Rumors fly of the Jets pursuing Peyton Manning

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Jets CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson wants a “great strategic thinker” to run the football operation. He needs someone who can work with coach Adam Gase. And at the intersection possibly resides one and only one name.

Peyton Manning.

Rumors are flying within league circles that the Jets may make a run at the future Hall of Fame quarterback who has periodically been linked to NFL management possibilities. And Gase, who worked with Manning in Denver, possibly would be one of the few guys who could draw Manning back into football.

Manning wouldn’t be a traditional G.M., but Johnson has made it clear that he’s not looking for a traditional G.M.

“It’s more than a talent-evaluation guy,” Johnson said Wednesday. “I want a great manager, a communicator, who can collaborate well with the building. I’m convinced we’re going to find that person.”

Manning definitely would be that person. But it’s unknown whether Manning would be interested in being that person. If he is, it would fulfill a match more than 20 years in the making; in 1997, Manning supposedly would have left Tennessee early if he had an assurance that the Jets would make him the first overall pick in the draft.

Getting Manning also would go a long way toward removing the current stink of dysfunction enveloping the Jets, even if that stink is more than a little overblown.

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  1. LOL, he can be another Elway. Great player that wouldn’t know a QB if it bit him in the a$$.

  2. Not a huge fan of his, but you can’t deny Peyton being involved in the NFL is good for the sport…he can only improve their situation at this point.

  3. No chance he does this. None. I can see him being a part owner but I cant imagine he wants to spend his days running a team, signing players, etc. Hes got a ton of money and can pick and choose what work he wants to do, if any. I would be shocked that he would consider a job like this for one second. And really, he doesn’t seem the type that would want to live in or near New York City.

  4. Reading between the lines: More than talent evaluation? What is he then? Seems like talent evaluation would be the NUMBER ONE criteria for anyone whose primary job was…wait for it…evaluating talent. Logical conclusion is Gase is in charge of or has an equal share in that dept. With Woody Number 2 the deciding vote. Good grief.

    So they want an a NYJ Ambassador? Is that because everyone is clueless at the Jets facility and we get the extra bonus of trying to get a few people off of the Giants?

    You can’t make this up. The answer is….SILENCE. Now you just scared away anyone worth a salt in talent evaluation. BB was smart to run for the hills way back when. Once a Giant means never a Jet.

  5. I was a fan of Peyton as a player. He was a good qb. Who knows how that would translate into the gm role. I’d be interested to see how this plays out though if they hire him.

  6. Peyton would be nuts to take this job. I honestly think he would be better in a coaching position. Ego aside start him out as a quarterback coach. I think he would eventually become HC in no time.

  7. If it happens you get 3 months of smiling faces…. Then a power struggle. Then somebody quits or gets fired.

  8. The stink is more than a little overblown? Which Jets franchise have you been watching? They haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 50 years (not in the lifetime of most people). They perennially pick in the top 5 of the draft. And have you been paying any attention to what occurred this week? Adam Gase fails upward into a temporary GM spot in mid-May? I would say this franchise could not get more dysfunctional but they would indubitably find a way to prove me wrong. Just curious, why would you say the stink is overblown? Seriously, I am open minded and would like to hear your case. I just don’t see it, but win me over. I’ll hang up and listen…

  9. Not sure that NYJ are the team Manning would “unretire” for. Nothing against them of course, but Manning I think would prefer to stay out of New York entirely, especially since Eli is still playing there. If I had to guess, I’d wager that he’s waiting until he’s a bit more removed from the game, part of which includes waiting until Eli retires. The other I’d think would include some place close to family, which would be New Orleans or Denver, or possibly a place where he’s had previous ties, like Tennessee, Indianapolis, or possibly Houston. Of course, those places aren’t exactly open, nor do they all figure to be, but if one does open up, especially after Eli retires, Peyton may take a shot. Not with the Jets, though, I don’t think.

  10. I’m sure Peyton can inject that organization, and players with something.

  11. If this happens I guess the NFL will move the Jets to an other division, just like they did With the Colts. So that Payton won’t get slapped around by Brady/Belichick on a regular Basis.

  12. I believe Payton Manning wants an opportunity to run a team. I also think Payton Manning knows that Adam Gase is not head coaching material, offensive coordinator at best. So my question why would Manning team with Gase who seems to now have all the power in the Jets organization? Who would have the power if Manning was to agree, Manning or Gase? I just can see this working out!

