OBJ makes quick OTA exit

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Odell Beckham Jr. actually believed that being traded from New York to Cleveland would end the constant obsession with his comings and goings.

OBJ’s whereabouts continue to be a major discussion point during his first offseason with the Browns, primarily because he has spent so little time with the Browns. After showing up for the first day of the offseason program, Beckham stayed away from the team until Tuesday, the first day of Organized Team Activities. And, after that one day, he’s gone again.

Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com reports that Beckham isn’t present for Wednesday’s session. She also notes that it’s the only session of the week that is open to the media. It’s therefore possible that Beckham simply didn’t want to answer a bunch of questions about where he’s been and what he’s been doing and ultimately why he hasn’t been with his teammates.

The question of whether Beckham should be there continues to be complicated. On one hand, it’s voluntary. On the other hand, most of his teammates are volunteering to participate in the shared sacrifice that is the offseason grunt work aimed at laying the foundation for success in September.

Of course, none of this will matter come September. But it matters in May, because there really isn’t much else going on. Still, Beckham is a guy who will continue to draw interest and attention no matter what is, or isn’t, going on and no matter where he is, or isn’t, practicing football.

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  1. This will end bad for Cleveland. They’ll be 6-10 & fire everyone & start over again.

  2. As long as he produces in the fall I don’t think anyone will remember the May 15th media thing he missed. I guess I wouldn’t want to go to it either if I were him.

  3. When I said OBJ had a climb down to participate in the OTA’s in my other post yesterday people down voting me. What now? Bored much OBJ? leopard doesn’t change its spots does it?

  4. “None of this will matter”


    When you are a member of a team you notice who puts in that little extra effort for the team. You also notice who are always the first ones there when there is a team function of any kind. You want your younger players being shown a good example to follow.

    Being at OTA’s matters more than you know. And anyone who says it doesn’t has never been a member of a successful team at any level.

  5. I’m with Beckham here. There’s no way I’m showing up to a voluntary session just to be harassed by the national media. In fact, if I’m Freddy Kitchens, I’m telling him to stay home until he’s required to be there.

  6. He will never change. Does that mean this won’t work? No, but I can’t imagine Cleveland putting up with this for more than 2-3 years. Cleveland is so desperate to get out of the bottom of then league (and I don’t mean that as a shot st them) that they will deal with this for now.

  7. Cleveland knew EXACTLY what they were getting in OBJ! He is and always will be a “whatever is good for me” type of character! I don’t think he gives a damn about anything other than his contract and his statistics. It was evident in New York and will be the same wherever this Diva decides to play! I hate it that young kids look up to him as a role model!

  8. You can throw around the term “voluntary” all you want but the conclusions are clear. Any player that chooses to not be there is NOT a leader and is NOT a team player. They are mercenaries out for themselves only. There are some limited exceptions but those are always discussed with the coach and are not simply “I want to do my own thing.” If the coach has no idea what is going on (different than just not telling media) then the player is one of those guys that want to do the bare minimum and still get payed.

  9. Freddie Kitchens has already lost control of this team. Needed a strong leader like Greg Williams to keep these players in line, Williams dominated the locker room and practice field! Should have kept Gregg Williams! Big mistake!

  10. The guy doesn’t like football. He likes the wealth and fame that goes along with the game, but clearly he doesn’t care about getting better.

  11. Everyone knows that in life talk is cheap. Beckham said he would like to turn Cleveland into the next Patriots. That is just so laughable because guys like him have NO idea what that takes, the huge effort, commitment, sacrifice, hard work, etc.. Beckham is and always will be a self centered prima donna, and will never be a winner

  12. I’m a closet Browns fan, but I bleed Green and Gold. Give those poor fans credit, and the team, they are turning over every stone trying to overcome many years of you know what. More than I can say about a lot of teams, over many years. If this guy allows things to pan out, all the better for the team effort, if not, he is only one guy and will be gone as soon as he is. Ohio people are football fans too, no really, so lets pull for them.

