Report: Patriots talking to Jamie Collins about return

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The Patriots could be bringing a familiar face back to their defense.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team has had talks with linebacker Jamie Collins about rejoining the team. The Patriots drafted Collins in the second round of the 2013 draft and traded him to the Browns for a third-round pick during the 2016 season.

Collins signed a four-year, $50 million deal with Cleveland before the 2017 season, but was released by the Browns earlier this year after appearing in all 16 games for the team last year. He recorded 104 tackles, four sacks, an interception and a forced fumble in those outings.

Collins is ranked No. 55 on our Free Agent Top 100 and is one of 10 unattached players on that list.

17 responses to “Report: Patriots talking to Jamie Collins about return

  1. He learned his lesson in Cleveland I hope. Will be a nice piece to add back to the D if he just does his job and doesn’t piss Bill off.

  2. Similar thing happened with Patrick Chung and that’s worked out well. If he’s realistic about his salary demands and role, then it’s worth trying again.

  3. No way. Cannot see this happening unless he is moved to a strictly DE position.

  4. They got rid of him because he preferred to free lance rather than play his position. It doesn’t make sense to bring him back.

  5. Perhaps he isn’t inclined to take what Belichick will offer after he tasted the big money. Just a guess but I think others will offer him much more but would like to see him back in the fold once again.

  6. Discipline in his assignments was his issue during his time in New England. He’ll need to show that he’s willing to not deviate from his assignment if he wants to return.

  7. He freelanced waaay too much for BB’s liking last time around and that’s why he was dealt mid-season for just a 3rd round pick. So that situation will have to have rectified itself.

  8. What an addition this would be! Had a reputation for being a freelancer but I would imagine he’s grown up a little and learned his lesson the hard way out in Cleveland. This would be a great grab for the Patriots as he already knows the defense. If he doesn’t work out they can probably get Cleveland to give up another 3rd rounder for him.

  9. So lets see, you draft a guy, play him for 3 years for short money, trade him for a draft selection, use the draft selection on another player ans get the guy back?

  10. He started freelancing when he saw that he would become a free agent after negotiations with the Pats went belly-up.
    If he would come back in NE he would know what is expected from him and be much more obedient IMO.

  11. Collins freelanced because he was in a contract year, wanted to get on ESPN with splash plays and get paid. Now he’s made his 30 mil in Cleve, and hopefully grown up a little. Has the tools, even though he’ll be 30 this season.

  12. So people actually believe that Jamie Collins was a “free-lancer” and that is why the Patriots got rid of him, and yet they want him back now? Pretty clear now that whole narrative was a media creation and completely wrong.

    Sounds a lot like the media creation of an imaginary meeting with Kraft in which Brady insisted Jimmy G. be traded, and somehow Kraft forced BB to do it.

    Neither of these things actually happened, and yet people here continue to spew this nonsense.

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