Kareem Hunt: I have to earn everybody’s trust

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Running back Kareem Hunt had a press conference at the Browns’ facility on Wednesday afternoon to discuss what he’s been doing since signing with the team and being suspended for the first eight games of the regular season.

Hunt’s suspension came after video of a violent incident with a woman came to light and he reiterated the apology he made when that ban was announced. Hunt said he has not apologized to the woman face to face, but said he would if he had the opportunity to meet with her.

Hunt also said that he promised the Browns that there would not be another incident like the one that led to his suspension and that he knows “I’m not going to mess this up again” while acknowledging that the only way to prove himself is by his actions in the future.

“I’ve got to earn everybody’s trust,” Hunt said.

Hunt will be able to work with the team throughout the offseason and training camp and he will be able to play in the preseason. The Browns have reportedly asked the league to allow them to have Hunt around the team while serving the suspension, but there’s been no word that the league has agreed to such an arrangement.

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  1. the media ask him the same question over and over . felt bad for him . yeah he made a mistake and he paid the price . how many times can he say he is trying to better himself and was sorry for what has happen ?

  2. as a kc fan, stinks that we had to release him when the browns will not be praised for rehabilitating him. and the difference right now is that he lied to the team. said this never happened. then the video caught him and prompted the release, plus the out cry.

  3. If you beat a woman once, I guarantee it’ll happen again at some point. Wait and see. At some point we’ll see the headlines telling us that Hunt has been in another altercation with a woman. The NFL needs to stop allowing these lowlife slimeballs to work in their league.

  4. The Brownies have officially joined the Bengals and the Cowboys as the NFL’s most disreputable teams.

  5. Sheesh. “I have to earn everyone’s trust” is starting to become the catchphrase for players who mess up big time. Did he ever come out and apologize? I’m not talking about reading from a prepared statement that his agent wrote. I am talking about a heartfelt apology coming from someone who truly knows he messed up?

  6. What you have to do is learn to stop hitting ANYBODY when not on the football field. How is that EVER going to help you?

    You are a wealthy man now. Act like it. Use attorneys to rough people up who you are mad at. That’s how polite society does it.

  7. Just shat the Brownies need, another distraction. This isn’t how you build a winner. Too many divas and distractions.

  8. oh he aplogized for beating a woman..then kicking her when she was on the ground…what is the line when an apology ins’t good enough…this isn’t the legal system..it’s a private league. If he beat a 16 year old is an apology ok then too? Or if he did the exact same offense that he did but was a 6th round OL would he be playing now?? it’s so pathetic

  9. If the Browns had not claimed him there were 30 other teams that would have. The Chiefs should of kept him. He made a mistake but the kid is going to be okay.

  10. Another agent written “apology”, without the actual apology. Won’t be his last time hitting and/or kicking a woman, I would bet. Would love to see him put in a room alone with the likes of a Conor McGregor to see just how tough he really is. He needs to be out of the league and learning to say “fries with that?” If you beat women, you most likely will abuse animals and children.

  11. So the chiefs play by the PC rules and release him after the video comes out. Otherwise everyone will crucify the chiefs and tell everyone they condone beating women.

    Meanwhile the browns pick him up on waivers and now are asking the league for special favors and allow him to be around the team while he serves his suspension?

    Good guys (Chiefs) finish last……

  12. This is all crazy. Plain and simple. Everybody involved with this scenario needs some professional help. Absolutely should’ve had the young lady, who wasn’t of age, removed/escorted out by hotel security immediately upon finding out what her situation was. Now, how do you earn trust back? That’s going to be a tall task. Suggestions?

  13. v2787 says:

    If you beat a woman once, I guarantee it’ll happen again at some point.

    If you beat a woman once and got caught, I guarantee you did it before and didn’t get caught.

  14. From a football standpoint this stinks for the Chiefs and sends the message that doing the right thing by cutting this guy is actually a bad football move. This is exactly why Hill hasn’t been cut. He’ll get a suspension and someone will pick him up. How about a measure that says if you pick up a guy suspended for abuse and he does it again, you lose a draft pick or something?

  15. He’s the reason the Browns will not be the “feel good” story that the media is selling. Classless Organization. Can’t root for them.

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