Dak Prescott on his contract: It’s no rush; I know it’ll get done

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Dak Prescott‘s base salary of $2.025 million ranks only 37th among NFL quarterbacks.

The Cowboys quarterback, in the final year of his rookie deal, will get a raise at some point. But when?

Prescott, 25, appears unconcerned about how long negotiations will take.

“I mean, I want to be a Cowboy forever,” Prescott said Wednesday night, via video from Joe Trahan of WFAA. “I think the people who are doing the deal feel the same way, so to me, it’s no rush. I know it’ll get done.”

One thing for certain: Prescott will become the highest-paid player in team history, topping the deal defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence signed earlier this offseason. But how much is Prescott worth to the Cowboys?

The Seahawks made Russell Wilson the highest-paid player in the NFL at $35 million per season and $107 million guaranteed. Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan also make over $30 million per season.

All four have taken their teams to the Super Bowl, and Ryan is the only one who hasn’t won a ring, but the Falcons quarterback did win league MVP honors.

Prescott has not gotten the Cowboys beyond the divisional round in his three seasons, but Dallas has had a winning record the past three seasons, with two postseason berths.

So what is Prescott worth to the Cowboys? Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones has mentioned a “team-friendly” deal for Prescott more than once.

“I mean it’s all generational money, life-changing money, so it’s a blessing just to be able to be in this position,” Prescott said when asked about Wilson’s deal. “But as far as the numbers are concerned, my focus is to win the locker room. I know it’ll get taken care of, so it is what it is.”

The Cowboys made Prescott a fourth-round draft pick in 2016. He is 32-16 as a starter in the regular season, with 10,876 passing yards, 67 touchdowns, 25 interceptions and a 96.0 passer rating.

He expects to be the Cowboys’ quarterback for the foreseeable future.

“I want to be a Cowboy, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be a Cowboy for a long time,” Prescott said. “So I don’t have any worries about it not happening or trying to get it done sooner than later. So again, no worries. It’ll get done.”

33 responses to “Dak Prescott on his contract: It’s no rush; I know it’ll get done

  1. As a Skins fan I think the Cowboys should sign him to a 40 million dollar a year contract and cut zeke and let your offensive line go cause you can’t afford them. Let’s see how that goes

  2. The rest of the NFC East is praying it will get done. One of Jerry’s final gifts would be to extend this mediocre non-game changer.
    That is all.

  3. They needed to win while he was on his rookie deal. He’s a capable starter but he’s not going to carry an offense like a top tier QB.

  4. If you want to win a Super Bowl, give the team a discount

    You will make the money 10 times over if you build a legacy

  5. Dallas failed to get to the SB while Dak was on his rookie contract. Now they face having to sign several veterans for big money in the next 2 years(Zeke, Cooper, Smith, Jones, etc). They blew it, unlike NE, Balt, Phila, Pitts and Seattle who all managed to win the SB while their franchise QBs were still on their rookie contracts. Cowboys = gang that can’t shoot straight.

  6. Great attitude…as a Redskins fan I’ve never liked the Cowboys but I cant help rooting for Dak.

  7. The rest of those nfc east teams hoping for the deal have the following: an aging veteran no longer capable of consistently producing, and an overdrafted rookie, a team with a qb with a shot leg and a one year wonder and a rookie with limited starting experience at the collegiate level, and a team with an injury prone starter that jettisoned the only qb in franchise history to bring them a superbowl. Rocks and glass houses…

  8. Dak is going to get somewhere close to 30m per year. It may seem quite high at this time but it won’t in couple of years when Mahomes gets in excess of 40m a year. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how can they sign Cooper and Zeke after giving Dak that contract.

  9. As a Skins fan I hope they sign him for 20 years because he’s not that good. Romo > Dak

  10. Comparably by wins,stats and the bones of leadership, he deserves to be paid BASED on how others are getting paid so the Jones have a weak argument. Either pay him or move on from him.

  11. An average or slightly above average QB on a rookie deal frees up a lot of money for a good Oline , receiver and pass rusher.

    But an average QB being paid what Ryan Tannehill or Andy Dalton was making harms the team. The cap has gone up so maybe a contract in the low 20s makes sense.
    I’d let him walk if he wants 25+ because if you pay him that you are guaranteeing you don’t go anywhere.
    better to take a risk and try and draft another Dak Prescott.

  12. Call it 25-27 Mil a year with an advance to SuperBowl escalator one time to 30 Mil and realize what income opportunity being the starting QB of the most storied NFL franchise does for your bank account. Trying to keep stars together.

