Scott Pioli steps down as assistant G.M. of Falcons


The Falcons will be making a change in their front office this season.

Assistant General Manager Scott Pioli is stepping down from the position. In a statement released via the team, Pioli said that he expected to be working with General Manager Thomas Dimitroff for two or three years and is looking for “other potential opportunities” after five years in the organization.

“After careful consideration and ongoing dialogue with Thomas over the past year I have decided to step away from my position as the assistant general manager of the Atlanta Falcons to pursue other potential opportunities,” Pioli said. “I want to thank both [Falcons owner] Arthur [Blank] and Thomas for bringing my family and I here in 2014.”

Pioli was the General Manager of the Chiefs from 2009 until he was fired in January 2013. He joined the Falcons the next year. He spent nine years with the Patriots and four years with the Jets before heading to Kansas City.

15 responses to “Scott Pioli steps down as assistant G.M. of Falcons

  1. He can see the writing on the wall. The Falcons still haven’t recovered from the most humiliating defeat in NFL history. Not only that, but they mortgaged the future on Matt Ryan with that ridiculous contract! Too bad since they were so close to sustained respectability.

  2. He did this to make sure the Jets owner knows he’s available. He’s from the NY metropolitan area and he probable figures this is a great opportunity if he can get it structured correctly.

  3. Surprised he didn’t say “after strategical thinking” in lieu of “after careful consideration”. Got to check those boxes.

  4. Scalesofjustice says:
    May 16, 2019 at 3:02 pm
    The guy was genius when he was with the Pats. Don’t know what happened.
    He LOOKED like a genius when he was with the Pats. It was Belichick all along.

  5. I personally know Scott and he is a stand up guy, who’s seen a lot. He will land in a good spot and that new team will be better because of it. Good luck my friend!

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a GM opportunity become available that’s as good as the Jets. They have a great young QB who hasn’t even begun the 2nd year of his rookie contract, and they just drafted Quinnen Williams who could be one of the top 5 D-Linemen in history. He’ll be on his rookie deal for 5 years, so the team is set to win and should have a ton of cap space available for several years. Leonard Williams is a HOF potential, and so is Jamal Adams. They have 5 or 6 other really good players on defense. It’s a QB league and the Jets haven’t had one in decades. They finally have one, and he’s a total stud. Pioli could run this team from the beach.

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