Cardinals were smart to not restructure Patrick Peterson’s deal

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So now we know why Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson was pissed at the team. They refused to convert a large chunk of his $11 million to something other than base salary, which would have allowed him to reduce the $3.88 million he’ll lose during his six-game PED-and-masking-agent suspension, possibly dramatically.

Peterson cheated, tried to cover up the cheating, got caught cheating and trying to cover up the cheating, and then wanted the team to help him essentially cheat the system through not-so-creative accounting practices.

The last part is legitimate, a financial loophole that the league has never bothered to try to close. But it was smart for the Cardinals to say no.

First, the Cardinals are saving $3.88 million, in both cash and cap space. Second, the Cardinals have more flexibility regarding Peterson’s future. Because he won’t be on the active roster when the regular season begins, Peterson’s 2019 base salary won’t be fully guaranteed. If they decide to move on from him during or after the six-game suspension, they can.

The situation nevertheless has contributed to hard feelings between player and team, and it could be that the Cardinals will have no choice but to trade him. While he’s far less attractive to a new team in light of the suspension, the Cardinals will have a couple of weeks after the suspension ends to shop him to another team that may think Peterson will help make a difference down the stretch.

Regardless of how it plays out, Arizona has real leverage over Peterson’s future, and his future has suddenly become far less bright — especially if after eight NFL seasons he’s at the point where he feels compelled to use PEDs to try to compete with his peers.

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  1. I’m sure they knew he tested positive and weren’t going to play the game. It’s evident that Peterson has done this before. He knew enough to use the masking agent.

  2. Peterson needs a change of scenery anyways. His legendary lack of tackling effort has become beyond ok. Maybe a new team to impress could rejuvenate his desires!?

  3. The situation nevertheless has contributed to hard feelings between player and team

    Why would he be mad at the Cardinals? He should be a man and be mad at himself.

    It’s nice to see some teams have some scruples and restructure so he would lose less money. Some teams with no morals would do it in a heartbeat.

  4. The NFL is a business and I get that, business is about bottom line and making money and not paying Partrick Peterson is a business move. However when you’re dealing with people you need to look at emotions and moral. Restructuring Petersons deal at least would of helped mend relationships with a hall of fame player. Good Business move by the cards but bad move overall in my opinion.

  5. Reduce his career stats by 30%, about what he would have achieved without the PEDs. The benefits of PEDs last many years, so it helps an entire career, not just the year of the penalty. Remove his name from all NFL awards and recognition. Lets get serious about a penalty, and stop pretending that the loss of some money to uber-wealthy means something.

  6. Probably why they couldn’t pull the trigger on a trade last year either. Word gets around. Other teams know he’s juicing so they stayed away. This dude is washed up. He’ll never be the same once he comes off the roids. In fact, many that use them encounter dramatic muscle atrophy when no longer taking them. He needs to get to a specialist to regulate his hormones back to normal.

  7. So if the Cardinals were right to not do it for Peterson, you’re basically saying that the Patriots were wrong to do it for Tom Brady.

  8. I agree with you, Mike. If the suspension was in part due to the team’s actions or participation, they might have entertained a restructuring. It wasn’t, they didn’t.

    He is still very valuable and

  9. There is no telling how long Peterson had been juicing before he got caught. Apparently the testing lab revised their procedures for detection of his masking agent. The cheaters are usually one step ahead of the testing standards, but in this case, Peterson wasn’t warned in time. You have to wonder how many other players are now panicked.

  10. Most players do this. it’s just a matter of who gets caught. you just watch this guy get traded to the patriots. they don’t mind if you’re juicing.

  11. I wouldn’t be at all suprised if Peterson winds up in New England within the next year.

  12. johnfloydfitzgeraldjr says:
    Restructuring Petersons deal at least would of helped mend relationships with a hall of fame player. Good Business move by the cards but bad move overall in my opinion.

    So Patrick Petersen cheated and got himself suspended — costing his employer his services for six games — and you think they should restructure the deal so that not only does he suffer no real punishment for his actions, but so HE won’t be mad at THEM?
    Only a self-entitled millennial could look at anything in life from that point of view.

  13. The NFL is past making a statement that it is serious about violations like this. This guy deserves to banned for life for the coverup attempt. He’ll get a slap on the wrist and we’ll endure more mouthy self-important athletes who cheat to make up for their limited natural talent.

  14. True colors eventually show up. Peterson was always portrayed as such a great guy, role model worthy, yada yada. Self serving jerk now coming out. To be mad at the people who have paid you for not agreeing to your terms because you got caught cheating is ridiculously arrogant and selfish. You deserve that 3.8 million why? You’ve let the team, fans, and anyone who ever looked up to you Dow;. You don’t deserve squat for that.

  15. Again, proves the Cardinals are smart about nothing. Their best player and they won’t help him.

  16. If Peterson can pull an Antonio Brown or OBJ and get paid again then go for it.
    All the same the Cards were smart not to restructure his contract. They saved a lot of money.
    Peterson has no one to be mad at but himself.
    The team did nothing wrong, he is the one who didn’t follow league rules.
    If he’s mad at the team then he’s got an attitude problem.

  17. Trade him Keim, trade him!! Be smart for once and trade him while he still has value. You guys (Cardinals) made him into a diva and now your paying for it. Quit putting your star players on a pedestal! Trade him right when his suspension is over. Set the tone for the future.

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