Le’Veon Bell contract was point of contention between Mike Maccagnan and Adam Gase

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With the rumors and reports of Jets G.M. Mike Maccagnan being on the outs coming to fruition, related rumors and reports need to be taken more seriously than they may have been.

Here’s what we wrote when the rumors of Maccagnan getting fired first emerged: “Some have pointed to the decision to sign running back Le'Veon Bell as the biggest sticking point between Gase and Maccagnan. (Or, more accurately, the decision to pay Bell as much as the Jets did, given that the Jets likely could have gotten him for significantly less.) Bell’s decision to skip a voluntary minicamp this week gave Gase plenty of ammunition for a round of I told you so’s within the team’s facility.”

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News now reports that Gase didn’t want Bell at all. Although the more accurate explanation would be that Gase didn’t want Bell at that price, the point remains that Gase wasn’t on board with the decision to break the bank for the former Pittsburgh tailback.

With Bell still absent from offseason workouts, the report makes an already awkward relationship even more awkward, and Gase and Bell could have a hard time getting and staying on the same page.

It will be for Gase to make Bell believe Gase wanted the player. And it will be for Gase to realize that what he wanted currently doesn’t matter, and that the best play will be to do whatever needs to be done to get the most out of Bell moving forward.

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  1. Cue Antonio Brown blaming the Bell-Gase-Maccagnana drama on Rothlisberger…

  2. “Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News now reports that Gase didn’t want Bell at all.”

    If this is true, this just greatly increased my respect for Gase.

    For a new coach with a lot to prove to turn down the shiny new toy that wouldn’t even be held against him if it failed (and it will) shows a lot of maturity.

  3. Mr. Gase: meet your new star running back

    Overpaid Star Running Back: I already don’t like you, respect you, or will listen to you.

    Rest of Jets: I’m with Bell.

    Season Ending Record: 4-12

  4. One thing that can be said about Maccagnan is there are very few GMs who could have pulled off those draft moves to get to #3 and pick Darnold. If Darnold turn out to be great,and they should have a good idea this year,then Maccagnan will probably be vindicated.

  5. Clearly Gase was able to peer into McCagnans soul and didn’t like what he saw. Either that or he’s got full X-ray vision, like Superman, and saw that McCagnan stole his Skittles.

  6. Manish is full of it at least half the time, so I take everything he says with a grain of salt. If this is true Gase better do a good job convincing Bell it wasn’t or it could get ugly in that locker room. As a Jets fan, I am open to Gase being here, but hope they are giving him a very slim margin for error.

  7. The CJ contract as well ticked off gase. He didnt want to go over 13 a year. Honestly… kinda agree with gase here especially with the bell saga. Also wanted matt paradis. Did not get him

  8. “If Darnold turn out to be great,and they should have a good idea this year,then Maccagnan will probably be vindicated.”

    I wouldn’t be optimistic about that if I was a Jets fan, given how well Gase “turned Tannehill around” in his time in Miami. Not exactly a QB whisperer.

  9. Steelers are relieved he’s not their problem anymore. J-E-T-S are gunna have to swallow hard and choke down this signing. week 1 pulled hammy for sure

  10. gase – 1, maccagnan – 0

    now let the battle between between gase and bell begin…

    popcorn ready

  11. I agree with Gase but there’s no reason to say now he didn’t want the RB.

  12. The best thing isn’t to get the most out of Bell. The best thing is to get the most out of the team. Don’t we agree that nothing is more important than winning.

  13. Is this the same Adam Gase that had to bring Jay Cutler in as his QB in Miami? LOL

  14. gase is still in over his head. he’s built a reputation as an offensive mastermind because Peyton Manning took the Broncos to the Super Bowl. Gase had nothing to do with Manning being a great QB but somehow gets credit.

  15. “They want you to cook the dinner; at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries.” – Adam Gase… I mean Bill Parcells.

