Jason Witten: Current Cowboys roster most talented he’s seen

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Jason Witten has lined up with a Hall of Famer, and he’s been on teams that went to the playoffs as a top seed twice.

But the veteran tight end believes that the team he left the broadcasting booth to rejoin might be the most talented version of the Cowboys he’s been on.

“Yeah, I think it’s close,” Witten said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “The most talent I’ve seen.”

Of course, his role’s going to be different this time, as he’s expected to play 25 snaps a game and be more of a complement for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper than he ever was when he was playing with Tony Romo and Terrell Owens or Dez Bryant.

“Fitting in with teammates has never been an issue for me,” he said. “It’s always been something that came very natural. It was important for me to reiterate to them early on that this is their team, it’s their time. It’s an opportunity for me to be a part of it.

“I’m still going to be myself. I think that’s what we all want, is for me to come back and approach it that way. But even early on with those guys, I constantly — whether it was Sean [Lee], Dak, different players along the way, Zeke — I always tried to empower, even though I was the elder statesman on the team.”

It remains to be seen if they can have any more success (they haven’t advanced beyond the divisional round since 1995), but Witten clearly thinks they’re talented enough to.

23 responses to “Jason Witten: Current Cowboys roster most talented he’s seen

  1. Sure bud, ok.

    You don’t want to admit you sucked in the MNF booth and you don’t want that to be the final impression people have of you before you fade into obscurity. We get it.

  2. In a related story, the current MNF roster has been drastically improved with his absense

  3. The Armadillo says:
    May 17, 2019 at 11:53 am
    Sure bud, ok.

    You don’t want to admit you sucked in the MNF booth and you don’t want that to be the final impression people have of you before you fade into obscurity. We get it.
    5 summers after his final season he’ll be immortalized in the Hall of Fame. Obscurity? No.

  4. He is probably comparing the Cowboys’ current talent level to his current talent level. Not surprising he said what he said.

  5. Putting more pressure on the gum chewing hand clapper to get the team deep in the playoffs this year.

  6. Please no more self praise from the Cowboy’s Fan Club.

    We draft better than any one else
    We have the most pro bowlers
    The most talent I’ve see

    The Cowboys are on there current 25 year plan in getting back to the Super Bowl.
    At least wait until you come close to getting to the super bowl, this endless
    bragging is becoming so verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry boring

  7. He was asked a question by a reporter and answered it in the only way a player should, with optimism towards the upcoming year. I guess some of you think he should have said ” well I think we’re kind of mediocre this year”

  8. “His vision is 40/40… 👀”

    So he sees at 40 feet what a normal person sees at 40 feet? I’m not getting the joke here…

  9. Here are the important points concerning this comment:

    1 – Every team thinks they are a playoff team and Superbowl contender at this point in the season.
    2 – Any player would say the same thing about his current team if asked if the team is better than prior teams they played on, whether it is true or not.
    3 – Jason Witten, while indeed a future HOF inductee, has been in the broadcast booth for the last year, is 37 years old, obviously is slower two years removed from his last action and his body was already breaking down the last season he played. Everything is relative to a person’s perspective and his is that the team looks really fast and strong and athletic, because he is in decline.

    Just saying, these remarks are far less the remarkable.

  10. All I know is if Jason Garrett doesn’t make it to at least the NFC title game he is gone. And I’ll be glad just for that.

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