  13. If the tradeoff is no more insurance commercials with Brad Paisley, then I hope he takes the job.

  14. Manning isn’t going to take an exec job to be a whipping boy that’s for sure. He’d want and would get total control from the ground up at any location he’d choose to go to and the Jets won’t be 1 of them.

  15. The Patriots OWNED Peyton Manning…. like they do the Jets… NOTHING changes…… COOL!!!

  16. After growing up in the south and living in Indy and Denver, I can’t imaging Manning being happy living in or the urban jungle of New York City.

  17. Peyton may take a front office job someday, but NOT in a division where he has to play the Pats 2 or 3 times a year. Been there. Done that. No thank you

  18. I thought gase was in total control now😉 manning must be looking too backup darnold?

  19. Why would he? He’s got enough money to live like a god until the day he dies. And then his next generations can live like a god. Also, he could be in charge of many football operations in the NFL if that’s what he wanted. Why the hell would he want to go to the cesspool that is the NY Jets?

  20. He makes great commercials poking fun of his confidence in his talent in song writing for Nationwide. His confidence in NFL knowledge is well founded, however. He would be a great front office addition and seemingly is a good fit there. It is a great rumor to pass some time in the off season , in any case.

  21. Woody is looking for some good public relations type guy that can come out on game day and waive his gigantic hat to the fans and make everyone feel good for wasting their money to watch the Jets lose again.

  22. Why don’t they just try to build something solid around this young quarterback instead of going for the big splash.

  23. The only reason Gase got a head coaching job in the first place is because of Manning, and he has been riding the winds of fortune ever since.

  24. IDK about this. I think the world of Peyton.

    I think in today’s NFL you need a ruthless GM who is very cap savy.

  25. LOL, he can be another Elway. Great player that wouldn’t know a QB if it bit him in the a$$.

    His decades of experience running the Manning Passing Academy and its famous participants suggest he may know a thing or two about grading talent, defining what is deficient, and how to improve. While Elway was a great player, he’s never had that coaching reputation like his father.

    Manning’s atttention to detail and willingness to work to improve suggest that if he’s not good at first, he is going to be introspective and develop himself and learn from his mistakes. People with that drive are successful.

  26. how many tries does it take to realize that just because a guy is really good at throwing a football does not mean they know how to build or coach a team?!!

  27. I don’t get how “Manning would be that person.” How is Payton a good manager? I get the great communicator thing, but, anyone can talk about things. It takes an experienced “manager” if you will, to implement policies and procedures – a great name learning on the fly isn’t the answer.

    Does he have managerial skills that I don’t know about? The Jets, quite frankly need to implode the front office and start over, in my worthless opinion, with an experienced GM, empowered to effect change on the field and on the business side.

  28. If one looks at this objectively, Manning was a great QB, and being a GM is a new position. He is being set up to be the savior of a pretty dysfunctional organization. It would look good, and could it really be enough and will he have the opportunity to make the changes required. Along with, would this appeal to him. My question, WHY?

  29. Another stupid JET idea….. what does Peyton’s mannning know about talent evaluation?? ABSOLUTLY NOTHING……why not hire joe Namath! Chad Pennington , hell, just give the job to mark sanchez. He isn’t working either

  30. Ugh…And why would Peyton be great as a GM? Anyone remember that Sports Illustrated piece from way back when where he lived in his apt for weeks with a broken television only for his girlfriend to discover things weren’t plugged in or hooked up. peyton knows football field and Papa John, not scouting minutiae, not contracts, not even coaching because he ahs always been coached and trerated differently from other players. Hiring Peyton would be the ultimate cherry on top of Gase’s coup because both Johnson’s will be so awe struck that they’ll do whatever Peyton wants as gase leads him around by the nose. This would give 100% power, and would ensure he keeps it for at least 3-4 years. This Gase dude had better be great….im…sure…he…will……be….(smh so hard you can hear the grating of my spine)

  31. Why is the “connection” between Gase and Manning always made out to be so strong? Gase was the OC in Denver in Peyton’s last years – where at that point in his career Peyton was calling the plays. He made Gase.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

  32. Don’t know if he would be willing to give up his endorsements, commercials, etc?

  33. This is a complete power play by Gase. Manning has already campaigned for Gase to at least two franchises now and if he can get him to be the Jets GM it gives Gase an added bit of job security and control. Gase surrounds himself with his friends and that is why he failed in Miami and now brings his crony show to NY.

