Jets announce G.M. change

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When Jets CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson remained publicly silent amid rampant reports of a potential General Manager change, it should have been obvious that a change could still happen. And now it has, officially.

“This morning, I informed Mike [Maccagnan] that he was being relieved of his duties as General Manager of the team, effective immediately,” Johnson said in a statement issued not long after the report of the change emerged. “Mike helped to execute the strategic vision of the organization during the last four seasons and especially the past few months. However, I came to the decision to make a change after much thought and careful assessment of what would be in the best long-term interests of the New York Jets. I will start a search for our new General Manager immediately. In the interim, Coach Gase will be the acting General Manager. I would like to thank Mike for his time and effort during his tenure, and I wish only the best for him and his wife Betty.”

It’s possible that the move would have happened immediately after the draft, and that the rumors and reports that the move was coming prompted Johnson to wait until those rumors and reports died down. Regardless, Maccagnan is now out and, for now, coach Adam Gase runs the show.

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  1. NOW? This is a typical JETE move. The Jets now will have a HC/GM situation. Every GM want’s to have HIS guy be the HC….and that’s not Adam Gase. Adam has a LOT more pressure to produce and produce fast! I’m guessing he has 2 years to get the Jets into the playoffs or he can kiss his HC’s career goodbye.

  2. great day for jet fans…maccagnan was a horrendous gm but he should have been fired along with bowles. sadly the jets still have even worse ownership.

  3. I know that young blood is all the rage these days in the NFL but giving Gase full control of an NFL franchise seems like an enormous leap of faith. Click on over to his wikipedia page. This guy’s CV is not overly impressive. I doubt he lasts 3 years.

  4. I don’t disagree with firing the GM, I just question the timing. If you weren’t happy with him, you should have fired him after last season or before the draft. Have the new person come in and draft his players.

  5. There are very few coaches in the NFL that could handle GM/HC responsibilities, Gase is not that guy. Add to that rebuilding and having “special attention” players on the roster like Le’Veon Bell, Gase is going to implode before the end of the season.

  6. I agree it is not smart to give Gase full control, but Gase is NOT the GM. He’s temporary until they hire someone.

  7. so you get a franchise QB, draft two essential pieces to a championship defence (Adams and Williams) fire a coach who was forced to start a Rookie QB.. bring in a coach who just got fired and then fire the GM and President who actually got you the players.. AND have the HC they just hired (after he was fired) to run the whole thing? hmm

  8. patfanken says:
    May 15, 2019 at 12:27 pm
    NOW? This is a typical JETE move. The Jets now will have a HC/GM situation.

    No offense but I think there is a guy up your way that is in the HC/GM situation, and they did just fine. Other teams have as well. Some haven’t but it isn’t a Twilight Zone moment. He had to go, now Gase (not sure why you’re bagging on him, he’s more successful than any of BB’s coaching tree, as is…he is still wanted) gets to run things until a new GM is found. Clearly stated someone is coming in.

    The world sometimes just …works.

  9. “How much did Ross pay Johnson to make this idiotic move???”

    I can’t comment on that but typically GMs have fully guaranteed contracts, so Johnson owes Mccagnan 2 years at what, 5 million+ a year?

    Pathetic that these billionaire owners complain bitterly about small expenses but when it comes to pissing away millions at a time they don’t seem to hesitate.

  10. Ha ha, Gase running the show. As a Dolphins fans, this gives me a chuckle. Dude has no personal skills whatsoever. Hope Jets get a GM some time soon.

  11. This Dolphin fan LOVES this move. If I could not have scripted the idiotic decisions this franchise has made this off season. If they would only rehire Tannenbaum for the G.M. position I would sleep easy until the season started.

  12. So they let this guy make all the football decisions through free agency, draft, and coaching changes then fire him. How moronic is that?

  13. A good move but should have been done before the Draft, right after the season was over.

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