Report: Peterson wanted Cardinals to restructure his contract after suspension

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There’s been a widespread perception for months that cornerback Patrick Peterson is upset with the Cardinals, but today’s news that he’ll be suspended for the first six games of the season may point to the reason for his unhappiness.

According to John Gambadoro of 98.7-FM, Peterson became angry with the Cardinals when he first learned he was facing a PED suspension, and they refused to restructure his contract to lessen the financial hit he will take.

Suspended NFL players do not receive their base salary while they serve those suspensions, but other forms of payment, such as signing bonuses and roster bonuses, are not affected by suspensions. Peterson is due an $11 million base salary this season, which means he’ll lose about $3.88 million during his suspension. Peterson may have wanted the Cardinals to do something like change his pay this year to a $10 million roster bonus followed by a $1 million base salary, which would mean the suspension would only cost him $353,000.

There is precedent for such a move. In 2016, while Tom Brady was fighting his Deflategate suspension, the Patriots restructured his contract to give him a $28 million signing bonus, followed by base salaries of $1 million in each of the next two seasons. That meant that when he was suspended four games, he lost only $236,000 in salary. If he hadn’t restructured, he was slated to lose $2.11 million in salary for a four-game suspension.

But the Cardinals weren’t willing to do that for Peterson, and telling him that is reportedly what got Peterson angry at a member of the front office last month. Peterson may not like it, but unless there’s something about this situation we don’t know (such as Peterson using a supplement that a Cardinals staffer told him was OK to use but actually had an ingredient banned by the NFL), it’s reasonable for the Cardinals to decline to give Peterson a sweet deal to reduce the hit for his suspension.

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  1. Man, I wish I had Keim’s job security. Guy has been incompetent and drunk for years, and still gets to come to work every day.

  2. That’s typical of the Arizona Cardinals, give the shaft to one of your best players for the last 6+ years, an annual appearance as a Pro Bowler. Instead of doing a solid for the player, you alienate him to the point where you will not get his 100% effort each and every day, which in turn will result in some bad results on the playing field.

  3. Does it alter what the Cardinals pay out at all?

    If they are paying the $3.88M in cash and it’s accounted for in the salary cap either way, it’s a d*ck move not to restructure. If they are now able to save some of the cap/cash, it makes more sense…but it’s still a little cheeky since they should be flush with cap not having to pay anybody else good besides PP.

  4. The difference is Brady was cheating with Kraft and Belichick knowledge and to keep him quiet they made the change, Peterson was cheating on his own so he pays the fine on his own…..lesson is, if you cheat make sure the boss is in on it

  5. Yeah, well, comparing the Brady situation to that of Peterson as a moral equivalent is a stretch. Brady was innocent and everyone knew it. Maybe Peterson is too, but it doesn’t look like it.

  6. The difference is Brady was cheating with Kraft and Belichick knowledge and to keep him quiet they made the change,
    So in you scenario the guy who was also cheating was paid to keep quiet about his own part of the cheating scandal? you guys make less and less sense with every patriots victory.

  7. mingo1911 says: “Instead of doing a solid for the player, you alienate him to the point where you will not get his 100% effort each and every day, which in turn will result in some bad results on the playing field.”

    Or how about ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY for his poor decision to take PEDs and suffer the real-life consequences? Seriously, Peterson has been paid fair-market value for the past 8 years ($74,772,926), so it’s not like Cardinals were cheapening out.

    Why should the Cardinals bail him out $3.88m when he’s sitting at him NOT HELPING THE TEAM? Because they’re afraid of him pouting and not putting out full effort? Guess what, that’ll put at risk his remaining contract and any potential future contracts as other teams will see ‘declining’ skills.

  8. Brady was framed, Peterson wasn’t. No wonder the Cards won’t alter his contract.

  9. harrisonhits2 says:

    May 16, 2019 at 4:50 pm
    Brady was framed, Peterson wasn’t. No wonder the Cards won’t alter his contract.


    LMAO yeah the NFL went out of their way to frame Tom Brady of deflating footballs. LoL come on now. Only a Patriots fan or one of those weird conspiracy theorists that lock themselves inside their moms basement believe that. So hilarious. If you were being sarcastic then you nailed it.

  10. Patrick Peterson is not Tom Brady. Not even close. Too bad for him. And a ped suspension is not the same as some silly ball inflation accusation

  11. It’s easy to see why Peterson would try to restructure his deal, and it’s also easy to see why the Cardinals would decline. But there’s not enough information here for an outsider to say if anyone is being unreasonable. The piece helpfully illustrates what a restructured deal might look like, but it would be nice to know what actual terms the parties discussed and how a restructured contract for Peterson would affect the team’s cap space. In any case, this seems like a situation where the parties should be able to reach some kind of agreement.