  16. It seems antiquated to pay big bucks to a running back. Spend that cap money on other positions and draft some RBs.

  17. I’m a Steelers fan and I can’t believe the Jets gave Bell the money he received when he appeared to have no other suitors at anywhere near that price. Not surprised Gase didn’t want Bell. He’s not as good as people make him out to be, and w/o Pitt’s O-line and other offensive weapons around him, he probably won’t look nearly as good in NY.

  18. LOL! What a train wreck this team is and Gase isn’t even close to being the answer as coach. Another 5-11 season for the NYETS. Who cares who they bring in for a GM. This team is a failure from the top down.

  19. And…….now the players who got “overpaid “ are still there and the “acting GM” is the one who didn’t want to pay them the market price. Awkward…….going forward and a situation that will be resolved only one of three ways. Restructuring next off season, trade or waiver.

  20. So, the guy who thought it was a good idea to sign Bell to that contract has been fired? That can’t bode well for Bell’s future in NY. Expect the Jets to run him into the ground over the next two years, then cut him after 2020 when the dead money becomes reasonable.

  21. So, the drama revolving around Bell followed him to his new team; hmm. Maybe the Steelers/Tomlin/Colbert weren’t the problem after all?

  22. Bell’s contract is really not THAT bad. Jets had plenty of money and still do. They guaranteed Bell 27 mil over the next 2 yrs, then they can get out with only 4 mil in dead money. I can understand not wanting him, but it still could work out. The timing of this firing is really strange. Must be more to the story.

  23. Oh, I thought all the higher ups in Jetland were A-Okay with Bell training on his own? Voluntary is voluntary, until it isn’t. Yes, many vets do the training on their own deal, but most times, it’s guys that have been with their respective teams for (at least) a few years. I would expect that most any team would expect a newly signed player to put their best foot forward, and show up for the meet and greet voluntary workouts.

  24. “And with that the patriots wrap up the AFC East once again”

    lol, you think the Jets were a threat before this? You must not understand football.

  25. The question is will the Jets or Giants have a win before they play each other in the New Jersey dumpster fire bowl; and the bonus play, will Eli or Le’Veon play in that game.

    Maybe the commissioner can present an extinguisher to the winner and some more gas to the loser.

  26. The toothpaste is already out of the tube. Stupid firing now that you’re hung with Bell anyway. I’ve never seen a player’s run with a team be so ill-fated before a practice is even held.

  27. So now the egocentric head case Bell will have plenty of fuel and motivation to act like an unprofessional petulant child. This will be fun to watch.

  28. Wondering if the former GM had input into hiring Gase ? Why would a GM hire a coach that could get the GM fireed?
    So in the NFL, do all coaches have the final say over their GM ?

  29. Seems like the GM effectively bid against himself in the Bell sweepstakes that never was… could see how that alone could get him sacked, pun intended.

  30. It doesn’t make sense that Gase would be mad for overspending for certain players…he’s the coach and should just be worried about coaching, not how much the team spent on players. There’s gotta be something more to this.

  31. Gase was a really bad hire and he will be fired in 2 years. If I were someone wanting a GM job I’d turn the Jets down and wait for a better opportunity.

  32. He just thinks they overpaid. Coaches will always have these feeling about players. It’s who is leaking this crap to Mehta that is the real problem. Little finger is alive and well at Jets camp. With the Pats you have BB as HC/GM. He has all his guys. Its the Lannisters of football. Speak and your head comes off. Remember the Mangenious? Where is he now? He even spoke from the sideline of another team! And all these Jet people in the NFL office run the league? Ya OK.

  33. That’s how you show the league the rb position needs to be prioritized. Get yourself a big contract, then stay away from off season workouts.

  34. I think the coach never wanted Bell at all. If it is just contract size, the GM would probably not have lost his job.

  35. They’re stuck with him now. It doesn’t matter though. Bell will be injured for most of the time he’s there so Gase won’t have to deal with him much.

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