  13. “I’d skip those days too if I had had bad experiences with the media.”

    That’s a Catch 22, though. His problems were his own causing. Drop the crying, tantrums and diva act and he’d have never had an issue with the media. The fix is to take responsibility and face the media–not to keep hiding which just perpetuates the belief that he’s a diva.

  14. Has anyone noticed that ex-Steelers WR Antonio Brown has attended every single OTA practice for the Oakland Raiders? Brown Has missed NO DAYS! That’s the difference when you have a strong head coach that commands the locker room! Big mistake hiring unproven Freddie Kitchens, first time head coach! Freddie obviously can’t control these strong personalities of players! Strong leadership Gregg Williams dominated the practice field and the locker room, when he was interim head coach! Should have kept Gregg Williams!

  15. Give an attention hungry child the attention he seeks and he will continue doing attention grabbing things. The worst thing you can do to needy attention grabbers is to ignore them. Just sayin.

  16. If he shows up on sundays and they start winning games, magically all of this will go away. OBJ is very talented but it would behoove him to get as many reps in with Mayfield as he can if he is committed to winning.

  17. This is what you get when you trade for OBJ. He’s there when he want to be, and not when he doesn’t. AS long as he’s there and puts in the work in June and in the season, teammates and Brown’s fans will be happy. If he doesn’t, teammates will turn on him and he becomes a team cancer.

  18. You don’t show up at these workouts for the owner or GM or even the coach. You show up for your teammates. If you don’t care to show up and be part of the team, don’t expect the guys to have your back later on.

  19. It’s clear as day, OBJ doesn’t want to be in Cleveland.
    He has spent a grand total of two days with the team
    since signing his newest restructured contract.

    He is just another mercenary on a team that needs volunteers.

  20. Can the NFL and NFLPA please fix the concept of voluntary activities so that players that do not attend are not front page news. It’s completely irrelevant. If they start missing mandatory activities then it’s news.

  21. TheDPR says:
    May 15, 2019 at 11:52 am
    You don’t show up at these workouts for the owner or GM or even the coach. You show up for your teammates. If you don’t care to show up and be part of the team, don’t expect the guys to have your back later on.


    This is the exact problem with voluntary workouts. They aren’t really voluntary to the fans and media. They need to get rid of them.

  22. So glad the Patriots didn’t sign this overrated, self centered, attention seeking Diva!! He has not work ethic, and is unwilling to make sacrifices for the good of his team. Now that he’s paid, watch the act. He will spend most Sundays in the trainers room. Guaranteed.

  23. Bottom line you either are in or your out,It’s his new team new system, his call but would help the team if were there. Don’t kid your self!

  24. He’s nothing special. Yes, he can make a one handed catch. Wow. Browns need an AJ Green or someone without the I am the team attitude. To bad Andre Johnson isn’t around anymore.

  25. I would just like to point out that Tom Brady also skipped the Pats voluntary OTAs. Haven’t seen anyone calling him a selfish diva though, I wonder what the difference could be?

  26. Broadway OBJ just can’t stay away from red carpets, soccer games, and tattered grunge-chic fashion.

  27. Is he proving the nay sayers right? I think so. He gets paid enough to pay the fines for not addressing the media if he doesn’t want to. If you’re gonna be a baby about it, do it with some class and be there for your team.

  28. Being a Steelers fan, I have no love-loss for AB. Although he’s a diva, at least he’s totally committed to his craft. Unlike Bell and Beckham. Players that are new to a team should take the initiative to be at OTA’s, even if they are voluntary. Why not try to show that you are “voluntarily” committed to your new surroundings?

  29. OBJ loves the attention on his comings and goings, that’s why he’s doing this. He’s going to be a distraction all season. Brownie fans deserve better.

  30. GOOD Luck with OBJ Cleveland. You’re going to need it. Talented Clown Show is there for you all to see…

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