Drew Lock: Joe Flacco’s taught me a lot so far


Broncos General Manager John Elway didn’t have a problem with quarterback Joe Flacco saying that his job is to win football games rather than mentor second-round pick Drew Lock and Lock doesn’t seem to have any issue with it either.

Lock flew into Los Angeles on Wednesday night to attend this year’s NFLPA Rookie Premiere event and avoided injury when a shuttle taking him and fellow Broncos rookie Noah Fant from the plane to the terminal got into a crash. He couldn’t avoid a TMZ.com reporter asking him about his relationship with Flacco.

Lock said he didn’t have a comment on Flacco’s view, but said that he’s gaining knowledge from Flacco whether the veteran is calling it mentorship or not.

“He’s taught me a lot so far,” Lock said. “He’s dealing with trying to win football games, I’m dealing with trying to learn. We’re in the same quarterback room. He’s been great to me.”

Flacco’s desire to remain a starting quarterback doesn’t come as much of a surprise and the best-case scenario for the Broncos will be for the older quarterback to play well enough to afford the younger one a chance to prepare as much as possible for his own turn in the spotlight.

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  1. Flacco has no guaranteed money after this year, so he’s trying to keep his job. Flacco is 100% right in what he said. Coaches are supposed to mentor young players. That’s literally their job. Lock is supposed to observe and take notes on how a 10 year NFL starter prepares and trains.

  2. Flacco got replaced, in Baltimore, by a guy who is such a poor passer that he couldn’t hit the ocean from a boat. Now he’s in Denver, where passes just hang in the air. When your nickname is “Jump Ball Joe,” that doesn’t bode well. If I were Lock, I’d do the exact OPPOSITE of what Flacco does…

  3. Flacco: “Just throw it up for Grabs. You have a 50/50 shot at a completion”
    Lock: “Thanks Joe, You’re the best”

  4. This is a non story. Flacco was honest which most people aren’t used to hearing. He wants to start and win. Lock also has the right attitude (great change from Paxton Lynch).

  5. There’s a difference between going out of your way to mentor someone, like constantly going to them and asking if they have questions, asking if they want to study together, giving them unprompted pointers, etc. – and willfully ignoring someone or giving them bad advice if they ask about something.

    I would *think* Flacco meant he was not going to go out of his way to coach up Lock vs the latter of ignoring him and/or giving him crap pointers…but who knows? He sure didn’t look to helpful to Jackson last year.

  6. “Joe’s taught me how to be dismissive to rookies. I can’t wait till I’m a veteran next season to put those lessons to use.”

  7. He learned from Flacco that while you talk to each other at work, everyone is really out for themselves. You need to do what’s best for yourself, your family, your career. Why give someone advice to ‘steal’ your job faster?

  8. Throw it high, throw it far and hope for a battle for the ball. You’ve got a 30% chance it will be caught, 25% chance of PI, 40% chance of an incomplete pass and 5% chance of an int. The odds are in your favor. Also, if you can get Anquan Bolden to unretire the odds go way up.

  9. I hate the Broncos. Love drew lock. I would tell Drew to not learn much from Flacco. Flacco will suck for the Broncos, which I will love.

  10. To me Flacco is coming off a bit selfish. Part of the job of a veteran should be to take these young pups under your wing and pay it forward. Josh McCown is a good example of this. Usually the more desperate and paranoid you are to hold onto your job the more likely you are to lose it. Simple law of attraction.

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