  12. Let’s be clear PP didn’t lose anything. He knowing and willingly turned down that money the second he put the PED’s into his system. I don’t mind PP asking, but getting upset that they said no is entirely different. He hurt his team by getting himself suspended…and the team should be down right mad. PP has always been a stand up player and at the top of the NFL, but this suspension will damage his reputation and his future earnings. Good news is he’ll have another shot at it…and sometimes a little humble pie is good for all of us in the long run.

  13. Hey boss, I got caught cheating and it’s gonna cost me 6 games and a few million. Ya’ll fix this while I’m on vacation….

  14. The facts aren’t even in but Peterson is being painted like some roided up loser while the organization gives their drunken incompetent GM a pass and a pat on the head. Peterson has done more than his share to help the Cards and has been unhappy in Arizona for awhile, requested a trade and was told “No way…we own you”. Now, coincidentally, this jaw dropping “news” (not actually) is leaked to a major news souce on the day of Peterson’s charity event…hmmm.
    This comes as no surprise to anyone who has lived in Phoenix and witnessed how the Cards treat their coaches and players. The reality is that Peterson will be just fine after the dust clears and will still have a bright future.The Cards on the other hand are doing nothing to enhance their image as good employers. Players like Peterson don’t flip overnight and it’s a sure bet there is more to this story than the is being portrayed by the media and the organization. The fact is, Peterson has never had a blemish on his character and has been a tremendous asset to the community, and the team;any other organization would be doing everything they could to help their player but the Cardinals operate on a two tiered double standard. Peterson has medical issues, and there are many reasons a player can test positive but the public hear inflammatory words like “steroids” or “banned substance” and they immediately jump to judgement. The fact that he didn’t appeal a suspension that he would have no doubt won, means nothing other than he apparently thought it worth the financial hit to share the pain…should have traded him when he asked the first time. A forced relationship never ends well for anyone concerned!

  15. Nobody is talking about the fact that it is stated in one of the linked articles, that the Cardinals would have had little to no chance to rework the deal because if NFLPA rules.

  16. For all the people saying he did it to himself and whatever… Him doing that made the team better than it would’ve been had he not and now he’s paying the price. I understand that he didn’t do it for the team but the benefitted from it either way and could’ve done him a solid that would cost them nothing. I’d be angry too

  17. So this means his first game as a member of the soon-to-be back-to-back Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs will be week 7 against the Denver Broncos. Nice!

  18. Once again…

    Because this language IS already negotiated that the Cardinals COULDNT restructure because of a PED suspension, the entire point is moot. The Tom Brady argument isn’t really an equal case as, he was suspended for a crazy thing that wasn’t collectively bargained for.

    The Cardinals couldn’t restructure, where as the Patriots could have,

  19. I respectfully disagree that it is “reasonable for the Cardinals to decline to give Peterson a sweet deal to reduce the hit for his suspension.” Why? Fines should not be based on how much money a guy makes. If I am caught speeding should I pay $100 more than my neighbor who gets caught speeding because I make more money than he does? Fines should be a flat rate based on the offense and any pre-defined escalating circumstances, such as 2nd offense, 3rd, etc.

    I also believe it is “gaming the game” so-to-speak to restructure a player’s contract in order to lessen the fine like the Pats did with Brady. Does it bother me that the Pats did it for Brady? Not at all. That is simply an organization supporting their employee. If the league didn’t like it they should have put a rule in place that says the fine is applied against whatever was in a players contract at the time of the offense.

  20. First of all, this loop hole should not even excsist. But if it does why would the Cardinals GM alienate one of their best players?? If they are gonna do that might as well trade him now.

  21. jvw1982 says:
    May 16, 2019 at 4:30 pm
    The difference is Brady was…

    …suspended with no evidence, as admitted by the league in court, and Peterson’s suspension is backed up by a failed test. Remember when Peterson tweeted out about Brady disrespecting the game? Peterson isn’t just a cheater, he’s a hypocritical cheater
    Good times…good times

  22. Regardless of the morality and maturity of taking responsibility for your actions; it cost the Cardinals nothing to help Peterson. For a notoriously cheap organization (remember when they were low balling Hall of Famer Kurt Warner?) this reeks, not of moral superiority but the Bidwells happily keeping checks in the bank.

    That’s fine but it makes it hard to retain and attract talent when you’re known for being cheap.

  23. Peterson knew the consequences when he decided to cheat. Let’s not pretend this is an anomaly. He got busted using a PED AND a masking agent. No team should ever be allowed to modify compensation in order lessen the punishment. Making excuses for behavior, pretending it didn’t happen or hiding it from authorities is a big reason why some of these guys have their attitudes and lack of responsibility because that is what has happened their entire life as a premiere athlete. For those saying it isn’t fair because he makes more money, this is the fairest way possible that has any chance at being effective. The guys that make the most money cannot be deterred by a fine based on the guy with the lowest salary and “low” paid players would be unfairly treated by a fine based on players who make 10-20x as much as they do. 1/17th seasonal base pay is “equal” and as fair as possible.

  24. so let’s reward a guy who screwed his team over? good for the Cardinals for not restructuring his deal.

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