    I won’t mention that Gase is not a good head coach, not even close.

  6. Bell has 27 mill guaranteed, why should he care what anyone thinks? He will have to play well to see year’s 3 and 4 of the contract though.

    The concern by pretty much everyone outside of the Jets was that, once Bell got the guaranteed money, he wouldn’t have the same drive. Bell can prove all the doubters wrong, or not, either way he get’s his pile of cash and there’s nothing anyone on the Jets can do to change that.

  7. “I resign as HC of NYJ.”
    Thank god, else I might be a jets fan today and my old man would disown me. He’s that how much better he is than any HC or GM ever has been.

  8. Even though Maccagnan is gone, the Jets are going to have to live with the consequences of his signings and picks for a while.

  9. Good news Adam you’ve got all the power. Bad news your about to hire the man that will fire you in 2 years. Ouch.

  10. Dont coaches usually have to prove something before they become GM as well? Holmgren, Belichick, and Shanahan come to mind recently.

  11. Circus on the road again. Whatever GM they hire must know he will be a puppet under reverse power. How the Jets let a new Head coach decide the fate GM is beyond me

  12. Gase will get destroyed by the NY media. With that smug attitude and that hat pulled down over his eyes. He has done nothing without Manning in his entire career. It is laughable. Thank god Miami got rid of him..

  13. When a GM is fired this time of the year – it is absolutely the sign of a terrible owner (unless it isn’t football related).

  14. Gase kept his eyes on the prize, naver blinked and won the stare down in New York. Unlike in his introductory press conference.

  15. The Gase hire was a joke. The issue has been talent on roster, which is a GMs responsibility.

  16. Can someone explain to me what the big deal? Most of Macc’s picks arent even in the NFL anymore, thats how bad hes been. Do people really want Jets to keep him around like hes good? Yes they shouldve fired Macc before free agency, but as long as hes gone its an instant improvement. Can anyone here argue that its not an improvement with him gone? Look at his picks and tell me im wrong.

  17. For those who work in the football industry – letting going of the scouting department or football personnel after draft is common. GM is obviously not as common. Mike needed to go – his draft history is historically bad.

    Everyone needs to give Gase a break – he had a few bad years in Miami but he is still a very smart offensive minded coach.

  18. Sooo, I’s anyone, in the entire game of football surprised Gase has complete 0 tolerance of any player who doesn’t play like Manning? (Or Tim Tebow). If you have anything less than 10X your paycheck committed to football in your heart he’s done. He’s been that way. Look at Miami. It’s a long road. & he will send you down it quickly if you don’t buy in.

  19. I’m not saying any aforementioned players are great or not. It’s simply Gase is old school. You either work, sweat, piss, greatness, even 5th string or he doesn’t want you. & if you want to be paid for it. You’ll better be Payton, Rice, or Lawrence Taylor.

  20. The diff between our towns and nyc; the circus comes to us. NYC it’s their permanently.

  21. Its funny how Gase has literally done nothing as an NFL head coach yet the Jets are anxiously handing their franchise over to him. You can’t make this stuff up…

  22. I can’t figure out what attributes the Jets saw with Gase to hire him to begin with, he is toxic. I feel sorry for Jets fans as major dysfunction is imminent. There’s some solid players on the Jets roster but Gase won’t know how to use them. He starts players that should be on the bench and benches players that should be starting, and he tries to fit square pegs into round holes. And then there’s his play calling…Absolutely atrocious. Sorry Jets fans, buckle up. You’re in for a run for your money.

  23. I’ll bet they could coax Senior Football Consultant Ryan Grigson from the Seahawks, that would be so Jets-like.

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