  13. Dak Prescott on his contract: It’s no rush; I know it’ll get done
    Translation: The more dudes that sign before me means the more money I will get, so I’m cool with waiting a bit

  14. -14 game winning drives (most in the league since he joined)
    -32 wins (2nd most in the league since he joined)
    -Since 2016, only 2 Quarterbacks have thrown for more touchdowns AND fewer interceptions than Dak Prescott’s 67 and 25. Tom Brady (89TD and 21INT)

    Think about those first 2 numbers for a second. 14 of his wins were him leading the offense down the field at the end of the game while his team was tied or losing by a touchdown or less. Zeke missed 6 games mid season in 2017 and they went 3-3 without him to finish the season 9-7. This kid just wins games. His team is willing to do whatever it takes for him. He executes the offense as planned and there is nothing wrong with that. Brady has been executing BB’s offense and game-plans his entire career. It’s what good QBs do. Dak will NEVER be a top passer in the Cowboys’ run-based offense and he doesn’t have to be. Troy Aikman was not a top passing QB statistically but he was pretty damn good at QB.

    Do you guys think he’s going to all of a sudden regress and be a bad player?

    I’m of the belief that young players who work hard and accept coaching typically continue to get better. I’ll take better than 32-16 all day. And don’t act like these cowboys teams have been loaded with talent. Every single year the last 3 years analysts and NFL fans have picked the eagles to win the division. And they’ve been wrong 2 of those 3 years.

  15. danielsong39 says:
    May 16, 2019 at 6:05 am
    If you want to win a Super Bowl, give the team a discount


    He has been playing at a discount since he started. How many SB’s has he won?

    If the Cowboys want to even sniff a SB they need a new coach, a new QB and for somebody to put a muzzle on Jerry

  16. It’s Ironic. Cowboys fans are saying he needs to have a conservative contract so Dallas can sign good talent around him and in the same breath say he is the greatest QB in the division. Whereas the rest of the division is wanting him to sign a big lucrative contract because they think he is a flash in the pan. Only time will tell on this one.

  17. The going rate for starters is about 25 million. He is likely to get as least that. The real question is whether he will get 35 million or close to it. I hope he does, because it will make it that much harder for them to re-sign Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper.

  18. It is all about market value for Dak and the desperation for a NFL winning QB by desperate teams. So the current bottom for a NFL starting QB is $27 million thanks to the Vikings and 49ers giving Cousins who has never won much and Garpppolo who has barely played around $27 to $28 million a year, both would be well below average QB’s, Dak is just below average.

    Jones is dreaming any player would take a team friendly deal to solely benefit the Jones’s family then that player gets cut halfway through their contract and shafted out of a lot of money.

    Todd France’s first bid will be Russell Wilson money and fully guaranteed, I don’t see France or Dak going much below $30 million (which should be about the 2020 tag price) and at least $80 million fully guaranteed or let him try free agency where a stupid owner and desperate GM who’s can’t miss 1st rounder QB is a bust will greatly over pay. The easy option for the Jones’s would to be offer less but fully guarantee the contract and pay out most of it on signing. should do that with Cooper too.

  19. paultilifall says…..”This kid just wins games” Really? Then what happened in the playoffs in 2016 and 2018? Stats are meaningless unless you can win the big ones. Dak has played behind a solid OL, best RB in the league, good receivers and a very good defense and still cant get past the divisional round. What more do you have to see to realize this guy is never gonna win the big one? He has reached his ceiling.

  20. Mr. Jones thinks he is going to get a team friendly discount when it comes to paying Prescott? They paid Lawrence. Prescott is in no hurry, because the Cowboys will have to use the Franchise tag on him if they don’t get a deal together. Next up, Elliott wants to get paid in the top three salaries of RBs in the NFL.

  21. Careful Dak. After you go 6-10 this year looking no better than Andy Dalton, Jerrah May change his tune.

  22. QB market prices have become interesting. It seems every time a starter gets a new contract its status quo to make them the highest paid QB in the league, or damn close to it. Dak is probably not going to be the exception. Hes not an elite passer and his accuracy issues may be with him forever, but he has his teammates support and continues to win games and should continue to improve. He quickly built chemistry with Cooper and Gallup seems like he’ll be a solid #2.

    So to summarize, hes going to get paid, probably at the higher end of the league, and probably rightfully so.

  23. I rather lose Dak rather than losing Zeke, Cooper, Byron Jones and even Jaylon Smith. Dak is an average QB can be be replaced in FA or through the draft. Zeke, Jones and Smith all going to develop into great players if they stay healthy. I dont see Dak being better than what he is now. His best year probably was his rookie year. I doubt he top that off

  24. s1dew1nder1 says:…

    So the Cowboys have a Super Bowl caliber roster?

    Is that what you’re saying? Because the last 3 years, and this year, Philly has been favored to win the division and Dallas’ Over/Under has been between 8-9 wins going into the season. That doesn’t seem like a team that’s got the talent to just go to a Super Bowl. You do realize they’ve hit the over every single year? Meaning, Dak has overachieved if anything. How quickly you all forget 2015 when, with this same offensive line, the cowboys went 4-12 without a quality starting QB.

  25. Now Prescott is waiting for Carson Wentz to get his extension done, so he can get a higher salary. The one thing Prescott WON’T get is a Super Bowl title before Wentz does!

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