Report: Eagles personnel man Joe Douglas on Jets list

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Mike Maccagnan may not be all the way out of the Jets parking lot, and the rush to line up a replacement for the just-fired General Manager didn’t take long.

According to Eliot Shorr-Parks of WIP, the Jets are interested in Eagles vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas.

Douglas has been with the Eagles since 2016, and previously worked with the Ravens.

He’s also reportedly close with new Jets coach Adam Gase, which is a good thing to be since Gase is acting G.M. while the team looks for a new one. Douglas has said in the past he’s happy with the Eagles, but there are only 32 G.M. jobs.

The Jets fired Maccagnan this morning, after letting him draft their franchise quarterback last year, use a top-five pick this year and spend big in free agency to land Le'Veon Bell and C.J. Mosley.

10 responses to “Report: Eagles personnel man Joe Douglas on Jets list

  1. Would hate to lose Douglas, but he deserves the opportunity. You’d think the Jets would let this year play out after all the big moves before firing him, though. Seems odd, likely other forces at play.

  2. Somehow the Eagles will lose s great talent evaluator because the Jets are so inept! Last year the Eagles had their SB winning offensive staff all back, had Frank Reich coming back as the O Coordinator and because Josh McDaniels is a coward the Eagles lost that great set up. Sure, Peterson is great and calls the plays, but the team was going to bring back both good coaches back before someone made a dumb A move which ends up hurting the Eagles continuity.

  3. This is almost like the Foles situation. Because of what he did for us we almost HAVE to let him go and become top dog somewhere else. SMH.

  4. Don’t do it Joe!! Philly loves you and has a really good thing going. There’s nothing but anger and fear in NY with the Jets.

  5. Philly Native/NYC resident…rabid Eagles fan, would also be a Jets fan if the organization didn’t stink. Terrible owner. Don’t do it, Joe.

  6. Hopefully, JD infused some of his philosophy and knowledge into the culture and it sticks. while the best situation is that Jeffrey Lurie pays him more to stay, that’s not going to hold him forever. One glimmer of hope was that the owner DID extend Howie (3 years $20M) to stay DURING the Chip Kelly GM period, to hedge his bet in case the Chip as GM move didn’t work out.
    My prediction is that if the culture is infused with JD’s fingerprints, they’ll “let” him go to the next best opportunity. If the Vulcan mind meld isn’t complete, they’ll pay him to stay one more year and make it worth his while.

    One difference about Lurie (versus other wealthy individuals) is that he usually doesn’t hesitate to open his checkbook not only to take risk, but to reduce risk.

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