Stephen Gostkowski liked the “pressure” of staying with Patriots

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That Stephen Gostkowski stayed with the Patriots wasn’t necessarily a surprise.

The fact the free agent kicker was on the market for a month was a bit of one.

But after signing on for another two years in April, the veteran kicker said it was important to him to stay with the team that drafted him, and to continue doing the hard work.

“It’s a very fragile position,” Gostkowski said, via Nick Goss of “It doesn’t take much to be at the top or the bottom in a position such as mine. To be able to have a chance to do it on one of the most high-pressure teams in the history of sports and have a chance to continue to do it — I think it would be tough to go somewhere else.

“The grass might seem greener on the other side, but it’s not always that way. I kind of like the challenge of being here, the bad weather, the pressure of the big games.”

As long as he’s with the Patriots, the likelihood of being in big games is considerable. And while negotiations are normal, the object lessons of lesser teams not making a wise and firm decision at the position is clear, and the Patriots were smart to hang onto someone who has been reliable.

15 responses to “Stephen Gostkowski liked the “pressure” of staying with Patriots

  1. Well said gost we are all happy to have you back in the fold. Go win some more big games!

  2. Pats are always relaxed to let guys test markets. Allen (long time punter) did it too this year. Bill knows most of them can get more elsewhere, but also knows what they are worth to him and he won’t overpay. The only problem is guys who want more but who don’t want to leave! Tad surprised Bears didn’t throw money at him – his % dipped in 2018 but under the hood you’ll find it’s mainly because he had a lot less short FGAs (11 instead of 16 the year before). If he somehow stays healthy and plays as long as Vinatieri he could catch that GOAT too.

  3. He’s missed a couple kicks in those pressure situations, but he has been great and reliable. It’s easy to complain about the rare misses but you have to put it in perspective and see the bears last year, or the chargers a couple years ago. A kicker can win or ruin your season, so to keep a good one in Gostkowski is huge.

  4. The Patriots drafted a punter who probably will handle the kick-offs. This will be a huge advantage for Gostkowski as his career continues. Having a reliable kicker who can be accurate especially in bad weather is important—just ask the Bears.

  5. This guy is a champion.

    BB can see it in guys when they’re 22 years old.

    Just amazing what they’re doing up there.

  6. He isn’t as much a “sure thing” anymore, but I would be less comfortable with a kicker who hasn’t faced NFL playoff pressure.

  7. …plus no one was going to offer you 4 to 5 million a year after teams spent WAY to much on free agent kickers in 2018. Parkey and Boswell effectively showed teams signing high priced kickers is NOT the answer.

  8. If you want to know what pressure is then go to Dallas and get a star on your helmet.

  9. Pats won’t win the east this year. The big game days are in the past for that franchise.

  10. @redclaw – Pats maybe drafted a punter more because their long-time guy Allen (still only 29), after testing the market this spring, would only sign a 1yr deal and seems determined to look again next year – and/or because Bill won’t pay a him a high-enough long deal. If Bailey does ok don’t be surprised to see Pats keep him for Allen leaving in 2020 (or traded before).

  11. TB12 misses passes. Recievers drop balls. Special teams allow big plays. Defense allows TDs. Why is it that a kicker can’t miss a kick without being criminalized? I dare any of you to try to kick a 20yrd FG with 200+ pound men rushing at you wanting to pulverize your bones!

  12. Post season FG’s made vs Attempts. PCT.

    Adam Vinatieri …56 of 69 .881
    Stephen Gostowski 39 of 44 .886

  13. Guys that get weak in the knees teeing off in a scramble tournament talk trash about NFL kickers missing a kick in December and January in outdoor stadiums. Take it with a grain of salt.

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