  34. Most people would agree that Peyton Manning would ad some credibility to the “stink” that is now covering the Jets organization.The big key is…would he [ Manning ] want to commit to the long hours required should that position become available to him.

  35. Peyton is rich beyond rich and most likely doesn’t want to move his family to NYC.

  36. How will the networks fill in the fifteen commercials per game, without Mr. Fivehead around??

  37. Can you imagine, twice a year…Brady on the field, Belichick on the sideline and Manning looking down from a management box…compelling theater.

  38. What makes him qualified? Looks and awful lot like signing Favre when Woody was hawking the PSL’s….Manning would be another diversionary tactic to get the fans to look away from the dysfunction and mess they’ve become. The league should step in like they did with the Giants in the late 70’s to make this franchise relevant again….too big of a media market to suck this badly for that long.

  39. Why would a guy whose made over a 1/4 of a billion dollars want a job with the grind of an NFL GM? He’d be nuts to take it.

  40. I’d love to see this. I’ve never been a fan of Indy OR Denver but I’ve always admired Manning’s smarts. I also wonder if he might not take it due to sibling rivalry with Eli? Kind of an opportunity to say “Yeah, we both got two as players but now I also have one as a GM. How about that, baby brother?”

    Also, Peyton’s sense of humor is off-the-charts good. Anyone who hasn’t seen it, PLEASE Google “Peyton Manning SNL” and watch the video of him playing football with kids. You can thank me later.

  41. The comments about moving to the “urban jungle” of NYC make zero sense. He and his family will live on a palatial estate, with the very best schools in the country and access to every amenity/activity imaginable; a 20 minute helicopter ride from the City.

  42. The Omaha jets… Guess they think great players would be great GMs… Look how it worked for Jordan and Johnson in the NBA. Do it jets, and then hire Mel Kiper.

  43. Jets switch to Nationwide. Brad Paisley sings national anthem at home opener.

  44. Living “near New York City” is not a problem where the Jets facilities are. They are far from the city; its extremely scenic and open around that area. In fact, the facilities are in a town of about 12k people.

    Bill Bixby says:
    May 17, 2019 at 10:05 pm

    No chance he does this. None. I can see him being a part owner but I cant imagine he wants to spend his days running a team, signing players, etc. Hes got a ton of money and can pick and choose what work he wants to do, if any. I would be shocked that he would consider a job like this for one second. And really, he doesn’t seem the type that would want to live in or near New York City.

  45. They want to save money on the jumbotron and just project the scoreboard on his forehead.

  46. The only way I could see Peyton running the Jets would be from a position of ownership. Even if he was Managing General Partner. I just can’t imagine Peyton Manning having to wake up at 2:30 A.M. to answer a phone call from somebody named Johnson.

  47. Where is the “Pats owned Manning” stuff coming from? Dream land?

    Manning was 3-1 against Brady when it counted – AFCCG’s.

  48. “The headline made me think Sam Darnold was in trouble at starting QB.”

    Well, with Gase as his coach the starting job can be secure but he can STILL be in trouble.

  49. billsrthefuture says:
    May 18, 2019 at 4:29 pm
    Where is the “Pats owned Manning” stuff coming from? Dream land?

    Manning was 3-1 against Brady when it counted – AFCCG’s.

    3 3 Rate This


    during ne’s rebuild vs their b squads and with gomer on peds

    please stop

    they owned him with A squads

    the manning face will live forever

  50. With the Manning Passing Academy I’m sure Peyton could find a starting QB with no problem…for as much film as Peyton has looked at over his career I’d think he could put together a good if not great football team….

  51. Peyton Manning can make a couple million a year just filming a few commercials. He can add to that by expanding his role at ESPN. He can make an additional 10 million becoming a color commentator for one of the TV packages.

    Why would he choose Option D of being an Executive and having to work seven days a week for significantly less money?

  52. If that happened book it Elli Manning will be the starter for the Jets next year

  53. I wish someone would give him a full time behind the scenes job like GM, I’m tired of seeing him now that he’s on during every commercial break!

    I didn’t think Peyton would ever lower himself to level of working for an insurance company!

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