Christopher Johnson wants a “great strategic thinker”

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Generally speaking, a General Manager operates as a team’s chief scout. In some situations, the General Manager operates more generally as a manager. Which maybe better fits with the name of the job.

“I want to find somebody that just looking forward, not talking about Mike [Maccagnan] here, I want a great strategic thinker,” Jets CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson told reporters on Wednesday. “It’s more than a talent-evaluation guy. I want a great manager, a communicator, who can collaborate well with the building. I’m convinced we’re going to find that person.”

Maccagnan may have been a good scout, but he apparently wasn’t a great manager. Brian Costello of the New York Post reports that the change had a lot to do with Maccagnan’s “indecisiveness,” and that Maccagnan took too long to make decisions and “was too wishy-washy at times.”

“Wishy-washy” wasn’t going to fly with a guy like Adam Gase, who even if he didn’t actively try to topple Maccagnan would have indirectly contributed to the move through whatever stream of “holy sh-t can we make a f–king decision here?”-type comments emerged in the heat of the moment as the Jets were trying to get things done.

So now Maccagnan is done, and Johnson will be looking for a big-picture strategic thinker/manager/communicator/collaborator — and, presumably, someone else who will serve as the chief scout.

Basically, Johnson wants another Mike Tannenbaum-style G.M., with another Terry Bradyway-style once-was-a-G.M.-but-instead-focuses-on-finding-players personnel executive.

Unless, of course, Gase’s possibly unintended power play results in Johnson realizing that Gase is the right guy to lead the organization, and that a personnel executive will be hired to simply help him set the table. Only when Gase declares that that kind of talk “pisses me off” will we know that such a decision is imminent.

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  1. 50 years I’ve been putting up with this garbage. How many clowns can you stuff into a Volkswagen? The circus is back in town. With millionaire born on 3rd base Johnson and Johnson brothers at the wheel.

  2. The Jets just can’t help themselves can they? Just when it looked like they were about to become a competent franchise for the 1st time since Parcells left, they go and pull the Jetsiest of Jets’ moves…

  3. Best thing ole Chris could do is hire someone to run the franchise and step out of the way. The problems go far beyond the GM. All roads lead back to ownership.

  4. No they want a guy that will cater to Gase.

    The Gase hire has set that franchise back several years. He’s Chip Kelly with a less effective O.

  5. It sounds like they’ll be getting a bad scout, but a really good salesman who can explain all the great ideas he has. Who’s going to be leading the search? The owner doesn’t know anything about building a football team, so he could be easily fooled.

  6. I see a lot of backtracking going on here. Yesterday, Adam Gase is accused of orchestrating the coup, but now it’s maybe/possibly/no-facts-speculating/”unintended power play”?? Just come out and apologize.

    Pretty sure the Jets CEO has an A-type personality. He doesn’t need a coach or anyone else for that matter to tell him that Maccagnan was taking too long to make decisions. But hey, whatever it takes to cover up your previous accusations.

  7. charliecharger says: “It sounds like they’ll be getting a bad scout, but a really good salesman who can explain all the great ideas he has.”

    Why is the GM still doing the scouting when he has an entire staff of professional scouts? Aren’t you supposed to TRUST the judgment of your scouts while the GM concentrates on building the team through his vision or strategy?

  8. >> I want a great strategic thinker,”

    And I want a million dollars and a magic flying pony and …

    >>Maccagnan may have been a good scout,

    Since when? His supposed strength was college scouting. Outside of teh 4 top 6 first round picks, who else did he hit on in 5 years of drafting?

    Maybe Chris Hearndon, he looks good. Markus Maye (2nd round pick) looks good if he can stay on the field.
    Other teams can field an entire roster in 5 years, Maccagnana came up with 5-6 players, maybe a couple more (Brandon Shell and Robbie Anderson, though he was a lucky signing as a UDFA – not a Macc draft pick).

    The biggest problem for the Jets is their ownership.

  9. If you’re that sure of your A type personality owner, coach, whatever, tell me…why wasn’t this move made the same time as with Bowles?

  10. After an exhaustive search for a big-picture strategic thinker/manager/communicator/collaborator and not finding any,
    I came to the conclusion I was looking for myself.
    So, I’ve decided that I will be taking over those responsibilities.

    Christopher Johnson
    Jets CEO and chairman

  11. Joe Douglas would be great. But Joe seems like a real sharp guy. And if he doesn’t get full control of the roster in this dumpster fire of a franchise – why would he leave a real good situation with the Eagles? Bide his time…and take a gig that’s got a better situation.

  12. I guess it’s a step in the right direction. They figured out morons and idiots weren’t the answer.

  13. Would they know “a great strategic thinker” if they saw one? And then would they be able to tolerate one inside the building?
    Didn’t Belichick used to work there?

  14. Christopher Johnson wants someone who is good at the board game-RISK. Isnt he the same person who hired Terry Bradway, Mike Tannenbaum, John Idzik, & Mike Maccagnan? He hasnt hired a strategic thinker since they bought the team in 2000.

