Dolphins’ new mantra: “Takes no talent”


On the way to their practice field, the Dolphins walk by a wall painted with the letters TNT.

Seems appropriate, the way they’ve blown up their roster this offseason, but according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, it’s short for “Takes No Talent.”

This is the ultimate low-hanging fruit, since their roster is one of the worst in the league, and the expectations are set so low it would be hard to get under them.

But the Dolphins are trying to instill in players a valid idea, that the little things that take no talent can make a big difference. You don’t have to be talented to work hard, know the rules, and execute assignments correctly. (The Chiefs are a prime example, since Dee Ford lining up offsides kept them from the Super Bowl.)

Acquiring talented players takes time, so the Dolphins may be smart to preach TNT to their guys, and make them run to the wall to touch it when they violate its principles.

It sets them up for cheap jokes. But it may make them better by the time they acquire talent.

15 responses to “Dolphins’ new mantra: “Takes no talent”

  1. That new coaching staff from the Patriots is trying to instill that “bet against us” mentality. It’ll be interesting to see if it works. I’m sure not going to laugh at it.

  2. Solid foundation. This team has struggled to get the basics right for some time. OL discipline, running correct routes, wrapping the legs in the tackle and so on. A little “back to basics” won’t do this team any harm at all IMHO.

  3. It actually does take talent. See the Browns for the past 20 years. Moneyball doesn’t work in the NFL.

  4. Strange way to motivate! Talent can be achieved via hard work and proper execution. All NFL caliber players have some level of talent. It is up to the coaches to assist in bringing that out. Takes no talent to lose all your games, or to finish last in the league, or to be last in all statistical categories. For a coach who insists that his team is not tanking, this mindset is inappropriate. These are professional athletes.

  5. Sounds like the new teenage mutant ninja turtles movie, die hard Bill’s fan here, you just wait Fitz will find his way into the starting lineup and he’ll roll off four to five wins. #fitzmagic #billsmafia

  6. Outside of Brady, the Patsies don’t have the most talented roster when compared to other rosters. But they always win as a team, because they are very disciplined. I rarely see them commit those dumb penalties that have plagued the Fins for a loooong time. Fins Up…

  7. First of all, these 2 or 3 word slogans and mantras are simple dumb, but work for the team mentality. Yes, it is about motivation and sure they are professionals. This is about a concept and everyone buying in. It is not about talent… it is about execution. The Patriots Way (I hated writing that, but it is true). I could name you over 100 athletes who were Rival, Scout, ESPN, McDonalds All-Americans, etc. that bombed in college because talent got them there, but they never bought in to their programs. If you are stud RB and your team is constantly flagged for presnaps; your team does not run the ball as much on a series that starts with 20 yd sticks. Likewise, a star QB that has a horrible OL will suffer. It is a team game and every position should be an open competition and judged on performance and not reputation. Flores is doing everything right.

  8. remizak says:
    May 15, 2019 at 6:41 am
    That new coaching staff from the Patriots is trying to instill that “bet against us” mentality. It’ll be interesting to see if it works. I’m sure not going to laugh at it.
    The new coaching staff is surely something to laugh at. Hiring a coach from the Belichick coaching tree is hilarious and constantly failing.

  9. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    May 15, 2019 at 6:59 am

    Our talented teams went 6-10 & 7-9 the last 2 years, we may finally be on the right track.
    Right one, Truthful! And Keith L Rose is also correct–other than Brady and maybe Gronk (who will be back I’m sure), Edeleman and one or two others and McCourty and one or two others on Pats D, the Pats are a bunch of nobodies who play disciplined football meant to win based on coaching standards.

    It looks to me as if the Dolphins are learning and adopting “The Patriot Way” by gutting over-priced and under-productive players (Quinn, Hayes, Landry–who sucked in 2017 with Cutler, Branch–a penalty machine on DL, James–a penalty machine on OL, and I hate to say it, Wake who is looking his age, and my Aggie homeboy, Tannehill); getting on great cap shape, drafting best players avaialble and trading a pick for what could be a legit QB (Rosen); hiring coaches familiar with BB’s coaching style; getting rid of Tannehnbaum; and Ross, Grier, and Flores all being on the same page–when was the last time THAT happened with the Dolphins? I’d say the early 90s!

    And so what if Salguero thinks it means “Takes No Talent”? He’s a good reporter, but he’s still only a reporter…

  10. Remizak has it right. We don’t know what is going to happen. I’m not going to laugh at it either. I’ve watched players commit mindless penalties in critical situations that destroyed everything a team worked for. The Dee Ford example was a good one. TNT might be a game winning mentality.

  11. This isn’t about the talent on this team, its all about being a discipline team, a team that don’t beat themselves, with mindless penalties and mistakes. It is a daily reminder to focus on basics and fundamentals. It reminds me of, Remember the Titans… “You drop the ball, you run a mile.” This is what this is all about, you practice the way you want to play, so when you make a mental mistake that “takes no talent”, then run to the wall. I love Coach Flo setting the standards early and showing no favoritism.

  12. re tomfrontera8393 says:

    “Strange way to motivate!… These are professional athletes.”

    I don’t know which is more pathetic needing to be motivated like that or having coaches continually trot out silly mantras.

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