Which General Managers are on the hot seat, post-Maccagnan?

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One of the biggest stories of the week came on Wednesday, when the Jets fired G.M. Mike Maccagnan. That move sparked Friday’s PFT Live draft, which looked at the General Managers who are on the hottest seats as the 2019 season approaches.

The stakes are high. Although Dave Gettleman and John Dorsey landed new G.M. jobs after post-draft firings two years ago, few General Managers get a second chance to serve in that same role.

So whether the changes come after the season ends or after the draft, change may indeed be coming after the 2019 season. And the folks named in Friday’s draft are the ones who may be the most likely to be on the wrong side of change.

Check out the candidates as selected by Big Cat and yours truly, and then chime in via the comments.