  15. I guess the question I have is, how does a coach with a 23-25 NFL record have so much gravitas that he can get a gm fired? Seems like he should be grateful to be working at all to be honest.

    Also, when Chris Johnson says he’s looking for a “strategic thinker”, I think he means a young guy.

  16. We all want all sorts of things we can’t have. Wish for a great thinker, get Adam Gase. Sometimes things just don’t work out.

  17. The catch 22 is that any great strategic thinkers will be too clever to accept an offer from the Jets

  18. Now I know why Dolphins owner Ross fired Gase…Gase wanted complete control of Dolphins when he couldn’t even control Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry? Bwahahahahahahah!

  19. I personally dislike wishy-washy people. Right or wrong, just make a damn decision so people can evaluate, adjust, and move on. Such a personality trait just cannot make a good GM, who is the biggest decision maker in a team. If true, I don’t fault the Jets for firing him.

  20. You can analyze this move as you want but the truth is that NFL owners have no idea what they are doing unless they are guided by good football decision makers. Christopher Johnson is no different. Would Robert Kraft look so good without Bill Belichick. Gase knows what caused his downfall in Miami. Mostly it was the lack of talent acquisition over the years which continued with Mike Tannenbaum. Bill Parcels was a hall of fame coach but a horrific VP of Operations along with Jeff Ireland as his gofer. Miami is the worst NFL team for player acquisitions over the last 15 years. The aforementioned executive decision makers are mostly to blame. Adam Gase did not want that to happen again with the Jets. He’s an innovative offensive mind who could be a good head coach with the right personnel. Gase inherited a wannabe franchise quarterback in Miami with Ryan Tannehill. A player acquisition mistake from when he was drafted. Much of this has to do with Gase even if the Jets franchise and Johnson does not want to admit it. I agree with Johnson trying to deflect association of this move with Adam Gase. Adam is the guy Johnson wants to lead his franchise into the promise land called the Super Bowl!

  21. The had Belichick 20 years ago and though Parcells was superior. Their arrogance made their choice for them and they’ve been paying for it ever since.

    Biggest loser franchise in sports. lmao

  22. 2quart says:
    May 16, 2019 at 10:03 am
    I guess it’s a step in the right direction. They figured out morons and idiots weren’t the answer.
    I hear you, but the biggest moron is in London and the biggest idiot is running the team now!

  23. What a smokescreen by the Jets – Gase IS the guy in charge – contrary to what they say!
    Whomever they roll out as the new “GM” will be answering to Gase as well.
    Adam Gase is control freak & the Jets firing their GM AFTER the draft only helps prove the remarks that the Jets are the worst run organization in the NFL!

  24. I think it is smart to put this into perspective.

    Teams have started firing GM’s around this time of year. Whaley, Gettleman, and Dorsey are the latest examples. Dorsey was actually controlling free agency and was in on drafting Mahomes that year as well, we may not have Andy Reid but that is okay. When you fire a GM in December and bring in a new one you’re asking him to hold on to incumbents or “lame ducks” in the scouting and personnel department. If the new GM does not want to keep the holdovers he has to create an entirely new front office from scratch filled with people he wants to work with while preparing and handling FA and the draft. Really the only time to rip on the Jets is if we find out they would not budge on giving control over the 53 to the new GM. If Joe Douglas/Jeremiah come in with their RV, Adam Gase will not be calling the shots. Let’s make something clear, too. The power structure ran by the Jets is the same one the Chiefs and Giants use. And Fin fans/Bills fans who haven’t seen their team win a playoff game in 18/25 years respectively can’t rip on Jet fans over their owner, at all.

  25. Ask Mr Stephen Ross why he fired Adam Gase, and now he is in charge at the Jets. Good grief.
    Don’t get on the wrong side of Gase like Suh, Landry and Ajayi did or you will be out the door.
    Can’t wait to see how this turns out, just pull the cap down over those eyes please Coach Gase.
    Good luck New York fans, We feel sorry for you.😎

  26. annes22 says:
    May 16, 2019 at 7:50 pm
    Ask Mr Stephen Ross why he fired Adam Gase, and now he is in charge at the Jets. Good grief.
    Don’t get on the wrong side of Gase like Suh, Landry and Ajayi did or you will be out the door.
    Can’t wait to see how this turns out, just pull the cap down over those eyes please Coach Gase.
    Good luck New York fans, We feel sorry for you.😎


    If you go back to when they were not just a bad team but an actual laughingstock (Victor Kiam days) featured in late night show monologs and one liners was when Parcells came in and got just as ruthless. It was quite a turnaround cumulated by reaching the SB. They had a couple of tough years after that but still the big overhaul Parcells had done created a better starting point for Bellichick than it was at a few years earlier because the organization itself was running better. (Low bar because it was such a complete circus before So it has to be considered that someone coming in being this ruthless could turn out to be a good thing in the long run.

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