John Elway OK with Joe Flacco’s lack of interest in mentoring Drew Lock


One of the more surprising manufactured outrages this week came from Broncos quarterback Joe Flacco‘s candid comments regarding his lack of interest in mentoring Broncos rookie quarterback Drew Lock. Flacco’s words irked many who fail or refuse to understand how pro football really works.

Like all competitive sports, the competition in pro football unfolds within the confines of a given team, with the best players earning playing time and the rest watching and waiting for a chance to play. Few players aspire to not play, and none should aspire to actively help a player who wants to leapfrog the person who is assisting him.

Flacco told the truth, in a very non-hostile, matter-of-fact way, when asked about mentoring the rookie.

“I got so many things to worry about,” Flacco said Monday. “I’m trying to go out there and play good football. . . . I’m not worried about developing guys or any of that. That is what it is. I hope he does develop. I don’t look at that as my job. My job is to go win football games for this football team.”

Those who don’t have a problem with that attitude include Broncos G.M. John Elway. Via Mike Klis of, Elway  said that he liked Flacco’s comments regarding a focus on winning, pointing out that it’s more important for the backup to learn by watching the starter than for the starter to expressly teach the backup.

In some situations, a quarterback specifically is signed to assist a younger player. The Jets, for example, paid Josh McCown $10 million in 2018 to embrace his role as short-term starter and full-season mentor to Sam Darnold. Plenty of veteran backup quarterbacks have similar roles.

The Broncos didn’t trade for Flacco to hold a rookie’s hand. They traded for Flacco to win games.

Eventually, they’ll turn that responsibility over to Lock. But they don’t want — and shouldn’t want — Flacco to go quietly. Every team should be lucky enough to have 53 guys who have a burning desire to play. It’s the job of the coaching staff to develop those players who need development. It’s the job of the players who are developed to focus exclusively on the only mission of the team: Score more points than the opponent, each and every week.

14 responses to “John Elway OK with Joe Flacco’s lack of interest in mentoring Drew Lock

  1. Flacco can be correct in his assertion but that doesn’t make him any less of a schmuck. Those two things are not mutually exclusive. I would venture a guess that most that had a negative reaction to what Flacco said, would agree.

  2. Lock is nowhere near ready … just watch a few of his games available on utube … Joe has nothing to worry about this year (other than winning games) … and probably next. A trip to the playoffs would probably cement the Flacco deal for three years.

    In addition, Joe could spend 24 hours a day “teaching” Lock, but there are some things that are only learned through experience or they’re never learned. Lock’s development may be best served watching Joe do his thing … as did A. Rogers.

    I still wish my Fins had nabbed Joe, but go Josh Rosen! Light ’em up!!!

  3. if the culture you want is “every man for himself”, um, okay. reminds me of the commercial where a sportscaster reminds a player that there’s no “i” in team. the player responds “ain’t no “we” either”.

  4. I’m not the biggest Flacco (or Elway) fan and I have zero issues with it. He signed with the Broncos to be their starting QB. The fact that they went out and drafted his eventual replacement isn’t his problem. Now if he were brought in expressly for the purpose of mentoring a rookie QB, that would be a different story. BTW – how much time did Joe Montana spend mentoring Steve Young? From what I’ve read, Montana treated him with indifference bordering on hostility.

  5. It’s not his job to teach him, it’s drew lock’s to earn and win. He just needs to follow Flacco around and be the first one in and last one out, end of story. I’m sure he’ll win Flacco over if he pays his dues.

  6. Elway took a lot of heat for signing a washed up Flacco instead of keeping Keenum.It was cited as a reason by many why the Broncos took a step backward this off-season. Now Keenum is saying the same thing in Washington as Flacco is saying in Denver: my job is to win games. But he is saying it without the selfish overtones of Flacco. A lot of people who were pulling for Flacco to succeed may now be having second thoughts.

  7. This sport of football since free agency has dramatically changed. After the first 4 years very few players get huge deals unless they are 1st or 2nd rounders or some of the rare later round diamonds. Most end up out of football or playing for less than they were offered from their old team. One thing is certain, teams really don’t give a darn for the average player. Teams have quarterback coaches. Let them do their jobs1 I would NEVER tutor a kid to do my job!
    I also think contracts are a joke, if a team wants to cut you they do unless you have guaranteed money which QB’s or superstars only seem to get them.
    Why should Flacco cut his own throat. I’d like to see Minnesota land him next year if he is cut or traded. I am NOT a huge Cousins fan

  8. Having done that in Baltimore, why sign up to do it again? Not a Flacco fan but feel like his comment is justified.

  9. Flacco comes off as a Jrk with his comments…he should have said, “I hope the rookie can watch and learn through my practice habits and work ethic. Our QB coach will teach him the throwing fundementals and how to read a defense. We have a GREAT QB’s coach.” See? he now comes off as a team player and not someone threatened by a rooke.

  10. Unless I’m mistaken the Broncos sign his paycheck so he should do whatever they tell him to do. That doesn’t mean he has to like it. I’d bet every single one of us have to do things we don’t like but we do it because we don’t want to be fired. Flacco comes off as a spoiled brat after saying this. If his contract weren’t guaranteed and I was Elway I’d cut him today. He likely ruined any chance at being a backup anywhere after that comment. Who would want him on their team after that? Good riddance. Just go home and count the millions you got from the Ravens and be quiet.

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